Word To Your Mother: Round 2

Tuesday, March 7th

Are you a 'lit' mom? Is your slang 'on fleek'? Find out with our new favorite game!


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And young star ready for a one. Finish showdown between parents of teenagers. Who knows teen vocabulary event. We'll continue it and just a second but we have. To give you who let you know they go setting continues we is amber and keep in just a couple of minutes amber doesn't get you posted it she jokes people. She told us at this annually stock to earth originally about why she wanted to goes hunt for Keith he just disappeared. But she's like. This. I've been to end the best part of that this so far today is that comment on my FaceBook page or somebody said we should just goes far. I'm not ever call heard today due to follow up. I like the tweets that are like dose of reality sister are back at. Harper welcome British. Dario. Dario Dan how many teenagers yen has. I don't have and I teach our campers at deal crush this. Elizabeth how much you Hamid seizures a year round. I actually had varied diet and get them back day in the Cosgrove. It's usually you are you around. Noon I Rebecca Elizabeth and I are per. Car harbor what grade do you teach. Is the you got a rush back Elizabeth and harper your names are your buzz there's so shout aloud if you know the answer. Outside this Ryan. The easiest one of them I'm. It will literally means. Something to strive for or desire. But in this case it's used as an adjective. Rather then and now. You can bigoted as meaning the same as desirable. In most cases. Bill. I'll use it in a sentence. Subs is seeing or blank for the actual word. The ways that couple looks at each other is. Blank. I tell kids come back Ellis and every you don't even against. Gen Abbe what he had with goals. Yeah. Our neighbors and I had cup car has technology your goals hash tag life goals at a little. I. Hi this is gonna happen to you guys here from your teenagers in your students are purse you don't get this right. This is an insult or a desk usually used by saying that someone threw it or is throwing it. 80 are a little Elisabeth got it. Right I eighths. Nice work and I XY and some wine. And usually a girl. Who has many love interests. What kind of Waco more socially. Acceptable way. Go ahead Elizabeth. Sides what is not. The experts say. Never heard that many in 2017 waves Benghazi. As. Akron. An enemy was and I see is a 1940s way of saying how. Do you know what trample our idea okay yeah I just think he wouldn't exactly over there yeah. Okay this word it means. You're knowledgeable. You're aware that we are with the you're not naive about the topic at hand and are above all Smart intact file. It's the exact opposite of ignorance and use this match. It was originally used her as most recently used to describe being aware about racism and police volley violence after Osama and ten. I had harper. Mary get they woke them. I hear when that I have even heard okay awoke he would literally shorts. America woke again. Made in America woke again. Straight or make America look again from your new company a bad spot caps. This phrase. Is literally shore but actually longer for a 100%. It's used to describe sending Israeli gossamer totally certain. And it places emphasis cattle like totally. Aussie use and describe the 100 a mode. Rebecca what he got. It. This guy is it just hundred right it's kind OP. I don't think these kids are saying dynasty one more. Why would peak at Buick as a good friend and a half I know 100%. And it. I think you're typically this white honey don't stay while cheating yeah insane it's hearing plus the Milan side yeah I am. Someone is says something without a filter if you're acting this way you're probably being more raw and public with the words or action and people are comfortable. Can also be a compliment if you're arguing with someone and drop a particularly great insult. It means you don't care what other people think. Here's an example. Claire just broke over their boyfriend in the middle of the cafeteria while we all watched she is so blank. And again it over Rebecca Arnold. Well what was that wow. No. I didn't see I don't know but it's two syllables Jim is an island. Elisabeth goth. Style but it usually you know hey Alan day out and. She wrote JP and you know I know that I know what did you already got its source strategist. I'd say you wrote she's free you Rebecca Elizabeth Ann harbor hang out banks banks are planned Obama's us. A I love watching I'd Jen become woke win the words spot. But as it wants. Yeah. I think that's a that's a lie low and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.