Big Dave Update: He's Safe! Or is He?

Thursday, February 2nd

Dave caught up with Jenn about his first few days in the Philippines. 


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NHL all star. All right Jane give media update I'm big games OK so yesterday afternoon I glanced down and my phone and sees notification pop and and it says Steve doe are. And much like your eighty year old father I thought it was. That I can get a text message from the Philippines. If you don't know big gave he's my half brother and he decided. And he was gonna travel to the Philippines 6000 miles away to meet a woman that he is only known online. I think at her reasons for being. Corresponding with Dave and asking him to come over are. Less than savory I think there's. As an upside to her that he is lying still because he is completely in love. And he boarded a plane anywhere into the Philippines a couple days ago I've gotten one text message from GM scam a few. And what did the text message to use saying just letting me know that he was there and everything was good. Okay. Well he told me a little bit more missile longer than that strength and I. It says don't HM Pope wallets well I'm men. Can we say the city very good savvy tableau or down vote a DAB 80 OK and everything is fine. He says it's loses BJ today and we are on our way to the church. Is the first thing you do on your birthday is give thanks having a great time. Went to the fish market yesterday. Rudy GC. A winner if it's the same fish market that they haven't back at. Guess in May build different. More of an authentic experience I'm guessing that this market what's GXE. It's I think it's the equivalent of the taxi. Okay and we Bob blue marlin crab shrimp and Liz cooked the marlin ND. Cub taxi yeah I don't know it might have been a typo. She cut the blue marlin and the blue crab he said awesome. Having a great time and staying safe. Love Dave past my love around and he dated it. February 2 for 39 AM Thursday and Ernie and any Ximian other exercises that. Day ahead of ha ha ha. Like where day ahead of your eyes as yesterday. Afternoon at. And I said so happy here really glad you are safe and happy and he sent all good thanks blessings. So he's not there. Do you think we could have just freaked out for no worries none of my dad know. You think that she's is continuing. So the first several days. He's get. I I don't necessarily think anything terrible think he he's in a dangerous country so I think. Just like somebody going to a dangerous part of our own. It is is you you worry about them you know what I mean like. If somebody goes Whitewater rafting in your not a risk take feel I don't I hope that person's okay. Sky dive you've gone skydiving I worry about you to me that's an unnecessary so there's that danger. But I think that late at the end of the day. This woman still sent a message to Dave. And twelve other people or ten other. That we know out all at the same time friend requests and all of them on FaceBook knowing nothing about them. Dave since her money every week is leverage every dime that he has to go over there. And does not believe that there is any financial motivation. Turn her relationship with Hamlet so this could go along and I've gotten emails with people saying it's gone on for years. People who have come over here if they had met differently rights. I would not be concerned if they met at a dating site now deacons she sent him a message out of no. I get and I might if you followed a pattern here's where I felt relief is that he's okay and it sounds like he's at least having a good time I guess. I think that's very possible so that part I was relieved I. And the way that it's written seems to me like he wrote it oh yeah he told us that as a somebody taking his phone and writing. Right right yeah I don't think that's happening and if that's the case why would they send it to you. Exactly sell yes so so far he's stayed out of harm's way and fingers are crossed that continues to happen and I'm kind of. I'm jealous of the market trip. And the site. Why did that great now you're going to that is just that's totally that's fantastic so Dave and did you finish it's OK you know if that you do efficient public's. Eye you love it. Star in 941.