Are All Personal Trainers Poison? She Seems to Think So...

Wednesday, February 1st


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Thanks for making this alleged. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and general listener Michelle has very strong opinions and about female personal trainers. Maybe I. Okay Michelle welcome to the Jeff intention aria. I you are bound and. All right so not only youth have a very strong opinion about men working out with female personal trainers. But. You are attempting to quote save. You are friends relationship. But Dre I need your and it's helped convince saying. My best friend not to let her husband work out woody he now personal. All right well I'm gonna give her phone number out because is. Jan and I like to think of ourselves as just a conduit. Where we can do it. Where we connect people who have opinions we like to crowd source your opinions. 4042630941. Is the phone number 404. 2630941. And we love. To hear from from you but Michelle for rate now. The floor is yours tell us why you think female personal trainers are. It's. Well I don't think that it's too little woman and sell herself a Clinton it's more the situation and in general all. I mean basically you're putting yourself in that situation but they're gonna be around. There's smoke and hot girl he's been super tight credit thing. You're your own content because you're working out cute touching feeling guiding year. And it just says. I did intimate. Situation and and me in reaction to that and does naturally gonna beat a flirt back. And I think that that you know leak got hot and analog Qaeda and locate the problem league action. So your friend was just recently telling you about this site her husband hasn't hired a personal trainer yet but is going to. Have basically. It not that I don't think it but he like got out a girl it just like that the person on air that the Jim had to deal all. And my argument and there are diet personal trainers so why put yourself in that position and he came to work out the guy and get all of the goal that come with a purse contrarian thinkers not drink eat dairy. But I just think that it's not the duration and and you have a under the carpet we even had. While. I and I personal trainer and a client work out together it is usually for an hour at a time. Is he gonna work out every day is CNN I'm just trying to is. It's a situation. I think it like a few time that we can get banged. That two hours a week. But in a very intimate setting his intimate relations sad. I. People how many are going your life eat and cute ours alone. With a week. I don't as what I'm trained at lake I'm thinking of other situations I make. I did I debt what does she what does he had a hot female dentist. I mean I think that's a little different like it's not as regular is not good yeah. The probably than any spandex I mean maybe that would these. Else size comments resisting and how do you not know. You probably. Don't feel sexy right here in a dentist chair Larry I'd really seen that amendment very. Sexy experience and you might they be peaking you honestly tell me. You had a smoking hot girl working out of me greatly Ewing and inside about her a little bit. I have many girls that are working hours. In a class. Great but I don't act upon JP or one on one and is not as dumb Zuma by the way everything. If this all of those pure bar classes it's just JP and all the ladies fierce that is not working class status with the as. But I. Would be heightened it would Heidi have a problem with you working outweighed a hot female personal trainer. No icing did she trusts me and I don't they do BBDO II think it's I'm not. Oh yeah. I think I just got a point but I do think the way at JP said is is key is the trust factor how strong is your friend's relationship. And is there any concern at all about what's going on with them because somebody can't break into a perfectly solid tight partnership on some intimate relationship. But somebody can't break into our relationship it's already broken. Comics and I. I I think their relationship is to really get that in this saying bad things like that can happen even really get relationship like the late great. Everybody is doing Harry you're testing them dialed. That you play yourself in bad situations. And can we just got the net I don't think I think it here again I think that. Your relationship can withstand just any sort of temptation and. I STC. And Atlanta welcome to the just engine Sharia. Hi guys I'm got to her area of excellent thank you. So I don't I think there's there's a little bit but that didn't get where he carries arms. You're basically saying that only that are kept it do you get read our hi greener planet. I work out with a pretty much cleaner air and I couldn't beat him JR Whitney hand out why wouldn't it be saying. And then also don't know. Not Alter trainer Kirk quote unquote broken hot like what if they don't like bespoke and I had to be sent back secrets beaten I'd. Quote unquote smoking hot there right you think it's a little bit crazy to think that that's what's gonna happen this situation. You didn't question it Stacy poses Michelle would you Warren. A guy friend of yours. Are a girlfriend appears in the same way it if there was a woman working now with a male trainer is smoking hot male trainer in gonna spend a couple of hours a week Wear them. I know I I didn't think it a little word everywhere around us kids. I think the main thing we can within the top they feel a bit easier but I get a deep thank. That either way why not work out with the person out there you're not going to be it's actually attracted you know matter lack. I think and I'm making knows because I'm gonna open up a jam and it's just going to be staffed by. And ugly people and that's going to be the only people. Where all the married couples are are are ready to work out right. Tell the smoke and Hotmail trainer he just didn't like women but while there's there's your solution and I was nicely and. I actually propel the same trainer and and and only the use and to me this. I'm glad he wasn't he wasn't enemy if his game and an enemy I think maybe maybe he was just a sexual. It's tough talk I tell you about flirted on video or not how pretty of resisted the year I mean look at this guy was a pizza dough pile waiting to be molded such. Tiffany and parents Bob and Michelle. Okay Metallica completely blacked job 00. All right. He appeared look this cheap that prefer picnic or are currently. And second a law. What is this woman told her friend or did you follow our. Her husband around for the rest of their lives and make sure he got at any contact with any college you can people finished at about other people all the time. How can you prevent any event it's a guy's gonna hate you gonna achieve whether it's with a trainer where some lady ten years down the road. But I don't think that people. You don't think you go put himself in a different situation with a different turn now. Now I don't think why should you have to do that the woman. If this okay this woman myself much in control freak and a relationship actually is willing to put this kind of control and her friend relationship. You look at you Telecom hot and should Ricky creepy. I think it's happening. At our at our phone numbers for 04263094. Wind. Michelle can you hang on first just a second. I am okay great and Christina can you hang on forest for three minutes. I'm actually look at where Ari OK we'll give this year perspective right now because Christine is actually a personal trainer. And we haven't seen her but I'm gonna assume that she's hot his name's Christina with a cat. I'm Eric rich kid so I cute little kid and you cannot spend its YouTube net. We would want to hook up with every male line. You know. I'd like to consider myself very professional when he I'd edit my. Our male and I don't go into your thinking that you know I'm gonna hook up but every single one of them like it's set up to our kids beat you can't assume. And every email personal strainer is exactly Betty. It's just it makes it really blanket statement that no and trash art. Now Christine that I should imagine that's a year just going about your business and your new client is me. And I walked in there wearing my typical workout outfit. Which is a 1950s. Bodybuilder 1 C 3 am us. How awesome and I say I stroll and like you're gonna forget your husband and kids names pretty tough. Wow this baby's first jacket but then I would come back to my wish yeah. Need to eat for sorry. Yeah where his is based then see the baby girl CNET resisted. Urgent. I'm Michelle still funnel more of your calls and an ax. And she I'll still are.