Smilegrams for Mackenzie: An Awesome Friend of Ours

Wednesday, February 1st


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Star in 941. Specific us staying. And literally takes three minutes this time. The most three minutes and you can that make somebody's day today literally change someone's life. Really it's true though because my programs changed our life when we were at children's healthcare of Atlanta and in the hospital there's a lot of time to wait around here waiting for test results you're waiting to do this you're waiting to evaluating to feel better. And when you get. My grandson they bring them to your room and it's just this little person happiness inside an envelope so. We want to flood different patients with Polygram's once a month and this month we are. Sending my programs to MacKenzie ran. Us and tell us all about make and how this year she's thirteen years old and she isn't on some sports fanatic okay. She was diagnosed in September 2016 with acute my Lloyd leukemia and she's currently finishing up her fourth and final round of treatment. Add the Eggleston campus of children's healthcare of Atlanta. She's the middle child of an army family currently stationed at Fort Benning Georgia where her dad is the commander at the US army airborne school. We can't get two siblings Samantha who is seventeen and AJ who is twelve so she is right in the middle. Because he loves planes especially soccer and basketball. She also has to craps. Says she's found a different hobby at each one of the hospital admissions one the Lego building. Another painting and she was doing a Christmas crabs while she was there in December. Her mom says that interest is her favorite apps I'm. Okay okay okay I did it ever going to panic yes that pet dog McKenzie is feeling pretty good at this round so far. But her mom Stephanie told us said the straight Germans really even taken a toll on her spirit she says. McKenzie doesn't smile as much as she did at the start so we're really looking forward to the smiles rams to brighten her day so let's encourage this thirteen year old to finish her last round of treatment to push through this. To win just like she does on the soccer field and sent her as mammogram today it's already posted you'll see her adorable pictures. Online it's just intention of FaceBook pages and right to the top there there's a link right there are you have to do is put in. MacKenzie and the adults and campus and they will deliver her smile grams today. I've found out that a there's a school friend of alleys and every time we announced the news my camera Symbian. The teacher has everybody in the classroom rate as my grandkids exert and the computers. So called right Otto Graham to. It's the other person to the recipient so. Why it's it's really really really so easy it irritates me no more than three minutes of time. And I you're gonna change its just I always say it'll put a smile on your face. A smile on her face all the details I'm lying everywhere you can't miss it and thank you in advance. For being a part of ours my programs campaigned for show out here on the jet's engine kits. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.