JP & Heidi Choose A Wedding Hashtag

Friday, January 27th


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Lloyd Smith nor rocks and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. Congestion and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and won't and they accused. CNN. Jerry Iran India full time is is. That is. Director. Of the U. Of the jet engines show I'm stage. Charlie who have had just finished performing. It was governor meg X ambassadors that are accent masters event on next James he's I believe they are three months the let me hop on up manuals on them. And he proposed. Do his girlfriend at that time Heidi alone and though is you'll make me happy man the entire world. Eva partner across a pro life. Will you marry me. This kid did. Just got so bad I guess. So. However agencies in your crying you cry everytime you hear that how could you not did you how many people were cheering I hope that everybody. That's listening right now it's your new car I hope you have that moment where. So many people are cheering for you because it felt amazing and I I don't even nods at them so they thank you guys. I felt KP is now engaged. And they did something I think you guys give us an idea from Cali and I was it them. Catalina Island we got engaged we went thirty days without wedding planning through and actually enjoyed being in need. There's you getting engaged in I'll bet it was before you guys got even from out from backstage. What's the date when's the date when you guys and I what do you about a immediately peoples are killing you with questions. So what Catalina it is we put a thirty day all that and I think you guys and in some similar AM where we went to the law Haas after critics like we're gonna handle this later. Perfect and win later rolled around the first big decision and and it was a wedding hash that. Even being in a car together for like fifteen hours traveling from city to city to city over Christmas. They were unable to come up with a wedding ash and hinted he says. Can I please ask the very wise listeners of the jet engine out and they delivered a delivered his toasters or more clever than we. 100%. I said let me pull this out let's say how to Heidi Heidi. Hi Heidi. My back right it and they ID bride to be. I'm a Heidi I don't know if you've noticed this and social media but you're engaged. No idea no idea what I've seen a couple posts about that's congratulations. In if you're at that Kimberly hash tag Heidi. Yeah and when I told us that it gave it to me and landed and I can out and people I didn't catch lightning. And how to explain it I old collect area and the and I distributing got to kind of like I think. It's a hash say Heidi with a nickname like that without a hash I mean actually implement that date yeah you gotta get my. About locked and loaded for everything wedding related to this next year you're gonna have all kinds of parties and showers and events and things happening around your wedding day so we gonna start off strong. The very creative I'd Avant and show listeners gave me you guys hundreds. And again narrowed down. View was in the top five top five to vote on the apple yeah my favorite one and I came up with JT and righty didn't go over very well thank you. For our hundreds if I. Thank you brought your hundreds of submissions. Account that it's 8 PM variety as well I've got my iPad and the way. I like trying to hash tag each and I eighty. 500 acres near the top five finalists. Allens of Atlanta. Allen for ever. Happily ever Allen seventeen. You. It's in the Allen's because you guys have a little puppy yet it's right usable value ever that it's the terms that's the Allen. And name as a denied. News Chicago Cubs. Ly W for the it. At a cubs Wii games. Tradition. Of and lie between fly. Until the start. Of the World Series champ B Allen's didn't make it's not I was also one of my favorites to Iran. On the very starting got to adjacent. Listed Jason so it suggests that think you know as I'm AJ RA. I so there's really mirror mutually agreed upon top five have you guys decided. We had decided. And then aren't we have a drum roll and we have to do one this is along with listener votes. I think we have to do it Emeril. Yeah I think it is yeah lizards and Tim if you're from all. Voters. Are final decisions we make two aspects. In the first hash tag is hash tag allens of Atlanta. And the second hash tag is happily ever Allen 941. Yeah. That's not there it's eight yeah. It's nice or an idiot and get something that you. Perfect now. I in how we you are you gonna put both of these in every picture or you can use them for different purposes. We haven't officially excited I'm most likely wouldn't it both I am glad. EE Allen Atlanta will be something that you can valued. At bat and happily ever Alan and I I lie to you like but at 88 app. Perfect utes are some of the red do you feel at all elation I did you feel whole again now the other hash tag. I'm I'm so. Look at all and I. Not that they were they date way. Cash advance. Larry it's not. Not your fiance getting on stage in front of 101000 people in doing this is excused. Yeah him. So. Jerry and and this is. Past and Atlanta and ashtanga. Happily ever Allen ninth floor and congratulations again as. They say they are coming out of the society today at eight let me yeah. But you. Now with the fusion yeah. Yeah. Lifelike and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search sawing people want Atlanta.