Big Dave Update 01.27.17 Part 2

Friday, January 27th


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Yeah she's gone and done and Johns creek and all over its yeah. Demonstrate come until early enough. You just enjoy and Shia on stuff you know before Lloyd. What address. Couple questions ago gonna go back and it needs yours yours again. I. So Kelly said that when she was answering phones there's there's a some questions that command that a few times that I've addressed by maybe not everybody. Right and and I heard the whole stories and you wanna hear the whole story from top to bottom we do have on our blog and start money for a one contact Alan and a columnist at and in general but. One of the main questions and we get Jeff is why you aren't going over there wasting big days. Because it's one of the most dangerous countries in the world right right exactly and I and I try to tell people that and also try to tell people. Everything you guys have done all the efforts you've exhausted literally exotic of them I offered to. Use. My sky miles with a delta fly her over year which is being number one question we get why doesn't she come here and the response from there is there's beef she can't get a visa to come here and so that's what I'm on I'd add that it. It out I will put myself out but I can't. I can't control so I can't look into the visa process. Trying to get her of these and all that effort that's what the. I did and I went to their face that pay the US embassy in Manila for the Philippines has a face that page and yet you faced that lives. Of interviewing all the officials and I watched a couple of them yeah and they basically talk about the immigration process and someone coming here. On a non work visa is very typical OK so that's why he says he has that Dave's that if it over there and and. Become her fiance sneaking get a tourist visa to go over he can go as a tourist drag she cannot come here and that's why she doesn't come here but that has been offered. The reason I'm not going is one I have a job that he's gone for like ten days into. It's why why are now. It's mr. now dangerous it's part of the reason why you don't want him out of eight so quickly so it. You know. That then we'll effected your dad. Well I'd both of his sons are there and we know anything about your dad's perspective on that part though so visit the answers to those questions. But I guess that I will keep everybody out today every. Everyday that I update from him. What is. Scaring me it at news. How many days go by without hearing from him and what media. Continued so let's say gets on the plane Saturday applies there. It's Tuesday. In what do you do in that way what can you do. And he's supposed to come back February 10. In the long ten days. Yup. We. Are right. On straw. In it for. I got up at the back. I I am Flag Day and thank you again ready for your prayers. Joking with his son was seriously. Pray for days. Believe in the power of prayer. Your prayers lifted a breeze let's pray for day yet your prayers got Greece's able to hear things again he got hit immediately and I. It's a miracle workers at let's just pray god keeps Dave's face. Where he doesn't feel like work we have hundreds. Your son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind.