Explain A Movie To A 5 Year Old: Part 2

Monday, February 27th

JP hosts a game show and this time it's all about Oscar-winning movies


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So are in 941. Last night whereas the Academy Awards. And we know they've now a lot of people watched all of the movies and in the snow. So we decided to expands. The Oscar category for JP's game here to any. Award winning. Eliminates any thing that. That we are Baldwin brother was in but everybody else. A veteran isn't isn't always the people know yeah I've I've sort of way it works is JP will describe a movie when I did. Did you describe a movie. As though he's telling a five year old about it. We use our names as our advisors. Credit guess what movie and it. JP eight. Do you remember who won last time we played on Gordon. Yeah it was just. To your email and and then 321. Yeah. I mean only by a small margin. That is the question less pleasant where at 9999. That's why I let's it's in other around this already as Christmas and the winner moves. I don't know organize I was trying content right on your a game ladies hearing in Asia visor kind. Bring it you know what counts is what I'll do actually have a wee Beastie Boys against girls so all is shown like all of your point to count as one team. You know real that have been jockeying is Mabry okay. First. Questioner clue against. A guy who likes sports screams allied and another man who asks him to show him the money just. We got chairman where. I kinda knew the island. And in that come out and you relate to illustrate that there is that I am way it was the one movie that my dad watched like three months straight elude. That's kind of can want for Jeff. Next on. A guy plays guitar in prison. He doesn't want and what. Cage movie called Folsom prison blue like. It's it's it's just. It's always Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix and it but wasn't Kelly movie. Walk the line. And you know. And I also fine. Mean I know I. He's got a pool basically served up fairly treated thanks and I had no idea and a half and won for just one for the gals. A. Ready. This is a film about British people who have accents. They say the word chocolate funny. Oh Kelly out shot blocked the all across that hey hello my name is Jimmy Kimmel I knew I was gonna screw this up anyway. Again I would've gotten that he said French. If this island of the goodies and they said org chart they're planning an actress nominated for probably a week as a shock and shock and a half old and I would guess I'm only. The only other friends we. I know I I do I can even call myself a five year old like five girls would know that you know the infinite difference between France and it's in Great Britain are great. That we need to for the gals one suggests are about that's. Here's the forests who. I'm pretty woman. Asks a guy she likes to take dance lessons whether. He is Jeff. Jim on that so quickly issued AM when I got I'm only thirty dancing. A pretty woman ask a guy she likes to take dance lessons with her. He is mad because he wants to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play football instead. And this one and I asked handset OO I know which one a says you do it's like tanking and Jack Nicholas know now. It's not in it they go to a diner and he orders raisin bran. Oh yeah and all generally I'm beginning yes and you only get one gas. Well enough I usually go girl is it pulp fiction. I've heard diner and. I go to a diner he orders raisin bran and keep on playing and it's not a date because he ordered race and race world. Jeff when he got when Harry met Sally. And I am. Silver linings playbook June oh. I agree meaning this is the last run luckily it's worth 12100 points according to the Roebuck yup. So whoever gets this winds are this is what kind came like at all. As life threatening and I ages then these movies Harold and a half. I was asked to get Oscar movies that have won in the past and nominated in the past so I did my job. America in the past curry. Okay because they build a deer here we go Heatley wasn't around in the past and a six man cells medicine to other sick people out of his hotel room. Oh I had to come. Yeah. Yeah yeah parent of any. These people are not all right all right all right out and. Yeah. The text is yes and he dreads and Jared let as a treat gender the whole movie and it's. It's ten and they got really really skinny for. Yeah that's great everybody what's the name of it. Yeah me. We're stupid. Thing ahead this movie happens in Texas. Tech and Austin city lemon oh no oh no. Texas chain some passing are now just two guys that they need all my eggs are. And it's Haiti's that this movie happened is in Dallas. A guide I know. Dallas is a city we all saw this movie is a couple years it was like any Oscars rage. Coming out on the first floor myself down to earth. And I buys stuff. And then if you have. A card game now aspires. Doesn't talk unemployed so you end. They're people screaming at the radio right now. There the ground. Unfortunately. The later version. This game doesn't count for anything's off is basically like the Pro Bowl in enemy just telling him defend its I. Yeah. It. Very. Few kids that such an only child and that her doctorate so banged up we. Reyes. Is Jesse James Jones aren't eighties or.