Join JP for Cupid's Undie Run

Wednesday, February 8th

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This is the Japanese yen shot. There'll yeah. JP played all sexy and I mail it because. He's going to be running through the streets of bucket nearly naked on Saturday. That's right. Big sky in Buckhead. I'm looking forward are already. This could be so much fun you guys are all literally running around in your underwear for a good cause and we have it we have to invite people to produce big now because this is when. The lunatics are up. You know get ready to go for Iran or get rating hit the jam you do. CIA. Lunatics are you want with these are the people. That this self discipline I wish I had and they have the bodies to be willing to strip down to their underwear for a great cause and run through Buckhead with JP typically they cupid a new round. Is a big deal because your running in the freezing called yes I have to say issuer doesn't count isn't going to be 670 degrees concept Fedor but I. It's supposed to be alarm and sun is shining this weekend see you doubt yet there's going to be some amazing costumes side men usually shave. Hearts and their chest hair. On it's not uncommon. So explain the whole thing is Cubans honey run. So we're going to be a big sky were gonna have a few drinks before we go out and trot for a mile okay. They're gonna give me a bullhorn in the latter and I get hit again to say yeah it costs and hype everybody up and an postal work outclassed a forehand. And everybody is raising money for really great cause hey it's children's tumor foundation that's awesome. So cool so are you gonna run it carried just and it's an area off and they go inside and frank well. I'm playing did you balls so I'm I'm gonna run I am I mean you have to do that it's like a mile one point 14 miles lead got to be able to do. I'm not the most athletic guy in the world but I'm also not the least athletic guy in the world. And one point 14 miles is doable if you picked out here underwear of choice yet. No I have options. Accorsi DO. You JP and Heidi have a full closet in their house dedicated to cost him asked him climb the AF as I'm guessing. You're not only guy ever red Speedo but a sparkly one you article. Police surrounded or two to. I was a high school swimmers so that is not uncommon to find in my closet and you want everybody to join your team right yes so if you go to start only for Atlanta dot com. You can find aid 20% off coupons we'll give you codes so you can run inferred 20% off the first 94 people to join my team it's all right there. Jeff do ministry of paying is going to be a party are really excited. And we've what we've learned about JP what we're learning about JP is if you want him to participate in your fund raiser. He loves to help the people. But make it just a little bit outrageous but no he's fully end gap a five K now a five Cain your underwear boring it specifically. Sir thank goodness let's. It's. Out on star not before one.