Word To Your Mother: Round 1

Tuesday, March 7th

Are you a 'lit' mom? Is your slang 'on fleek'? Find out with our new favorite game!


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James shell hole now. Kyra bread is people who think their goal ultimate test. All of these drugs have kids freight carriage is yet Ginny has four teenagers I. Every approach business and you've got sixty seconds left go to start and four when it landed back com and heard the word gold you can go see and share and an Amsterdam golds GO LD. The star 941 Atlanta dot com somewhere that Janney a Jennings. I think you're gonna ace this. They need or are you here in early July. All right perfect and then I it Amy and Dallas welcome to the show Amy how many kids do you have. On IA and teenager. All our babies have got this they you got this that this unlock our ape and man. Hang out Roche and. Authority. I'm very very come from I'm calling from Dallas Oregon also into us right in teenagers and asked yes I have one and I howls. She did almost fourteen I it's a thirteen year over it's against Jennie these guys. All four. Emea and Lori each have won both about fourteen years old both 2010 you get to place it. Attack I felt I am going to read that definition of the word. That is frequently uses this is a survey that was done half a million. Chat conversations. With between teenagers and people on their early twenties were analyzed. Are the most frequently used slang words okay and these are them. So I am going to read the definition. And then the moms to bring and with their names as their buzzer that if you know what word I'm talking about. Use your name while colony and you can transfer ID Randy teenager cheesy game show music data. The cat carrier any I Jenny dead. Amy dead. I Lori dead. Yes and let's begin the long. Kind. And the first definition it is. Eight persons group of friends. But can also sometimes. Go ahead Jenny. Now I dates are as a group of friends Jenn hobby we keep score all the sir I was at the city does Jenny okay and thank you were hurt. I used to do describe something that is hot and happening. Similar to call. Jenny Gallo is engineer Amy who was as Amy. With that you leaving the navy yeah Amy go ahead. That is correct it's nice I'm white tea. Night. We're number three. Describes an excessive speed of excitement. Hype our overall craziness. When used to describe a person. In my awesome mean they're intoxicated. Either via Al collar something else. Since they don't look at the time and jabbing me there. I would guess on fire. It guarantees. Don't even know us on come on yes you do can I can hear the evidence and warmer time please and. It appears they are used in a sentence of execution is seeing Casey at the game last night she was. And Fuego. List. Two birds I love. Food glorious idea knew that when. It. I Lori I got here you. I know I know how the and then and yet but yeah uncle mommy got says I I know. Jenny Amy and that Lori here's an expert. Desperate impatient or overly eager. It's the kind of feeling Regis can't wait anymore in a lot of times it's used been summoned greatly desires a relationship aiming. Amy when he got. I can't even. So it just keep going I'll press the definition. I win some and greatly desires relationship for affection from a specific person. Well I think Jenny or somebody is going to a teenage. I mean you need it. I'm happy I mean you think you know I think I know this but he got it bit thirsty. I. Night. I'd. This area man. That tells us Davis. Time that we have to be the last two and of this round this is your closest group of friends it kinda like Fam glory glory go potty. So puts us. Hey Amy Jenny. I'm I Jenny is Amy and that Laurie good job. You guys are famine that was led. I didn't do real good I was already currently. I think what is that land grabs that they did everything it can't make it their way they think they. I think some things instead of rig that and I can't thank they entered the thieves. I if you would like to give the zoo a second round 404. 2630941. Lineup a couple of mart moms view that you give Vatican's. Hey bill whole stack aware and let's get Jenny Amy and lorries assassins guarantees OK okay. Made a tag. Photo on you guys and a lot of credit will hook you up and if you wanna participate. In round two you give us a call right now for a 4263094. Line. Weird teen words defines. The you can speak their language. Star in 941.