Do You Lie About How You Met? Part 2

Monday, March 6th

Some couples are just too embarrassed to say how they met, whether it was online or just too weird of a story to admit to. 


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Star in 941. Sometimes you have to tell little lies. Spare everybody else's fault or just the same time you know and means you don't have to dig in and explain things and what we're learning is he a lineup so lie about how you pretty Jack you want another contestant field coordinator with your significant other read it and it. Really embarrassed him and olive garden Applebee's close at the same time. I think I'd Tammy welcome to the show. I Tammy tell us how you really. Mad at them love of your life. You know I apparently from Altria parent should colored preacher leaderboard and I'm really again Duchscherer. That we would do that and his diet redneck really really great day are. Only part of her. Larry are. Are not wearing to handle him a charge. Led and the Yankees can't corner at a bar in red planet sport candidates are a lot of women or Pakistan's struggling eat drink beer. Here are allowed Ani Britney did everything. All right so you picked up you. Picked up your man by challenging actually do a drinking contest in redneck. Are. Well I guess. Somebody you know what are I know you're event it's a chuckle when I. Well we wanna know is what do you tell your friends family. Well he can get back be an attorney who worshipped rater and I charge and I did that and I intend to the nomination and haven't like 200 front and charges under the main ally told everybody that when they're in church. And gave her a gray our director. Without and so did he got ten sprays and work. And. I'm concerned I'm doing good joke. That church I don't wanna go. To fifty KB bloggers show. How old. Our ads are you lie about how you met. ES. Carlyle what Ari how did you really need. Or. Guys what apple way and then my traveling kind of like five years and I got on a leading up called biscuit. What you kind of like to enact. And I I would and it just you know that would go remember gang. And that's not why. Got in my mind that blood and let's remind me of the calling all I'd lot we sure that's how bad yeah what I what I wanted to know what you don't want and asks. And you. Not had not show public plan and it Bob Magellan military announced record and military. The cement you know mpeg. Temperature and everywhere actually. NN has sent you that you meet at a dating app how do you tell people that you met. People are that we actually. I went into each other like a god send and I happened to work near that they ain't that he would that we have no idea. Sure so you guys and then you meet and a good guy bad because of her booty doll. But instead she's like. There's just to return there to pump my gas yeah. Yeah how you chat with the person the pumping gas across from all the time. Stacy welcome to Asia. AK has the CAC Telus and how you tell people the you've met. I'm not people that we just met at eight after. Okay and how did you really meet. Our rural. Real area that is at every man's dream come Churchill. Pitchers streamed from trail. But we spend together or get a little while how OCC do you make that transition. From a VIP customer to VIP. Well you know he just let me off my C span and kind of life I never went back after a while and yes. OK so what do you tell everybody. At in this restaurant. Played at their racetrack and at the achieve their wins awards every year for the hamburgers. In Olympia also paying nobody on their for the and and nobody buying that excuse either side. David how did you tell people you Matt. Are sued terror is now in in our current sq mile. An attack slap Kansas it is and how did you really meets. Okay well commute back. Leg can I say I am like him and I AOL AOL do we need to check our. Well that's. Why guys are used. Yeah we got married didn't see she had ERR you'll be ready. Do you JP do you even know what DAR chat rooms are yeah I I had I was on the cost of it okay cool nice. And Alison I toward Erie to wrap this simply view. Who our retirement retire radio. Now my best friend would tell appeal on that they just that in the parking lot of their apartment complex and as well neighbors but they actually let on in their. That now you wanna vineyard and very she says she only look for a rare relationship on bumble. Iowa she's upgraded so different yet. Exactly Andrea and Alex you know there is meant just I guess from without them tumbles when their relationship about. This is the guy who is on without us. Rules last week who. Is the whole reason we're talking about a happy guy from where's this religious or going. Well I mean are certain public good projects British political have a great time and Italy I think our problem. They didn't do we really don't I'm Tinder. You know I don't I normally couldn't go home to my ball corporate so what about Bob and they also are ice like starter in and got matched up enough. How does not let the kind of story to tell you you know keep. And that's why we are talking about conversation continues to. On our FaceBook page try to be a part of it in the basement back com slash just. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.