Where Is This Relationship Going: with Evelyn and Joshua Part 2

Thursday, February 9th

We called Joshua to see if he's ready to take the next step. 


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So are in 941. Where is this relationship going is that question that we ask on your behalf because you won the answer it's kind out court to ask yet and we feel like we can get the answer Florio. This little bit different than Mets because typically we are asking for your girlfriend or your boyfriend or. On something like that but this week Evelyn call list and she wants us to call her best friend Morgan's boyfriend Joshua. Ask where is this relationship going so. I would that's called Joshua and tell them hey and one month to get it and are more kind of bill that this time it really should be get Syria's Bruck. So this says that if I'm not a this is a winners this relationship going slash. This relationship better get going yes slow go exactly all right Evelyn you're ready to listen and I am ready okay I'm gonna put you on hold and we're gonna call Josh. To. Do the ass. And ask him the question. An ambulance she said we can say is from Ireland you guys who say I am. Perhaps it. Lou hey Josh it's gen from the jet engine show how are you. I got married is doing. We are again and again I think sir agreed to come on with us today. We are calm you know as part of our segment where is this relationship go. Military airport just dropped but that's about it on the road so dramatic yeah. Yes. It sounds like a soap opera doesn't have interpret. Well who welcomed this Epson Joshua it's your life since the there's the sort of how so obviously I'm you and your girlfriend Morgan everything's going great isn't it. Yeah I think I actually cannot be better. She's beautiful she's incredibly harsh responding issues would be. Com she's gonna achieved with created she. Played video games and nearly everything that you could it's like a best friend and a relationship. Although. There that it can you and I want to get it yet they are. He slept good and badly in the middle. At the returning. I thought about that I was national technical thing. So it hurt we are kind about how the relationship with more again because we heard from one of her best friend Evelyn. Ordered. And our panel and has been given us a little bit of insight into Morgan's past relationships so we wanted to tell you a little bit about that. And then ask them questions around cool. Sure okay so us more and gets. He gets the relationships right about at the year mark and it's. That's about where you guys irony. Yeah we just password or not okay. So Evelyn thinks you're awesome and pertinent for her best and she said everybody think John some line eight. Morgan Stanley all of Morgan's friends and everybody exams and Josh. It's that orbiter so they levees so much and they why is stick around on. But they wanted you to know that it's about this time and the relationship in the past and past relationships where she would move. So are great. The question for you is where is this relationship going for you with market. I mean I they've figured going nowhere but up and today we we try to separate conversations we've actually talked about. If you make that graduation from that short term a lot when you go from being. A girlfriend were different situation like I think we're hanging on almost every day so I think we have. An outcome rescissions for me to know that it's it's simply it's going in a place that we both want. So I certainly don't. I I don't feel fearful necessarily think that it's it's probably pretty common. IA. I mean it doesn't it doesn't actually have guards so much like every port side I think about what's going. On the starter had. We're very definitely I I ate and knowing that information I certainly don't want to not pursue anything what they're pretty significant. Makes her seem more real complicated and you know somebody that I would wanna be US ultimately somebody who thinks about thanks. So given that Evelyn I'm a little bit of advice for you she thing. That you need to move this song a little bit more seriously. Adequate at Alan thinks you need to Lockett. So would you be handy. To. Use something like a proposal. A more along my arms there are you think and a promise range and. I was in high school isn't this the I don't know really adults did you promise rings as a called engagement I got you can. Look at that. I Evelyn thinks that you should propel it does mean is that anywhere on your radar. It's been on my radar. Eight. I think it was waiting to get a little bit more of cigarettes from Morgan but it is certainly something that is is definitely in my realm of possibility. You have to sort of we don't live together. So. Home. Yes I that would that would be open to that I did I need to think of a perfect thing I think to make that there were able this year so special. But I can certainly see that happening and in the near future. It's if you proposals on some you can rush right. Usually put it army that don't make the first move and I think I think. And I definitely need to do that knowing that she is committed to that and committed to me makes it all the more deeply. Will just know that I don't think at Morgan put Evelyn up to it's I think this is. And I I think islanders calling us on her own because she has had conversations with Morgan's other friends and Morgan's error today. They are we really don't want her to bail on this relationship we really like this. I drink it was Morgan going hey Evelyn used to push him along. And what I yeah. Make sure there on and she's known Morgan from that million years so great. Larry well you know marrying Morgan is is marrying her friends that so I mean I try to use that from. Day one and that's greatly is that they have become. That's why I'm Mary Kelly Q she has does that marry her friends and all of her friends. Tenth ahead of them because ever want about five and 18. And not be conference is now. But I expect a huge gash that period noted today that great they're being seen to. It I we come back in three minutes and Asia and about that. OK we yeah we get back in three minutes will pick up the phone we'll talk to Evelyn and it will get. Her. Point of view on what Josh is shared this we wrap up where's this relationship going in three minutes. Before. Star in 941.