Where Is This Relationship Going: with Evelyn and Joshua Part 3

Thursday, February 9th

What did Evelyn think of his answer? 


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. I don't apply easier. You guys at ten. If they had you know conversations about the shirt. Dimensions by acute thing like we've you know joke at a kid and I know she's done or other relationships. On I don't know all. To me like it might be heard those classic classic morgue and which makes it their best. Burn them. What's that clouded with the classic Morgan part of it. It would there was no. I don't know I guess I can get dealing. She kind of like. I don't know I'd I'd be on the way to be talking back Felix you'd connection at all. And I don't know I don't know. Well maybe you and Josh can talk about his proposal because it looks like and I. Involve you guys and her family and he seemed really excited about the idea. I into the conversation. In my mind is anemic what I can do is certainly on a serum down pat if she's about to be hale. On him by an iron something. You are better yeah I'm just curious what the red. Flag was in there that you that you heard because there's definitely. There's that I gray area there's no. There's nothing right salad she said he's like hey let's let's have kids yet and that. But that didn't happen and we're. A Wolverine early here's a better way what were you expecting. Him to say in response to. Hi I'm Levy she would be an orthodox would like different for her speed I know she'd really like not big into the marriage conversation. But I can't play I just happened to look at what he thought maybe like. Josh might mention something that I didn't know about the likes. Of Morgan into BAB hasn't let it. I don't know if you haven't mentioned the Nadal back and I know where it's good yeah. I mean I don't know a whole I think we like. I did and like. I think I hope I did they get you to talk to her directly Billick I'll watch a bit. I don't know I don't know. I mean at the end of the day. It's about them there. I mean she didn't know wake up sign and it would be very bad. We know a lot of airlines are currently on. It's. I'd thank you Alan thinks that and agreements. Bite at it but I. There's nothing bright. Red flag there and started to make me feeling she was way too battling. And her friends relationship like never France not that into the guy and she's going to be able oh my god did we just become an accomplice. She's super meddling friend yes. Secretive. Guy. I ever did I did but here's if your league parlor owners are smarter than. You called him up and he had nothing. Negative to say about. Her Mary or what she said about. Their relationship. Right. Within their brains. It's like oh this is classic more again no it's the war there's nothing we are there. What are we missing. Now. And she I'll star.