Do You Lie About How You Met? Part 1

Monday, March 6th

Some couples are just too embarrassed to say how they met, whether it was online or just too weird of a story to admit to. 


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Star in 941. We had a guy joined the jet engines show last week you had some strong words about meeting on tender. Broaden our concern ultimately produce produce a little leverage permanently hang out I think it is ooh wee wee little. I'm Tinder you know I don't I normally couldn't go home to my involvement or burden so what about Obama they also are ice like starter in and we sat shopping dot. Our topic is not the kind of story you tell your kids you know. So he is eerie. This guy's theory. Is that if you meet I intend there. It can never be ripped a real relationship and people were mad. Outraged. 404263094. Line. If you have a strong opinion one way or the other about Tinder or other online dating sites that he maintained this guy. Was steadfast. In his believe it tender is only useful. For hooking up and no real relationship develops from. One person who was a little mad was Heather branch who comes on austerity for went after us fish she met her husband then and she's like. Hello without pay where I am that I will. And they have never hid that fact they don't lie I don't know how they met this and yet we swiped on each other it was a match and now they're married. 4042630941. Get a stack of comments and social media. And Nikki. Wrote. In all the note because I turned a one night stand into a fifteen year and counting relationship. How that's a pretty equal story. She'd answer coming up as a Lorie you wrote off yes especially unity adding we met sixteen years you are matched act around people thought we were. Greeks. Together sixteen. Married thirteen after six weeks in gay judgment and I still have family members who whisper. Now. Oh really. Raise the eyebrow I'm coming man position is a lie about it either gotten. This is to be answered the question of do you have to lie about how you Mac that's where we're going with this. We lied or arcade. Because we met on MySpace ten years ago he. Because he was looking at his axis page and found me on her top five he sent me a message since we met up. We've been together ever sense we got married six months after we met. We tell our daughter we met through mutual friend. They Brian in Marietta. Hey yet I call a lot nobody talked about it my own op but. I just wanted to go and I think it's gonna have a dang you're good at odd when you beat anybody in any direction they need to back it up. What my personal take on court situation and honestly in my head or are we net. Over forty now on the media the boat to quite tender and now we are actually like Tea Party yet we are now likely Eric's got that. So yeah. And do you lie about how you met now. I know we don't we took eight. Eating out we can go to bed at stake that had all what are Italy's Alex you know I'm. My mom about her that it would get. It just a grave version of the truth. Yeah. It's. Although it didn't look poet sent you know about to collapse but yeah at 888880. That he. Verdict hey Alex. You lie about how you match. I'm actually I had bad trend and her LP on de tat on dirt. And they totally lied about how they met they were there weren't like they met at a coffee shop and. That they have actually recently went out at Yankee come out at bat like. Now that we actually add ons and Eric it's cool off like totally coming up. Listen to this as a first they go to the coffee shop is quite the go to jail. And. Really think they listened to this you guys this is from I'd dean time. Our our trees from page again my husband and I Matt I'm OK cupid he and I are very open about it my mama however tells everybody mad at George attack this title against better. Although we were never there at the same time this. I was there 03 to 07 he was there 201112. And thirteen. She's like Richards thing that I why it may now all know lowly majority of them dating site mom recently did you manage a text. It is it for you and I'm not telling hybrid club that table and aftermath. Welcome this year you have to lie about how you match. Well yeah it's been that kind of embarrassing to help people are out remand on line not. You look contend there was a different Saito quote it was. Serb match and -- Serbian and he's actually Asian so I don't know how that all happened but we met online and once you meet a person and it's it's. It's still person so it doesn't believe in my opinion doesn't really matter. Where you meet them you know I had to grow shall restore all or online or a library a where argue that that really matter afterwards. He'll steal like yes let's go lie you tell everybody. Well. It's it was still really embarrassing for about a year and a half we were like. All we met this restaurant next. Dance this restaurant. But don't make a mistake on Imus makes a mistake it's a different restaurant. This to you. Yeah so. Yeah I just short tell people out their date doesn't really matter where you meet a person when it matters it's cool would that person it. Well there are plenty of people and you're right blame but there are planning if people calling us right now. Who have lied about how they Matt. So they most of them mad I'm line and they are telling stories so we're gonna come back. In just a couple of minutes and we'll take your phone calls for a four Q 63. 0941. Star in 941.