Jenn's Movin' on Up to Marietta

Friday, February 10th

The day is finally here! Goodbye Midtown and hello Marietta.


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all net. Music for Jenn hobby aired. The big rig ever. Your cell exciting days I. Exciting and it's. I'm cool new chapter in our suite neighbors and our neighbor read through as a going away party last night Bettis and he. And they were so sweet and so kind and one of my friends who has become really like assessor I'd get off we give out of that. But she was is and you know like you don't need a fresh start you need something be really excited and happy about the song each after analyze and it was really really sweet but they have and nice almost as early Internet announcer how her because they've really been the village you know they say takes a village and. Everything we went through in the last year whereas. At times very difficult and so you guys in my village your work and they were our village at Hamann was just as sweet like. One of the times we got home from the hospital with restatement. Little notes have. Prayers and uplifting things on the hearts and stick him in the ground and second all of our front yard. For it was just covered a little hard is that. Way to moving faces players and he suite being seen leaving your little block of sandals. Or leaving. Mean the vandals oh vandals desecrating your yard and whatnot. That's it we gotta get out there this here is Sarah Terrmel neighborhood why don't you leave three's whit them. Like let's just let me just. You are fair and be away does you know I you guys are so good to us during all that stuff last year and I get a Rihanna she's been kind of a pain so. I. Hear you gals are carrying out a really great except that she's fast she's good but she listens. Eyes so. Sister actually mixed emotions some sad I'm sad because we have so many of you wonderful people and our lives and we love. I've always been a city girl man but at the same time we're so excited because isn't new Roman Hong new community or really excited to be in Marietta so. Expand and to say. Do you are lake because obviously the start of your family. I don't know have you a year's notice and Lauren was delivered in a babe people in the backyard of the house and right now. One of the ones generous at the top of eternal say ahead and learn just slid down the slide. No OK okay yeah. This is their home. He's been so weird weird but some answers as I Matty amount unlike idol how. That's how we're down your neck the I have no idea sometimes. I've ever does emotional series has been moved there after we got married and you know brother baby's some from the hospital airs at this is this week's special plays always will be. And it's on the great history that we really have a great history. And Johnny. The coolest people. Now that's pretty insulting Tierney neighbors the but I don't know them yet it's your move and a merry at a because I've given her grant is now the superintendent. Of Marietta city schools so. I'd Jenin grant are not as of today you right to moving truck is pulling up as we speak you have you guys are all. Area at a all out of sorts of this morning you guys the next week or so I'm gonna have like. Wrinkled clothes I'm going to be missing shoes yeah how are in need I don't know I think grocery store it. Is hurt like dry cleaning at any of that kind of stuff so I mean Jimmy helped organize. Yes human girl I will be an Kelly cheese loves nothing more than organized Ira has called on the yesterday look at this morning couldn't find in these same. And I organizer beaver LA's Arie or as it is clean and you're right this spring jacket yeah Biondi after like the next six we. Jens gonna like Tom serie hours she's just like I'm having so much fine mess. Putting stuff in this pantries you guys you probably. Couldn't handle how much fun. They say you know jeans and their accountant means and the alphabet and the kids and the Al. And I'm entering my coloring with Lauren in my during the paint on your brain of large. Well. And I'm not I. We're excited of the great but congratulations and implies that zero. Who is warning you disheveled Jen all next week. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion change one star not before one and.