Why'd You Go To The Doctor? Part 2

Tuesday, February 28th

What totally embarrassing thing did you have to take a trip to the doctor for?


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Star in 941 not only these calls are nonstop. The topic is. Which yes tell your doctor. As embarrassing thing you have to sit in front of reduction today. Yeah this is what I did because. JP. Last week was cooking CWD cooking while distracted. And jammed us Iraq should coated finger array in his eyeball. It's amazing I'm allowed just a call myself an adult after that Freddie and it's so glad that stern any four when Jeff potential listeners are calling into make be feel better yes gonna want to drive a car and do things that involve more coordination than just a cookie. I now. It's easy mistakes may give you ever cut a howl of pain you know and gotten no oil on your skin and then. Somehow you're touching your face and it's burning you know what I did. Can it change your life a whole getting on I once again Jessica. Actually Jim is is feel like you've waited on I've just that Richard's story. Antibiotic. On my Blackberry and all. I worry now they're pot I think I was probably about all your mulch can handle I'm. Aren't really how I see on the director like I completely get I watched that and I just like until. It can't go nowhere without huge I had my mom's like outlook and walking off the bench and mark operate. And that might actually got cats are dressed I'm not a doctor had no apparent leg and I. It out after my heart and block it flu like Chile later and she would opt out why she didn't they're not here. I edit I just think Italy. I had. She definitely has a pile would -- tax dollars well so. What I was gonna say is that you delayed changing and you don't have started doing this a Coke with clubs. I invite kitchen the only thing that you are two types of his. I think it's fine it's probably the right way to do it when it looked clubs that career Erica Jen just give those condescending. I'm Jeff blood she hitter had 9 AM but I bought I bought a box of kitchen gloves they're his lack nitrate kitchen gloves like the kind of they would win restaurants. And I like when I'm cooking and make hamburger patties from seasoning some thing again I just feel better about like. Get in there like I'm not worried about against affirmative fingernails or whether my hands are clean up it's the gloves on. Again there are raw chicken salmon put the attempted to put boom it was up drama that like less than a penny each. Yeah eight nestled on. The name again. Lorie and Peachtree City had to tell the doctor white. Yeah. This. So. Yeah at work hard at it went but not dreaming of wind hit it up it. A little wishy biting on purpose or was it accidental smush. She's a girl DOS and I got a read it here. The group injured and. OK. I. La times. I did. Little against another person but I Oslo left front teeth as post super excited to get on a ride. And error ran right into the exit gate without you know I mean that is and then push it over with my hand that has pushed over with his face again. And then a tournament here. I JP you get to pick a lab we're gonna take three mark calls you get to pick the last one because you're the whole reason we're due in the subject. So I'll just tell you that three injuries and you pick the one we take a last it got closer. Wine that Kelly just described is. Allergy. Aloe Al. And we have somebody. Stepped on a squirrel. And then we have. Fell in trashing garner aloe aloe aloe aloe I got to hear the squirrel one says first now last last tank. Mary in Atlanta hi ginger yourself. I'd sell in the trash daughter. Is there. I am a spot I I didn't go water during aids day it's air water turning into its knowledge you're walking along it underwater drilling off the road. OK okay I give at a Los latest little seamen stream next on the road. Yeah and it goes into the air I had a friend who. She did she doesn't walk a straight line no matter what. The infamy. And I stepped down. Seeing a lot. I fell into it and I fell into the trash gutter and college you know and I've tested AM personal conflicts. That's crap can't remember a bit different. I Alistair McCain do lose. Allergy aloe well real objective. I found out that I was allergic to UKY jelly. Hardaway it's. I need it and say hate me and him did not adopt the packet I was in Paris. I. They didn't about a same doctor ever again either the last things you said that about her. Before you close the door is you have to put the Benadryl Wear. I and today is a Christian. Yeah Christian you can close this out with your story of what you have to tell the doctor. OK I delay in holding down the stairs there senate from my back porch and and I. This second I stepped on the second there I realized edged up on something very and it. Really trying to did not stop on it. And tell them. Yeah it's also reemerged conscious also has an an odd there's like the entire country. No way did you do that let's not I brought about the optics. I saw and with a look that. I'll. Not applying there at the following day I hear. Lilly and like in my daughter's. So the score and still out of the gutter. Max torment and realize that third babies and I didn't know whether or maybe I killed the mother and you're angered aviators I'm and reiterated that he and we talked about this purple and Adam it's given them we're. They did the right like Earl hit it at that girl while. And and he's really plot now and eat the little would be coming to the Brittany would actually Chris I have to hit my. I can I sites are you going to decide kind of and we take drugs right. There's an Anderson I see you currently have a set pet squirrel named Earl that you rescued out of your goner after killing its mom. I stepping and it with a bare feet. In order to turn up we. Will never have a more rednecks phone call on the however you wing congratulations. Right side and I didn't give rural enough for us for making this way it's just it's. OnStar not before one.