Big Dave Update 2/15/17: Part 1

Thursday, February 16th

A stranger has reached out and he says he's her real boyfriend, but that's just the beginning.


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all net. Your challenge. If you choose to accept did Chan copied. Is too. Did anybody who's just now tuning and who has not heard one minute of the show before you up to date on big Dave in one minute or last ready got. As a challenge OK big Dave is just half brother who lives in North Carolina. Dave and Jeff could become close in recent years or close growing up. Days Hazmat element on the Internet about a year ago and fell in love she happens live in the Philippines. Davis head over heels in love just went to the Philippines for a ten day trip to spend with her. And is back home safely the entire time Jeff has been trying to warn Dave that he's getting scams. I'm not the entire time that he was gone but like since I've learned of the relationship right because the way that it started was she threw out a whole bunch of FaceBook requests and messages to men similar today of about ten of them that went out sort of blindly they connected. And this relationship has continued but all along the way Dave is head over heels in love he feels that god brought two of them together. He's feels this very special woman is like she wants to bring her here and be married. And so he's not able to see any of the potential holes and her story. That Jeff has been pointing out along the way so it's been really tough on their relationship as Brothers has been tough on their dad. Who's been nervous about the entire time to good news is Davis comes safely. But there is a significant update upon his return to the United States. And I kind of I gave him not update update on Monday and I'm sorry you guys and I it was it had to go to Dave burst. And I wanted to acknowledge the fact that he was home. And then also wanted to recruit Jan in JP in Geneen in Ellie and and and people here and and at the radius if you knew about this story can give me some advice and there are site. I gave them out update update ministers the mics were off the advice universally was. Hate the information that you're having gated ended Dave's hand as AP actually left the studio and I did it like that so so by 8:10 o'clock Monday morning. Gave it a packet from me there was there was fifteen pages long. And is. I ate senate senate dome and I and and we talked through it a little bit ands. The contents. Of that packet were. A correspondence. That it's. I had. We have a man. Claiming to be. Gave his girlfriend's. Current boyfriend. In the Philippines. So out of nowhere. Over the week and I get a message from. A FaceBook page from a man who said that he has been in a relationship with the woman that Davis dating. Has been in a relationship for about a decade. Anne's. And it won't without going edited rate. She. Is girlfriend asked this man that for. Permission to engage in a relationship with Dave in order to better everyone's life. So. She thinks. According to this person claiming now I want Everett I want I Dave. Hopefully knows this and and and meg and Kelly certainly knows because we talk about a lot but. I look at this whole thing with skepticism. Like the whole thing so I'd I'm not blindly believing this guy and not believing. Her like I'm just as skeptical skeptical of of this person claiming to be her boyfriend as I am of of her and her boyfriend send pictures of them together. He didn't and I just to be fair than pictures are all about when you do research that all year too old look after it is possible. It is very possible. That this is like a jealous. Ex boyfriend. Who is trying to split up Dave and I his girlfriend be simply over a matter of the heart of it. It's also possible this could be part of a bigger scam because there are a lot of scams that come out of that world. A part of the world related to romantic relationships between. Women of that country and American man there's a ton of them is that's what sent all the red flags up my point just to Dave was. Just another red flag man and that in and there's a lot more to that message exchange like there's some. Some face some FaceBook pages that there were hidden from public view that. We were able to find with the information this guy provided there are some details about. The relationship between her and him. Currently. And that it Dave knows now that she was not entirely truthful about so he is an investigating. I. Hard core. Armed to the best of his ability. I. Am hopeful and encouraged. That this will put a new lambs and everything. But I. After they spent the ten days together or do you feel like their relationship is even stronger I'm sure it is would be even harder for him to have any disbelief and her he. From from where I say it. It was impossible. To get him to think anything but the best intentions. Before. And this exchange. Over the past week like I would point out red flag after red flag after red flag after a flight and it talked about before. I would say. Hey it's weird the way the relationship started hey this is following up patterns that other for money only scams have followed hey this is an allergist. It was a checklist. Like. As you would say okay pretty soon hear her and it's gonna go out ranked 123 NN we're gonna offer to pay for it's not gonna ask for money but you're gonna end up paying for our Internet. Read he sends money. And that happens and then it's like OK next is gonna be some sort of act of god the powers gonna go out. And then it's like next analysts up there's going to be some sort of injury right she campaigned for or she is pay for the injuries so. She can't talk to you and then that happens it's like it's definitely been following a script right and so when I would point out he would just dismiss that as coincidences. I am encouraged. Because while. He. Claim doesn't claim he's been told by horror. That. This is all just a hit jilted ex boyfriend and I am. That. There's a crack like I can see him going okay. There's some there's some thing weird going on here and I need to look into it so. I'm encouraged by that but I'm not. Optimistic because he is in love and you know when you're in love the person you love can do no wrong. And you become. Blind we've all been in relationships. Where your friends all rally around you and go hey this isn't healthy relationship you know it you just don't understand. Am you don't understand her nurse in our connection right he's different with me. And we've all band and has really chips and the thing is gays in one now and she's just 66000. Miles away and it's so it's hard for him here. And so I'm encouraged that he is here. Maine and and op I'm very interested. And the text message that he sent to you yeah I got a text from Dave yesterday. I think he'll be. Become more question Chris and Kenny. James Young still are ready for one.