Ghosthunting with Amber and Keith: Part 3

Tuesday, March 7th

Amber got ghosted and she's in shock. She's usually the one who ghosts...


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. We're in the middle of a very fine goes. Yeah as we just to stay on behalf of amber who wanted to as a check and Keith and find out why after one awesome Sunday. He just sells that he's an amber nationalism into that and he obesity. Explain to us that. She was super flirting with a bunch of other people while on their date and he wasn't that. Amber welcome back to the show. Hi I. Thirty clarity act. I mean OK so I alert that it's not like are crying and but it is the reason why he's gone days. Mean I'm like shot that I bid on the street and amber it like I mean why would anyone got a green meanwhile amber. Listen our neighbors are free meal is nice but it's not that big radio second of all I think the bigger problem is that you are on a date with him. They're just like I'm guessing you like people to pay attention to EU. Right. When your around yeah arm when you're around people you want people to pay attention to have a fair assassinated. And I yeah and you light. And it it used to at right. He was we'd view and you were not paying attention to him as a matter of fact. He and other people noticed you paying attention to multiple people multiple people that work him. Oh my god I do not lead back just at. Night but I think you know making Matt. Well the other option is that your so physically unattractive that he couldn't stand to be around you again. That's not possible. Now and that's not even Reggie super hot so that's not relish I I that think like okay. It out whenever you nipping outlet that would that's like the dumbest three's and like OK I Larry is not a crime. They get close to where I got into this year. So where air. To Wear matte now like going to great restaurants and night great party using which have all these like great. And. You went to a restaurant and out of premium then went to a house party. And so and and the person the and you got blown off by a friend of yours and the new person you met. So that candidate like so you're one for three you get free meals. Her. I don't think I I guess I cannot leave ego may like I know one ghost. Amber you know. Did you just read hurting yourself in the third earth. Like Christmas morning of the. I. OK. Amber. Thank you for thank you for all of this. And I Iran can thank her calling him you're welcome and I agree that everything. And I. She youthful though I know worried. Why am I so happy in my bad person for being overlooked crater right now. All she does half a year. Just defensive and over the top about the blurred. I don't think with that is that age you any sort of self assessment on why she got nobody it's obvious to everyone writes yet all right thank you. God that was fine I think everybody knows an amber. Star in 941.