Explain A Movie to a 5 Year Old: Part 1

Monday, February 27th

JP hosts a game show and this time it's all about Oscar-winning movies


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NHL all star. Before we launch into this round of explain a movie to a five year old I've got some breaking news that just came across the ticker. Might take care I mean this CNN breaking news alert that I signed a four years ago that comes from CNN. The folks in price Waterhouse Coopers. Have apologized. For the embarrassing envelope mix up that Jen just explained to you at last night's Oscar. Why is it breaking news. I'm CNN's that it doesn't happen I thought I guess it's about that damage they've they have come out and said it was totally our fox not. There is an umpire bears some mystery about whether there are you envelopes or war on or whatever problem they have commands that are are bad people. Is still on purpose sorry for screwed up here in ga zillion dollar. Live TV production. I explain a movie to a five year old is exactly but it sounds like and all of these movies are gonna have one thing in common. They were nominated for an Oscar in the past so we on the 80% of people saw one movie from the Oscars this year or last. So let's do one that we all have a chance and you have fun and play along in the car and all that great stuff I. So how we bring in do we begin using herb. Our name or names or our advisors came JP is coast to judge in Jerry and score keeper. That's right time to take over was do this are you ready for the first clip. But the first tuition say yes. This guy Jeff. Yet you can't goodwill hunting. This guy Jeff. That path you'll you'll want kids and. But this guy. You all know agents. Agents. You. Can't put up I does. Monday's thanks allies on the I had asked how. They are right Abbie Miller was in no hurry into. I feel like last night I'm gonna screw this up and the last I'd this guidance about sugar in his buddy Bubba. Yeah. Tropical loves shrimp creole. Is a well. Louis for a coconut shrimp that was thrown by the way I think Jeff Geneen and I all buzz in the same time Kelly she's about two steps behind them. I just that I forgot about the whole name thing yet. You gotta say who gets to answer Jeff you don't just shouted out that was a meat that was Janine congratulations gene. That's. And so confuse. This does should. They GPS a colony to give your answer right I'll say I'll say Jen got that one is that Cole yeah no she wasn't even in the room she answered it asked. I'd just got 12. Clue here we go. A silly old woman throws a necklace worth a lot of money I meant the get go. Figured Kelly yeah. Titanic. Is. Iran and instant replay on the Alan I'm sorry raps can we can we go back and watch that tape. That's usually short sold shocked Hollywood. Oh my gosh. All right it irregulars the third one. It's a scary movie. And a little boy sees dead people. I think I heard Jeff I. Six cents. Ex yeah. Koranic sums of hunger out about a basic speed and her son have a bad day trading time an opponent element of the oysters yeah. Aren't port one. I handsome man uses a lot of bad words my mommy doesn't allow. He's really mean. Wears fancy suits and tricks people to give them money over the phone. Jeff. All. Day. I don't bug or could. Have been under attack sunspots. And hit the way for that and I. Today its the winding its Leonardo DiCaprio. And Wall Street on LA scene. I had it. Pulled Wall Street. We'll on the walls. How competitive in an artist in fierce and can I ever got one that's the moral of the story right now everybody's tied a bowl one was the fifth. Clue Hungary who. We've just announced on yes yes as. Out of order in the court. If you're the fifth one. A blind to the southern lady invites a nice 350 pound high school Jeff yeah Whiteside. I am like this. All right Jeff with two reels of one crap I hate it when he lands. Are among out of next aluminum. He is a bad man that is scary and where his own brown leather mask. Just. Jeff again silence of the lambs. Places that lotion and I. I can't hate hearing that. Homes and begged him his. Oh the rest of that flu was this movie has nothing to do with quiet baby she had to. Jeff with three everybody else of one. You go next owned. Going down like the Titanic. Come home. Since the costs are no romance front door. Okay. He would there's plenty of room on that during his signature so much. Ever wondered how the door came loose into the random Dora and things. Against the health and bishop Lester broken at the hands of that door right while there's a lucky break. The only I don't yeah I liked it I adore the thing that floats right I mean this elegantly lug Ager. Males and we you know back and they now play heavy solid lead to there's no an endorsement he was a floating floor. Well ships are made avoid. But after I would look easy command that kind of into. These are planning. Don't think you're gonna blow your head game but I know that you're headed up Kelly geez. Continues. I I. Think those are shaped in a way that they would. They are using them. Next wave hits have Kelly chief. The mayflower. Going off the rails all right next to. There's no serial. No dairy farms. No cows. It's a movie about a guy named Harvey that lives in San Francisco. Digest. Milk rap if I could just remember my name. And talk about Iraq. I Jesse for Adam let's do one last line and make it worth 1000 points I can decimate these people out. Actually let's just make I don't and that's that's embarrassing let's make it worth 995. And upgrade to win it winnings growing 900 and Nina. Okay and whatever real plus one whereas all the marbles here. Okay. A weirdo and please god Merrill street so I'm. A weirdo with a video camera films the plant just tagged. American get a quote yeah. A weirdo one yeah sentences and. Experience a. Just 110100321211. Good play again later because I'm be embarrassed again. Please give me a couple hours to send me some redemption people. You've ever listen as they France against Jack I don't think again are in the minds of after the whole would vote saying. I'm actually mean with the subtle condensation. On comes to send. And. I think it is being. Are gonna listen you're getting a little too much of an added to somebody who almost got fired I. You see on its biggest asking. Right now announced. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and.