This is why International Women's Day & the Women's Strike is Important Part 1

Wednesday, March 8th


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. Right so Jeff I'm sure is gonna bring up sandwiches and had total the funny out of international women's day. But I do want to tell you the serious part about it is today is a general strike day without a woman. The idea behind the women's general strike is that if women refuse to do all of their typical work for a day it's gonna force people to notice how important. And under appreciated. That work is so it was organized today by these same groups that did with the women's march on Washington the day after president trams inauguration. And striking isn't the only way to organizers are encouraging people to participate so if you're like us and you're out working you're still going to work today. People are encouraged to avoid shopping. With the exceptions of small women owned businesses into the so you can participate and that way you participate with your wallet eat Wear red and solidarity. Partially and did not conduct message before getting the starting. But you can Wear red all day today and solidarity and that there are several school districts around the country who actually. Had to close because so many of the women and their cities are going to be. Participating in this so it's an Alexandria Virginia also in North Carolina. And also and prince George's county and Maryland all of this school districts have had a closed today. Which of course has created a four for women who were still gonna go to work and now can't. Because if children are going to school so from a guy that's controversy be talking about it today. A guy's point of view are for the guy's perspective what I asking you to support this is our call women in terms of endearment sweetheart. Honey yeah pays her yes sugar britches she. About how about your daughter Laura had raw hides it's sort of a game. Game at Oregon on I've wells okay now we're in we it has just come back into the 1940s this. I'm glad I asked there is really cool video that you can share on social media event hash tag is her voice is my voice and they're asking you to share inspirational women so whether that's your moms and he worked with some you know hours to some famous that you're inspired by. You're encouraged to share videos of her today with the hash tag her voice is my voice this is a really cool. Video that was parties on YouTube where as young women little girls and famous women to Condoleezza Rice is in here somewhere he should recognize her voice. And immediately on the meaning of Canada and the only way you can kill anyone and blame at your. Thanks. I realized that I had a furnace and it wasn't just about me. Together we can show the world how awesome it is to support one another and build women on there and not think. Why would have. Then a group of determined this guy can achieve. And somebody underestimated me it made me want to. There are lots of sex isn't rail. Our great story about what it feels things that we do many people around them and they negative idea of what Muslim women like this be simple. Wilson. Don't mind. Pretty is or should use crying instance Oded. You know. This is you know I know I'm here. Or because I don't have anything to prove everyone who works with. You know I don't have to do proved genuine in my words that I needed by not being here. And I am lucky enough that you guys all know that and that I feel important enough to be able to come here and do they need to do an ability as Mimi here. So. It sucks that some people don't feel that way and that they feel like they have to leave for people to see how important man so I totally. Support people meant an emotionally trying on the radios that's fine contact I had seen you know. And I go talk to my mom and my sisters are all doing a bunch of stuff with their lives and proving that word totally awesome and I'm not a motivational speaker diet. Video it's really amazing to watch and here. And I hope I can see other people are my FaceBook doing the same thing and sharing more and I hope to at least some people this day means a lot. So yeah what what else is in the news. Well jammed scratch. Well you definitely just a touch somebody who feels undervalued passing on today if her share her first turn those words are strong engine and why are you trying Jan big. So imagine me. About grow your grind. Yeah I'm just proud of are you guys are clearly both an area and. Turn his Mike off for the rest of this we're gonna do vote without jab at. It is harassment yeah. Not taken that not on a day like today. Star in 941.