Jeff & Jenn's Perfect Wedding Pitch Contest

Thursday, February 2nd

You have until February 15th for your chance to win a dream wedding worth $20,000. 


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And young star ready for a one. I needed to stand up. These are getting a little thing on my dad is huge a huge. Here's you need to give pay attention AA if you are getting married or have you know any wind that there is getting married or have you know anyone that. Might be getting engaged soon. And guy is if you're listening to this. Give him popped the question. Maybe it's time to do you dance. Because you only have we could do. And terror. Be driven ginger is perfect wedding pitch and exactly what it sounds like. At Lake Lanier islands that you are going to you're gonna pick us on why you're the perfect couple to get married. At Lake Lanier islands they have given us the most beautiful wedding to give away. It's the on site venue for your ceremony and reception perhaps a 150. Guests taking care of all of the food. From one of the Lanier islands wedding menu is we are taking care of premium open bar for a 150 of your guests champagne toasts. The bride and groom will spend the night at the resort. And all of the weddings at the Canary Islands are gorgeous they've got the most beautiful backdrops for your ideas it can be. In front of the late gay can have a lake as the backdrop of the indoors. It's going to be incredible values 20000. Dollars and we are giving it to you if you can pitch to us why you're the perfect couple what do. And you've got to do it in 94. Words or go to start 941 Atlanta dot com you've got 94 words to tell us. Why you. I deserved to win in this 20000. Dollar wedding package has no joke as somebody who got married that last year. Let me tell you a little something about winning. Stuff pops up. It's expensive you know you gotta have covers for your chair he he. Many years kept those covered for me right you've got to get silverware. But again the issue when people eating with their hand that you haven't a medieval times. You have to weddings you know I you know I am saying I think you've got to have. Silverware that has yet us on again like my space shuttle and with their revenue applause as he won all your guess wipe in their mouth on their lasers man. And would. Have napkins of course athletes but they clears got all that covered trees are just make your way over to start and 41. Atlanta head dot com and in 94 words or less. Pitch us and why we should choose you to win traffic jams perfect wedding page at Lake Lanier islands. For making this alleged. It's. Job on star not before one.