Ghosthunting with Amber and Keith: Part 2

Tuesday, March 7th

Amber got ghosted and she's in shock. She's usually the one who ghosts...


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Thanks for making this wedge to digest content. One start now before want to. Tracking down the people the list goes did you want. It's so you don't so. Yesterday morning this time we met a lovely woman named. There is obviously super hot and super hot definitely super comp and aims. Amber what about her personality and sense of humor very you how would you rank. The night gala as well yeah I mean I. I went there I got totally funny but I hate easily laugh I think. Sure as I. Okay well amber told us yesterday that Sheen Keefe had a great day nine now but he's completely go sit and so is the guy who set them up. And good news is is that we tracked down keep. Cole. Next series macros that's factoring and you feel bad for Amani. I know I think an Iranian backed. He's going to be embarrassed wanna figure out yeah like you and I admit I mean now too late but I did I know why and what happ and you know. So you think he's about to be embarrassed by our scarring him out from blowing off someone like you. It. Why oh. Okay. This is awesome right do you listen and we're gonna put you on hold and you get to listen into our conversation with Keith. After we get diamond camel pick you back company your final thoughts at can. And I keep those were calling he just doesn't know why right. I. And she is and old whose. I'm so excited about. Its currency do you feel. Yeah. And I. Hey I look a tricky. Aids (%expletive) and Jan the dampened and shares sorry for one Harriet. I'd hate to do pretty well thank you thank you for agreeing to talk this guys thanks Keith. I the reason we're calling is because there is a woman her name is amber does that name ring a bowel. Yeah. Well awesome I hit amber. Reached out to I speak as she is curious. Is to why you guys went out one night recently. And had. A typical or even a great date nights. And name you. And also the friend that sent the two of you up have been completely blowing crop cents. Well I mean that's got one look at. No it wouldn't happen yanking you walk us through the night. I'm sure at all. You know first let me say that seems to organize. A thing wrong with very pretty but. We went to a restaurant. And choose tell me how she knows a lot of people that work in restaurants. And restaurant owners and how she doesn't. At the day ends. So we're sitting there eating amendments. Owner comes out and starts talking to her and does he really say I don't mean yearning paying him they're flirting a lot. Like pretty heavy query him and he leads and then boom that meal comp so it's like OK it's interesting. I don't need to become you know arms went out expecting that. Paint that sign and can't I guess it's complex super dirty with its restaurant owner ranks. And then. And the guys leave lieutenant at the date at a house party. That night so we let our. And she's flirting with everybody there you know and doesn't even. Does this leave me goes through that dirt thing and it's it's paddies where people can press thinks so now. Even even my friend and like I guess your data's gone out well. Like obvious to other people to look. And I just thank you policies do on that on my first day what's gonna happen on the tenth day now so just. The tournament like her attitude was like cocky or like entitled or wherever you are cholera but. You know she's reclining and she's very hot that. Now maybe they're not direct person and a thanks so it is figured it was obvious and you know not not indecent about it. And it after one date that's a good typical conversation to have was summoned Mike and I'd like to its readers is that two adults and a guy in the league doing your target of the boys. Yeah exactly writing a good attitude there was happening and can happen over and you know there are other people noticed at our figured she was. You know she knows and. Obvious and choosing because I wouldn't have thought about that restaurant owner accompanying the meal all. I would have voted like cooler comes a meal but that is true with a guy on the first date sort of yours thing to take care of that and she took that well and away. He said one thing he said one. Big thing. That there with a huge red flag. It's not that he com today and and correct me if I'm wrong Keith it's problem for me it wasn't that he comp the meal. It's that he came to the table. And barely acknowledged he are there are and then she obviously didn't make an effort to include am. So it was almost like K. Not pay thanks for coming in in my restaurant I'm gonna pick up the tab it was more of the group you know the sword fight. This guy that you would throw money list or on route out there Iraq I was right there and you have a bet right. C and she would she know that those happenings he will write using how bad I like to like stay in the status so free and free meal waiting. I feel like I'm watching National Geographic episode with a male species reckoning Keating yes it's like yeah I'm competing and a. It's like dead thing dead specials you would watch in science class for they would show. The birds dancing in order to get the attention of the audited of the male birds are dancing to err on the love of the team Albert. Little lizards climbs up on the back right female users and okay while on the. I don't wanna do that I know what climb up anybody Beckett NS I I. I T thank you very much. Any bad guys I have a give and you. I will come back here and three medical pick up of round and we'll talk to what I'm going to get. News a very annoyed amber. And I can't wait in the next three minutes can't go live that's been. We'll talk to you and amber. Three minutes and wrap up this week's edition of goes signing. And abducted premed but they came forms that have wariness temporary jobs gone. And she I'll still are far.