He Tried WAY Too Hard: Part 2

Tuesday, February 21st

Like getting flowers, chocolates, and perfume all for the first date? C'mon man. 


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And young star ready for a one. Heather welcome to the shelf. I see just listen to you Jens story. And it's. Got up for a guy who just hired a huge strides your article about our run down these are the three gifts that he brought you Wendy number one again Jen. It was a big bouquets of flowers huge I made the first time a low outside. Apartment complex entry kind of awkward to say it was like how to hold it hold the door in Charlotte him. And then any am raptor Russell Stover chocolates the heart shaped and then I realize inside the the cake kind of in the paper apart and it between the cellophane in the paper part was. Britney Spears perfume. Drugstore over. And he really meant to be really sweet about it. I try saved until. So I I'm get this thing navigating content about he may have just by bad stuff and ball may be just had a gun and shell that was his first aid kits. I have during a game in Brazil can you top that story. I'm maniac I hasn't had dated a guy that college and you can't be sweet it he tried a little bit too hard. After about two weeks. Mean I didn't really hit didn't it weighs. And I love song Asian easily burn himself. Just as well on. Do you say eighty's CD's. Eight CD each lateral Ramallah their but other mourners but it is not true while that age. A little much. Yeah I'd Jozy Douglas no longer shelf. Hey how are you all get replaying topic crazy man since you think you. Okay well. My first day I was still in high school very first kiss ever. And the guys like grant to the bathroom and let it wake you but sadly not. And it's now my dad's like chapstick you're gonna like. Quoted everywhere. And Mel. I as I did Dennis and they're gonna need some sort of seizure that has your mouth opened her long time he smoothed out of gasoline on your mouth. Yeah dismiss it out it would every where and in you had to make out with them. It it didn't know. I don't. Jealousy log on to the shall hit it. Cheney shell I actually had just the Florida lake and I know a month. Into that than I was on OK cupid and Thailand that they got. As going super loud at a great time and after I wanted to get right scream and I need like are deep and I thank at a later. And he called me and he went five minutes after I started driving oil like all of I don't weigh each. There's a meteor shower that's going to be happening tonight like 1:30 in the morning to you wanna pick up picnicking on the beach to watch the sharks. How Blake. Saying I'm pretty sure you're gonna tell me. No picnic in a meteor shower a lot I exert so you couldn't get the. Great fun everything and we I went back out on a couple of days but then they weren't built -- operate train yard but do you. And it actually worked out. I. I I want you know what his mentality was like do you turn him down for leg. A milk shake but Daniel guarded them each in the middle of the night to watch stars. I did not go wannabe I got an idea that's all I ask is. I didn't realize is that I think after I you know I'm pretty incurred an ugly little creepy. Yeah. All I really like you and I OK well. We get a shot but now I would Huber lakes in office and it took a really long time but it knowledge he heard. Unless. They either didn't too hard zoos may you do you realize shows you just ruined it for so many women. But I'm worried about it. I heard on starter and he assured that I can employ you out the middle than that for taking goods and and will be a merry here's Michael John love song CD collection has earned a burned myself. See the except I. And I ask you question wouldn't be all right if I just had a quick taste of your arm hair. What does it smell it behind your knees and then. Alien and Logan don't help us. It doesn't have any idea hired. Tapes. Are. Urged a couple of says I talk to the sky replying now that really does seem dating an op on the way needs in the near sell one day and then Rajon. And he shows up but from carnation. And. In the end that didn't need not work early and he takes me to Indians. And Mary Blake and cable clock there and candles. And everything and had a strained. Employee who bank. I'd sell America. I doubt McCready story. Siena can you had a candle lit it's you shared a candle that frosty. Yeah well listen I don't Lois and many item Ebola plague it's. Junior achiever I would support college kid to. This week how bit about how long you been dating at that point. I'm rhetoric a little long time ago I don't really get key dates and we hardly know each other very loud to you Z muscling science you hired. Yeah I see at play in it at any new Carlisle longer which has and it where pet yep they. Paid pavement and came mean the do you wanna taste in my frosty. If Brazil earlier right now this wouldn't mind. It's freaking me out how oddly speak up I know. There's just so if apple is thinking yeah I just wanna hold your trust the young man that page. In the. And still are now before we want.