Are All Personal Trainers Poison? Let's hear from the callers

Wednesday, February 1st


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Hide her name is Michelle and she. Things that some female personal trainers Forman and it. Are not good. She's just trying to warn her best friends not to let her husband work out with a female personal trainer. I setting up for temptation yep and it's not about the woman right Michelle. Play yeah I wanna we can't have 3 am but at that point that I don't think email personal trainers. Our batter unprofessional. Or whatever you any day you know outside of just camping or eager frequent technical did not what him. I Mattison in Smyrna agrees with you of. I feel I am totally agree that. Hey Gary what little. Should definitely be able to ask her husband and two police Luxor. And mail personal trainer and on trucks either that ordinary man should be it would ask. His life to live look virtually no personal channel because. As humans were all tented. And they're at some point are lighter than some first action and why. Should we purposely put ourselves and our situations. Is it Brit Brit is things because were humans. And leg. Of a you know adult or whatever like isn't Arab. Possibility that you can be tempted and resist it like I don't know what to try yeah they'll. It's not it's I think Michelle's and no it's it's voluntarily putting yourself in that plaintiffs. Rather they are making another decision. But think couldn't he argument I mean that this is maybe this is an extreme but then couldn't he argument be made that maybe I shouldn't be working ads. Our radio station that targets women. You know we'll be talking no more women. I think it's different when it's one on one that. Yeah I need. You don't get to see all these beautiful one and Colin you just hear the voice. I would I would like you can see how blessed I didn't know what it all up in all honesty like we went to bed of fans and that. Monday night for the bachelor the viewing party for the I was. Hot party in that I made the joke more than once and I kind of wish any more single guys is so common Tom our combat air. Every woman and that Roma's and that cab and they were all decked out in their. You know like that little black dresses and high heeled. It was that you spending time with one of those women for an hour twice today I tried twice a week I try to stop the paid sailor in Atlanta how Rio. Harriet aren't so what do you think his Michelle on track are way up space. I agree with her because I actually seen it happen to a friend okay what happens. Come mainly of course had a boyfriend went and and got a personal trainer well unfortunately the only one left was female and if I may be the one to say she was smoke and high and he wound up leaving I try and quit the personal trainer and they actually got married a few months ago. How else. But Dayton did. This. Okay our that's our under the. Samples Taylor so. Okay that's an out. When in doubt it played over at about six foot putt up pretty and a got a different take comments. Any not that they crazy heart and had that personal and I are I thought the crime how that and most of them how to live on it. And even a Mac thirty year and that he would not that they found and narrow. The heat and that. I worked hype I guess he could say it. Yeah and don't act out and call it like saying. I'm not an attack like fat and Ghana at some reluctance he forgot the debate that personal trainer Bret it's gonna happen. So if he's. If he's gonna do it he's gonna do it anyway whether he's with a female trainer or not. Yeah like LA before and he said that. Her friend that laughter or whatever. Obviously you want to burnout would not hurt and not I'll personal trainer Patrick pretty thankful that card now now. Okay thanks for the call Hayley concern now. Haley is a personal trainer. Are what's your son and that's. They didn't. Aren't stopped the women need to be more confident out but the big issue I'm not present a trainer it's like the bartender at about the net like. We eat it too I think that jobs like we don't want your husband they're paying picturing that what do that we dip. He did say that let it'll extend and like I did and then we're trying to make them that happened or why I play. But it jobs are out. So they are just pieces. Of Joey pasty clay the your salty games youth TV ads to deliver back to their lives. Otherwise I'd be all haley's like a lot I want that dad Bob I don't. Seeing what I like DJ he's a time mission now I don't know of any of that how David feeling you're just gonna stick with the one example of the early who's had the and fortunately. I know I don't even think that. I think that example encourage during. I don't think that that the usual I didn't think that last while not. Morning you all again I dot Leggett but we don't trainer trying to steal bad diet. Like it's a job then I'll I'll like it part of their job to patched. And be ready and being at the duration my door and there at that. But that part of their job that part of them being professional. Not saying regaining her on the back and they had different than going to a party or being part. Call me a prude but I don't like this when he tax. Jeff if you let it come tonight and ask Kelly. What she would say hey if you had a hot personal trainer what would your life Cali so they are my guess is she would probably say. That's motivation for you negotiate here and go for us us us. I'm just hearing. I can ask I'll run a buyer tonight and you it was last night we asked if so it would gonna do this again today and get you an hypothetical fight this on thanks thanks Michelle I've. Here's our. Hypothetical fight for tonight's then yes go hot I'll do it. That's how I go home and have this type and we you do JP yeah that Justin Jan Joseph fake scenarios real site. I hypothetical scenarios that could lead to your very real the blood. Go home and run it by your significant other. And just say hey if I hired a personal trainer to help me get to shape give a perfect way to do it DJB can be like. I'm getting married while for the way today ought to be in the best shape my life anew. By my trainer is. An ex NFL cheerleader. Are you scared. 'cause I don't want I have kind of the federal I didn't wanna go home. And I'll ask the same thing but you've got to ask you. Okay I so I have to ask grant last you have to ask you would have a hot trainer or if I would have a Hotmail change smoke in time. Mean having a male smoking hot trainer told that. At ten. This indoor. Right now. Even if she was enemy I'm pretty sure I would start during a crunch. Die before Floyd thanks for awake enough when Japanese yen.