Monday, February 27th

It's time to brag about your blessings!


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all net. All carried out we aren't picking up trash bag of the last time that the Japanese and channel allows you to share what's terrific. In your life second. Start things off the airwaves Sarah welcome to the Japanese anngelle. There. Why you ask blessed. And tomorrow I'll be celebrating by the ears and their straight. Came and sister that's odd some. I ever am I mistaken or is an adult cancer is five years to is that when they say that your cured of cancer. The morning. They shared the LE a year clear of cancer. Bagging you know the glory years ago of course they better off the Art Bell. I it was caught early enough and I'm just happy to be there. Congratulations sir what kind of camp started to beat. On ever call awesome congratulations. Great job but survivor Sarah is hash tag. Get think you know Brittany and high falls welcome to the show. Sorry how good hash tag last week got. I gotta gotta read up well get into that now. Man that's of family germ factories and at first. He I'm glad bottom at least everything down you know how on edge. But I don't have an interview today very very blunt today. That's some well good luck with the interview despite the date quell Hayes the will be conducting a bit. I did today. So. Tracy and Rob Morrow welcome to the show hash tag last. Good morning and when he got. And does this past Friday mine has been our officially approved by the state just postured to adopt fantastic. Thank you been a long road. I'd Jackie's game coming welcome to the champ. Everything else. Right hash tag plus Jackie. On can't take let's because I think 80 yeah. Hands that they yeah so wins today how many kids you gonna have you got your Diana house yet. Will it is ready to go back. Tell us about the proposals. On the PS aren't ate at the box theatre Saturday looking Shelley how well. Saudi air so yeah it's amazing how does he gains. You too by candlelight what do you like get up and go to the bathroom and then appear onstage how to be gay you. Out on the stage there with Campbell. He told me he had a backstage supporter I'm Darryl and I got to of course you're just I didn't think anything different for me and Ellison didn't. Video started streaming and he got let me you know I get so hard both over. This. So ahead stay blessed you know hash tag balance fifth fifth after an F banks and alcohol because they. See me. I Caitlin in Lawrenceville welcome to the jab. Snow warnings and I'm am so I am blessed today because I adopted it died a few months back and another couple adopted his sister. Yesterday we were able on get together and bring about the together and it was just is so great to have another family that adopted at the tour that we can be bad. I get them together poppy sibling party yeah they were actually found on the side of heroes together. Before they were adopted in the fact that say. I can remember each other just completely. That's Haas adorable I think she's tearing up right now those contingent of family reunion at most nations and Emmys together. Miles in Marietta log onto the show. Yeah and I and that's segments and I'm currently are much music home my dream job which I love in my birthday is on Friday. Nice happy birthday needs thank you. It's sad. Don't and can't you can be the last hash tag blessed Purdue is a grim for this Monday when he got. Time match I actually yeah again and my not current us. That's a nice job tale of. Are you look radio and tell you normally get a masters is surprised. Yeah so surprised nice words to be very proud of yourself because you worked hard for that age and you. Her loose. And I hated math for you get Massey congratulations camp good jab and jab can love to get mass in his hands. Up until certain point they catch up until tenth grade and then they separate letters and it might street and may enjoy a narrative that pretty soon it's gonna look like the government and that you know if I. All like old share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.