Big Dave Update 01.27.17 Part 1

Friday, January 27th


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This was you know and and all over. I'm an overlay not. Jeff finch and Shia and starring Betty Ford Lola and. JP and in fact missy you find out after their attention this morning. That's out on the streets of Atlanta to track down a guy who works out in the middle up our. Well what he brings an exercise bike that we heard from some people it actually seen him like dragging its exercise equipment. Al west paces ferry road and part of bucket wayward it's that great but can't mystery we have yet resolved working on it so we'll have to send. JPM again next next week that they they're accessing next time he'll obviously. Throughout the org or they'll say you know this this would be a great segment to do in May the they beat by an idea that man. I gotta get you updated I met Dave and I and big day of who. If you listen regularly to this year you know it is. My brother my half brother. And he leaves in North Carolina and several months ago. Sometime within the past year he struck a relationship. With a woman he connected with a or face. And eight campaign together for. A year now. Never match she lives in the field. Tomorrow he gets on a plane and he flies. He leaves. On. An old new. And for months and months Jeff and I were talking today about talking to each other about it. And researching. Relationships that people from the Philippines create with American men and there's arms and so now that I I I do it be fair because. Nothing is a 100% of course not but there there is strong evidence. Presented that this could be a ski. And me at it yes and so we for months talked to each other about it Dave about it talked of feeling about it we talked about it your wedding but. It did become real until for us really real real until he booked his point that since the day he booked his ticket. We have been trying to. Share with jet engines of faintly to come up with the resources to come up with ax to come up with ways to convince Dave. Not to then ways for Dave to protect himself going. But he really can't even add them that she's not exactly who she says she. And it's it's not a it's B. This is what's their fresh set such a frustrating part to me. Is what I'm looking agenda right now and she's wearing now wait chart. Eight and so and everybody who looked at Jen would see that he's wearing a white. It would be as though someone decided that her sure was yeah. And refuse. To acknowledge all the evidence waiting in the fact that is why I let. But every a hundred people say it's way. While I would be like if you saw two pictures a big crowd. And you concede. That a picture of a big crowd and one of those Annie smaller crowd and another one that somebody just blatantly says. Know there's a bigger crowd and the one with the smaller pictured exact kind of an example I like alternative but it could impact. Of and I think a democratic candidates if they can adapt and I think it's exactly like ray somebody brainwashed. Who would say there is actually more people in that picture. But yeah. And every and a lot of people raised and ago now of those no no those things don't lineup I am probably more people would say. At the shirt is why that the crowd is larger obviously and one followed right orbit this could be a scam but the thing that Davis not doing. Is he's naive and knowledge. Writes he's not even saying. Well me. So that is is getting on the plane. Yes and he's going to the Philippines and he's not insure itself on wall art. So here's the conversation I had with it and yesterday on my dad and my dad. And and I. You know are we were just catch up right. I computer problem I would help more. A mom had to go to the Dan is so weird about that as usual and and he. This guy he does not get anxious. When he operates. We joke about about Tony lost it. And that's and that he's. He doesn't have time highs and lows aegis operates. Level any one weighted average eighty a deep breath well. Matter is today. And we talked about it in he's legitimately war read off. RC I know I can see it on your face your legitimately worried too you've just. They run into a dead end as I have Emmy we tried to get Dr. Phil and all. We tried Zain. Get him on that show to see if we can't somehow use those resources to prove whether she's Wheeler not real money not into it he can't listen and he thinks you'd be. Analysts and that was made about rights. So any view there's really no that was just a lot of words Asia's thank you offer might need an effort ways that it. Think that's just a lot of words. To say that there isn't really an update tomorrow morning he gets and the plane. The conversation that it conversations that he's I asked my dad some of the questions you ask. Like about the vote. He doesn't know if it's found. Based Conan but what he does now is. How comfortable this season. But he just can't. Prioritize there as information and odd there are a few listeners who reached out to him directly which I. Had no idea heated. But we have one listener in particular and that and it share too much restraint and accurate she was on the air. She wanted to be off the air but she actually traveled to the Philippines. And was abducted while she was there in a US government intervention. Is the only reason that she's I've. She reached out to aid to share her story including. An FBR report including. Photographs of her injuries. Eight he can not rappers and around at that maybe and he just adds her old that was a long time I've gotten. Though as that's the update tomorrow morning it's our planes so. There's remain nothing left. Which is right he's right. That's something that. Participants in happiness MC hammer just happen to make everything look back. Hot in all seriousness I thank you everybody who has reached out. Suggestions and ideas. There's no bad idea I've read every message to him listen every idea. I 1000% appreciate it and it. Can you please share. On the work so we'll see yes I will a U yes as soon as we know he's okay and feet on the ground and we've seen him respect is our free summer anything we will let you know at. The under a 100% on every every semblance I'd thank you for letting it and then yeah and I appreciate him. Everything starts. Nothing you can jump star ready for a one.