Ghosthunting with Amber and Keith: Part 4

Tuesday, March 7th

Amber got ghosted and she's in shock. She's usually the one who ghosts...


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Thanks for making this alleged. In the chest congestion. One start now before one. What I am and what I love about this segment Janice how many guys we have Colin this Circuit Court with guy Andrew and can't welcome to the shelves. Let's go Arianna. You can flare into an Obama beautiful but should it be a footer on the first date you ask why don't. I'm going and got married guy Andrew. I hope what I am a girl knows that right spill widow well we've been dating for almost a year now would go you know they'll play publishing editor nothing behind it. On the first date via digital hash it the other person your way. And gray you can do debt. Tells us play how to play area here's what I'm thinking like I I don't totally disagree with the theory got beforehand because. The what she said she described him as a good looking guy Keith is a good looking guy metro sexual cares about his appearance here on I mean like. Metro section as you might think that that's against. I'd it straight guy who's like super well dressed and groomed and takes good care himself right there. Okay so she edged describes him at that way so he obviously cares about perception and there's nothing wrong with that. So I think it was probably a lot more insulting to him and he let time. That somebody else paid for their meal at dinner especially that guy who was. Flirting with hurting her with her and ignoring him like that's an. Ego blow you out I mean. Well you know guy code and that other guy the restaurant owner was throwing some serious shade his way right an uneven looking at MM ire acknowledging him at all. Only flirting with a girl and then paying for the meal. That's a par on the red branch out from her. You know I did wanted to stay and she would talk about how he'd gotten all the swearing at god has so far in her life but obviously had a contract back RB issued a single being at that I have heard people. Calls for the good point outs. Might drop clogged. Up Melissa in Alpharetta I'm sure your calling up to tell us that Mitt amber has misunderstood in the lovely things. I actually makes me sick she's absolutely terrible I feel like she set women back a hundred years and we want on. The first seven years. God had something you know not just our obamacare Breaston Garcia's. Thought. Amy Melissa do now bring brassy in this they didn't nothing Enron not tough talk. Gerald Perry and Arnold. Really and maybe take it seriously about that just makes me sick in any women will have to work harder and and I don't have to. Not correlating not call. Chris steak and that make down now I think she is the one calling out to tell us that amber is just misunderstood and she's a lovely woman. And adds she is pregnant female equivalent. Well army. Exact bar. At best cotton shirt and let let let that we can't pop them out in the gold hanging. Negro. This this suspect. But it if he is a gold Cheney has money he's done while from south the. Let's say and he got a bunch. I thought your picks in the Titus is saga now that's my students moves well is a guy comes up behind and the dance or do you even know use there. That's didn't. Miss teak and Atlanta as she is coming up to tell us that amber has just misunderstood and she's a lovely woman. And slowly I'm sorry Reggie but you know. I'm an amber yeah bragging about. You're lagging ditch do you know bring milk that rash I erred came out black I. Sat here in me. I didn't do good. And I think that your dad and aunt and he now I. Know. Clinton. A little bit of amber and I haven't I would think some of the inner dimensional could well we're not out there. Aren't. Even available and with a little luck it'll probably at spreading. I'm. It's your old. There is now just because you're you're issued your right amber of this where you wanna do you do it dried dung gate caiso get a Condo that's where. Lol yeah. Thank goodness they. I thought that it paid Genesis I says he's graduate they. All that honestly homeland big town and get this accident or her term level. Nine I think Lisa is that wine Netanyahu. Is telling us that amber is a lovely person and she's just misunderstood American Lisa. Absolutely. I mean he had just been estimating per hour health. The. Absolutely who lost her mind and it. Senior aides pale theory as well since this could get tested that every night and he day turnaround and now. I just I think this should change your behavior at all. Now no no no now. Earl who. Learn. Even know what he's doing. Indeed it would it would she is doing keeping he's just okay and it's not like. Wouldn't it outlet. App I would have got up and it will lay. But the real life in person goes and thanks for the call Lisa. Times we're having trouble finding anybody who thinks she's a lovely person and then misunderstood yeah we might be closing this window here. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.