Why'd You Go To the Doctor? Part 1

Tuesday, February 28th

What totally embarrassing thing did you have to take a trip to the doctor for?


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all net. Of us here on the jet engines show how. About fearful or a jury really. Embarrassing can't hurry it. And can set this straight days till the doctor hopeful why they were they're so. We're looking to outsource a little bit because of some comfort in numbers if you want to invest. Well you had a little look at doctor in the face and say. It was a buzz for a FTSE 63 and I'm trying to join the conversation. I was actually comforted by this story. Yesterday because I am I'm currently suffering from a toe injury of some sort. Big toe left foot possibly in grown very painful. Moody's debit on the bed post now I actually always do it I actually got a patty care. And I think she is a little too enthusiastic big and still got an hour ago Europe mean girls and now you're a girly girls. I'm sorry but it women like nice feet. It's Jeff FitzGerald I am actually really happy that you get pictures I mean I don't think they would like the bright glowing shiny age of my. Big toe right now all of that sounds painful on so honored so gross is someone's eating breakfast on the hill where it is bull a little bit house it hurts so that. But I was covered about a fact that if I have. To go into like urging care MB like I think having to turnout on them like. At least I'm not saying what this this other person sent. Was a huge and if you've been that actually think I have not potential lot of doctors but not for me. Kelly cheese have you been to the doctor for anything embarrassing lately though not mayor saint Germain no. Now while that leaves one person is. JP is you ran to the doctor lately for anything embarrassing yes and I mean eighty eight's the path. What did you have to tell the doctor. When UN to see him last week. Then I was exposed to this Iraq should seasoning in my guys to. Exposed I expose how did you get exposed I was talking to my sister Christina on the phone and I had been cooking and didn't wash my hands very well and I heads roster seasoning I might index finger and went to wipe my guy. And I irritated my islets in the point were look like he got stung by IB. So useful and Jared Harris and Janet is actually the one who made him go to the doctor. Because she sighed I hate to be on mommy I knew but if my kids I live look like yours that I would be taken him to that. Well there's things you can mess with reddish with a cut on your army you're probably okay to put a band aid on it whenever you message your eyes yeah I'm really good day year two after they have been drained yeah. Yeah it was like swollen right away is also right opposition to gun down the accent. Surround chairman probably at reax here I the same way it reacts in your yeah Arabs it starts out kind of warm in your mouth is slow and then burn and it builds did that over the yeah a couple days so you can make anything sound legit if it's and doctors speak I have the notes and I got the mini clinic ran for enemy right here okay had a base in this and this is how these funny they said. Problem is due problem has existed for one day. Problem occurs constantly. The left thigh is affected associated risk factors include an on sent. And onset of chemical exposure. I don't impress diseases as was exposes their odds of seasoning touched left eye with his fingers. 40 for our teams 630941. I think we can take phone calls from two different people. We can take phone calls from the patient or the patient parents were delighted to go in and they we are positive of phone calls of health care providers. Whom maybe we're like it was the example used earlier Jan. Somebody said they fell on a matchbox car. Maybe in all on it. Julie in Atlanta now welcome to Visio. That's playing increased my kid and my elegant. That and I know. Second your news. Yeah I mean could see it went clan and then I pragmatic I am and I didn't air it over the shoulder action or bright yellow. And I went in the long skinny jeans and now it's not us and no window and click on her way you might well. Factor. Some leeway and really urgent care and it was packed up all things digital I don't Adam you know. As you're driving down yeah. Now hanging out your dad is there any non-GAAP and according to be green. And it you'd let Eric. Com and you had to sit in the waiting room. Home. Earns it sounds they all went into doing it why because I got the outer like oh no I don't like yeah. Hi Julie how old are your. 929 years old Lagos thicken and as that's again on yeah. Chelsea and Hampton are welcome to the gym and into. I didn't got a oh no. Actually that's happened to me. I took a golf club to the shoulder yeah yeah all of its. I hope I'm in he's. Those funds. Are you okay Jozy okay. I do other EO. Brotherly love let's engage Jennings ginnies hold her brother under that raft in the pool so. Trying to drown him at least once a summer Rachel welcome to the champ. Alone. You had to go to the emergency room and tell them what's. I had a deep return to our number. Let had to learn to highlight to my ankle crack and take spray my ankle Belichick and Eric my. Angry don't they work every say don't say awards for US coach or a runner at the time. Not that ballots if sophomore in high school. Okay. A man day in Marietta. Why did you go to the emergency room. My head that I went out our hot we and then they're traveling back to the hotel. It's ending transpired and I ended up in the emirate in theory employ urged. The. Down below. Yeah. All night. And. Holiest David intruders. Epithet at. Finger licking good. I'm sorry Amanda how they treat that. I look at creating the latter day. I had to flee stocks. All up also pulled up by about your belt and passion so with him. Fifth fifth. IA. I gotta be NFC with this is your husband. Guy what's his name. You know how he is living the dream to get wings and then the same night they were. That the that is as the American dream and there are four of words he's Xperia and I for one yet to tell your doctor whether it's that you. And she I'll still are far.