All The Feels 02/17/17

Friday, February 17th


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Thanks for making this wedge to adjust and change one star now before one and calm things for the millions. Feels how millions. Did show don't. All the fields is our way of showcasing some of the greatest things happening. I'm in the news that might not be easy to find because Latin negative energy in the world. It's terrible headlines feeble argument about politics every day and face that mean you just need to hear that humans. And again. And today's all the fields is super super personal. For our own Kelly tees and added I had him here are now. Kelly Kelly's right to tell us how she's starting to make good on the promise that she made yourself. I'm hurt when he ninth birthday at the end of last year and how she did something really really really really really awesome. With the help of course for one partnership. For a group of kids she's gonna explain it here and second Ers I wanna talk about hobbies. Because Saturday night I am honored to be the emcee. For the angels among third annual for the love of Hawes of what is happening in. That means the threats that it gave a dollar and that's. It's in music silent auction. By it's all to benefit in the months which is awesome rescue actually rescued. Over 121000. Animals. And 700 volunteers and and there's obviously. A lot of expenses that come with doing that rate worked so they hold this event it's happening. In blockade on Saturday there's still tickets available Alice speak directly. I know UN user here has been out of town but I would like to speak directly to the man. Who maybe dropped the ball on Valentine's. You know when he went like that and pressured. Would it help that person. To make up for dropping them on Valentine's Day by giving that are. Woman the woman that the reason we can all dressed now. And go have a night out it's going to be amongst puppies that you agree yet so I. Go to start and 41 Atlantic dot com make sure there's encompassing get tickets or you can go directly to. For the love of pause AT I'll come if you stressed out. Bucket tomorrow night with some great music and mosques and so on auction items and a rate odds. And hang with you and me and poppy joke it's the third annual for the love of pause gala. It's in bucket tomorrow night that would deceive. Her parents and get us all feel I was so excited I had to keep this secret yesterday. But just backtrack a little but I turn Tony ninth and September and after working with you guys for a couple months realize life. It's not always about me I need to get back to my community and the people in it and a few months later our I made a prop climate promised on my birthday it's. Raised and I had 101000 dollars realistically I would love to do. I mean isn't as much as I can't community so you on later amended our group of talented young people from new Manchester high school there in the archipelago caught intonation. And common than you were just so much and they surprised us was something we were doing at the time and after meaning only hearing how talented they were and I want it says it kind of use an ax and got a clip of hearing on for the first time in singing can't suck the feeling out there are capella group this is no instruments and these kids are high schoolers. That stands out about it. He. To. I can't say I'm not the reality game that at a town and then figuring out as a sophomore he pretends and all of mark. There's. Literally the movie pitch perfect they aren't are seen only that is what they do and they compete too exactly and a few months after meeting them they had onto a competition which as it quarterfinals and the North Carolina there are one of a cappella groups ago. And I only did they win that quarterfinals. They slept all of the site awards except for one thing it would law unbelievable so this is their first appearance at the award this is their first year ever being an appellate group act as high school like ally unbelievable and their director Trey is just a super nice guy loves these kids in this pours his heart into them. And announcing any stuck by the studio they surprises some unsung couple weeks ago and casually mentioned you know they were on a semifinals there haven't really hard time. Raising money to show. It's not like oh well. This is going to be my personal mission out as Robin's friends and I'm gonna make street at a cost or thousand dollars to get them there. And help everybody places to Asia and all that and I think her go on meet countless like 200 bucks so. They'll come from different backgrounds and struggling in ways and I just never experienced in my life. I was just like I'm making this a personal mission and then we tricked them into thinking they are going to saying. A forgive me song for Valentine's Day for the guys who maybe messed. And I tricked them into going to dump in down because Dunkin' Donuts joined forces with me. And make sure they get a semi so they showed it on indictments yesterday thinking mainly to sing a song sorry. Two. The manager and action is actually the franchisee owner. So they lock in tennis I think men are. So again these movies that there. I'm sorry. It is OK okay. They. Anyway. So I sin is the franchisee owner they tell us you let them manage surge is a sore worker and they sing this entire song and after learns I have a compassion sunny Savannah style log cabin on the night. I don't invest in the night. The head. Send us and Kyle is here and he's awesome and he actually didn't mess up Valentine's Day and so it actually happened is iPhone loving these guys and jet engine and the whole show them up with the guys news story and how incredibly talented you are. So we shared that with the indictments and us and have a little surprise. So at this point since stars slam this massive cardboard check that we have as Duncan donuts on it intonation and spread and can love. And they start. Our own now. This kind of starting to see that they have the cardboard check images like. We're going to Florida like we're golden Dunkin' Donuts wrote them a check for the full 4000 out little needle or I'll I. Well into matters. Use bombs ever and it was so much fun and even after that Chen came out and I am actually not a manager here. And cents and the release we and then surprise and even further. Yeah. Love helping. So what we've heard about you guys doing. I'll settle for the next. I'm fortunate. We'll also. Anger and I. I think now we're actually all crying 'cause the girls are just like we did our make like. On my eyelashes and the guys have talent well this is awesome and by the end of it talking to each and they are everybody was in tears it was such a great moment pass us and this is a Dunkin' Donuts not to far from new Manchester nice okay there are. And Douglas hill so for there for the next week if he has go to one and Douglas felt. On the sounds like 2030 years are gonna end any part of their proceeds the next weeks bill and they get a championship still have that money have put in their bank. And license Kelly pulled this off haven't. Thank you so much to Dunkin' Donuts company spread that Duncan yeah. Look at Manchester based on Anthony's that's deserving kids and a great job on. Yeah. It feels he has. Did show Doug. If you wanna be a part of all the fields and you have a cool story when a share just send it here as easy as their finances to go to start and 41. Atlanta dot com.