All the Feels 2/10/17

Friday, February 10th

From local daycares to cats to unlikely love stories, we'll have you feeling it all!


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The Jesse Jen she I'll. Did show don't. Leave Boston Marathon bombing happened four years ago can you believe that's. I remember exactly when it happened because it was over the same weekend that are older daughter was born. And I remember being in the hospital with her as a baby and just being terrified that is point having to turn off the TV so I remember that it was four years ago but because it was and that. Significant time in life. That's tragic setting is where our first all of us feel story today it began all the feels of course news stories that. Our good uplifting positive and encouraging because sometimes you get inundated with. Dark and heavy stuff is gonna spruce things up so out of that tragedy that is the Boston Marathon and bombing. Love was warned there's a woman whose rate near the finish line the bomb goes off she's so injured she ends up losing. One of her legs from the knee down. Three strangers helped her away from the finish line into an ambulance and one of those. A firefighter. Actually rode with her in the ambulance his name is Mike. Roadway there in the amends to the hospital and then would go visit her as she was recovering. In the hospital and about two months. After she was released from the hospital. Waved one less leg than she went in with. Obviously pretty traumatize Fryer being part of that terrible event they went on their very first date. And last month they got engaged. And so we. Dominique raising. So he literally rescued her he'd rescued her from the. Boston Marathon bombing it took care of her. All the way to the hospital. And then ended up proposing to Burgess just last month so out of something really really terrible something really really awesome came up. Although I know something really bad happens to that day and it was far short period of time. In regards to the pain in what I had experienced. Since then I have so much good guy that has commented list. My seeing in my life for me finding love and having my in my in my world and meeting in his world and our families. You know it's just. That's a lifetime. How's that for having an attitude of gratitude yes man and a host of C. That's awesome so I have goals sorry so to me Nelson is a five year old is akin to garner out Waverly city schools and Ohio. Has momma is a student at Ohio's Ohio University yeah. And she's in our early childhood and educational to mimic them growth and his announcement on matters actually cancerous tumor. So they've pulled him out of school and because of that his mom's also had to drop out of school because of how much is economist to take care of how much Israelis out. All of on Wednesday coming up dissidents and a tackle she at Ohio University. Team got together and wanna make sure that he has are really good Valentine's Day. He's going to miss his son from partying this doesn't remember that. And I said Rudy did to drive I should legally residency. At least 2000 if not more power. To me shows the goodness of people. So that's one of the professors from our university talking about it but the students and the teachers and other parents have come together. To send him bound hands say cards but they've also sorry go fun of me to help them on how to say she can help with. Although the hospital bills and everything that SARS is our covenant of potentially of our schools so. Just really early so your community becomes you know your ears your school community becomes your family obviously. Overlay that's amazing. My story is very important even though I stewed cat. Of course it means in the cats are doing so until we go back over the weeks and see if genie is ever diamond all of illustrated doesn't come off cats. The GPS and Sally board in his studio or it and I'm looking it up and every story's been about a cat the. Line cats they're people too. Sir it was only named Torry and her kids they moved to YE after just a couple of months they're wonderful panic had James disappeared. And fifteen years later. Fifteen years. Humane society called up. And we found you cap your kid the fifteen year round fifteen years I'm sitting here like I'm a surprise is Kat made it fits those kids went from diapers to graduate yes indeed an act and make cat back when it Hansen Ames is James so you probably just went to engineering school. So they went and she even gave the humane society a couple of days because she assumed that James found in his family and a payment of the looking for him. But nobody called up. So she brought the cat back home and it seems like he remembers everybody while it's fitting right back in harmonies and his senior year is back home with family. Gone off associate latest Gupta trooper immediate thing that's. And your name is James. Well a lot of land animals at Lehman may mean names happened to enable me I thought yeah. And my album feels sir that I foundry guys comes from I just intentional listener her name is Jessica Hamilton. And she lives in state them and she was still on us about her three year old son. His name is Lewis and he's non verbal and artistic and so she struggled for months and months and months to find. I daycare for him that would accommodate has special needs she said there was just a lot of places that didn't want to take him on and so. She struggled and struggled and struggled finally she found a place. I'm converse DJ academy preschool and not only did they take care of James they're not taking care of all kinds of special needs kids. And they have dedicated a room to Lew west called becoming sensory around it completely changed their focus and are accepting families. Alt like Jessica and lewis' family so of oil into interest only got to them Christie's academy preschool. Awesome awesome awesome. All the fields happens every single week at this time I'm the champion ginger and if you wanna be a part of it just didn't touch where this. While dad social media and emailed the easiest way to find all those addresses go to our website. Stunt I'm pro one Atlanta dot com we want you give us all the feels. When Justin Jan.