Big Dave Update 2/15/17: Part 2

Thursday, February 16th

A stranger has reached out and he says he's her real boyfriend, but that's just the beginning.


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I think jell O. And Shia and Shia are. I gen got a text message from big day. Yesterday. This is gonna leave new more questions or losing just a minute and I gave the update that. A third party has contacted both Dave and I via FaceBook. To let us know that his girlfriend in the Philippines. Is actually in a relationship and the guy. If she's in a relationship with was feeling guilty about his involvement in her pull away. Just to Mary gave to come to the United States. Can you talk tomorrow about. Reason and she gave to the boyfriend's. I she just said to advance it would be better for the whole family if she can rope gave in and get to the United States. Because once she's over here. And established and she could bring other people over and send money people but send money back to the other people in the Philippines. And so. He did get that she basically asked the guys permission to. To be a part of it. And saying that once she's O'Hair and her and they are no longer together then. It'll be better for the whole Fam. Got you so she says so that's kind of that the prime minister but I don't like I said. I look at all of it with skepticism and all of it was such pessimism that I don't even think. I don't even know how legitimate that respond deserved that even part of a bigger scam I don't know what's happening. So the bigger scam with that would be watts I don't know Oka I just don't trust the whole thing so. But what it has done is is it's rattled they've enough that now he is intently questioning. Everything which is all I've won it I wish it happened before he went over there and spent. A lot of money and time and time off work and time away from from from raises his dogs that you have so much in and had made a nice so worried in everybody listens the show worried by. It. Least he's questioning I think for all of us we don't want Dave to be heartbroken. Of course because she's. If she's scamming him she's used religion she's used guy that she has played with his emotions. And he's in love Foley. So that I think is most heartbreaking part and he did send me a text message yesterday gag. Who which I think it's really cool because they think he thinks are viewed as ambling and that makes me feel good because sometimes it's hard for me to talk to him. Some garlic well I feel like your sister and their fourth filly Dave's sister and he's I mean I we just can't say enough what a great human being gave as he's got the biggest heart. He's so caring about other people he's always thinking of others 100% and so that's. Especially why. We just hated if she was taking advantage of him but. He did he did say that he's home and safe. And wondering what this new chain of events and drama are about he says I have questioned her and tell I'm tired. So that's got it totally 100%. But he's and he said things are on hold until I find the truth. He said really knocked me for a loop. So I didn't at Richard I think you're right I think it's the crack in the armor that you've been hoping for an. He said especially after spending ten days with her she says the count is fake and is taking what Jeff received and what Dave received. To that and B I with that. I am. Literally it's the Philippines equivalent of the FBI. Just says she's doing it figuratively. I IE. Think those are just words a path that that she is saying I'm guessing that the Philippines. Government has a lot more to deal wins and. FaceBook harassment. Right and he says I want facts not stories. But how can he determine facts that's the question that I think well the thing that's scary is that he. Can't. He's not in a place like I said before we've all been in the relationships. Where all of your friends and everybody around you is saying hey I don't think this is a great relationship. What year and it and use it in use and you don't see it like I see it. And so the problem is the facts as they present themselves to me into you. Two people listen to the show the evidence that that the story after story after story after story after story that Jeff potential listener he shared about. They're experienced a similar situation because everybody's been like oh this happened in my uncle wrote this happen and I'd rather well this happened in my co worker I mean. And the similarities in the stories are and can't rank their shocking definitely a script and so. Fact of regret and but he can't see those for him. Those are just stories stories. And then when I say that gave those are facts these or is it that experiences of other people in their singing the theme sentences you're saying. How can be a scam when they spend that much time talking to me. I even dealing with we got video of her. Telling her friend the story behind how hot this American guy and minute take him for money or whatever you even better on camera doing that. He would still find a way to police car. You know so even if we presented him with facts. He has to come to their. Can be as good himself and that's why I am a happy with this win this break in the armor because this is allowing him. To process things himself rather than be inundated by a frustrated to have gone outlets may. So my question is what's next. I don't know. And where does it go from here. Is his next plan to get her to come visit him here is he can go now back over that can come visit like I if if if his plan went. If everything went to plan they applied for a fiancee visa. While she's over there while he was over there and the next step which could be her coming here to marry him. And when without happen if not months takes a few months ago the visa. Wish I could take years we have Kelly called the White House well if there was ever a time that it would take years to get somebody from another country in the United States. Now's the time this Sacco they've found one rail line up right. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion changed now one star not before one and it.