Ghosthunting with Amber and Keith: Part 1

Tuesday, March 7th

Amber got ghosted and she's in shock. She's usually the one who ghosts...


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Star in 941. Tracking down that people lift goes Steve do you want. No we don't so. We are just dancing on the jets contentious day on behalf of the border just. Let's amber hi amber welcome to the Jesse James Shelton. Our audio we are looking forward to help you win your posting situation. Yeah we're doing it again. I always try to pick up on people from the town of threat presented hammer time I'm catching assault eaten and I'm I'm. Towards Dallas OK so yeah that's the exhaust and it was well I was. This is signing keys. You're an acquaintance. Today things. And see greens we did all means. We rented this house party you know and a great tying Matt and I know we went on eBay knows a delicious meal and the united he didn't act and the all okay so. I thought everything went well and then the guy to post it to me like stir like I am not. Not hurt and and and I haven't heard from my queen and and an agent some weird because. I mean I don't want a thousand. Like I'm bragging about like I don't get ghost and OK like I don't people eyes aren't just look really continue it like. I mean I'm a really good looking girl and like I'm I'm great on to gear around so I really don't understand what it. OK so this is never happen to ever before. Why did you guys talk about anything on the date that it would turn him off like did you dive into politics. No way I mean and follow politics. Let's act does not interest me. Okay so no political tock is there anything at all that was uncomfortable or I'll Carter and he. Now poor diet all late data entry time. Did he try to kiss you or anything. I mean look now but I could tell there at like actual pension like he was definitely attracted to me right. Mission is no reason why Asian decode to me I think we like. Now like a I mean I know why I do it as like I think. You're gonna call him like. An embarrassing Brenda like why would he go at me like you mean a big mistake you know. It's driving you nuts. Absolutely yeah. I don't get elected okay. I'm can you walk us through like did you meet at the restaurant or did he pick you up like ended just take us through the night. A little step by step punish. Okay and so. You never mind how and we went to my rent like Lancaster. Two restaurant that I can work back. I actually Hungary go before that. Where in your frame set that to review up what was the sales pitch. I would run what are your friends say about this guy. You've gotten to get a gray and died he would play you like she had like describe different actors sexual problem like. Like to take care of himself except that would be really important to me. And while we would hit it opts. In my original personality and so. Yeah I'd like to construe it like I told the restaurant. But I have a friend in the business you don't really like great restaurant. And we Ryan and it. And it. The result in a week. And so we don't even like when I got a free meal. Like my friend like oh like the mad at the plate like com meal like. How did I not call me back. All right so you've got to me if you've got to a count to milk as you enter your friend's restaurant and then you said early you guys into a house party you. Well. Have lakes there would also have a great time. Okay those trains did you do it whereas with either you are ham were either your ham over served at the house party. Are you saying that I get around hiding debt like. I mean I had alcohol and dating don't like it there and lead trial act like you know I got happy. And it it is he would drink or did he have any drinks do or I was happy maybe. Meaning it can light and by the end of the night you kind of being a little like anti social but I just figured you would like. Intimidated by me. Well that's OK but I. All right so. Heat you guys go home does he take you home at the end of the night. That he terribly home and it's the kind of quiet car ride. I am now and it I just bigger and like you did you like being shy. Guy I don't really shy around me you know. A radio city. Yeah so when we call him last week and tracked him down what do you want us ask him. Actor why you like. Passed up on me like why are we even like our isn't it being like scary isn't a thing I don't like you know probably that Khalid pink bike. I'm not ensure that there's something recent I don't wanna make sure that bike. In the end it wasn't she'll go and married to him light probably. Now on and that helped. Because you don't get coasted. Well while our. All right well give us 24 dollars and we will get a hold of him his name again were as part. I will call key. And will give him to agree to come ennui that's and then Keith can tell us his side. If your date night and and hopefully provide some clarity as to why you guys aren't. I need candidly off. And you said that the friend he sent the two of you op also has been blowing you off frank well. He's like nowhere to be at. Found a guy. OK I am excited to make this call and figured Florio. I'll. Also have a single friend named Keith I'm freaking out that this might be him a. Yeah yeah I don't think I right guys that tomorrow at this time will make the phone call to keep. While you listen and a gang. And Ed I Danks amber. Well. OK. Tomorrow morning we made the phone calls to key she sounds delightful way. Humble yet very humble yeah all right the Boca McKee this time tomorrow morning and the championship. And young star ready for a one.