All The Feels 1/27/17

Friday, January 27th


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Million. Feels how many million. Did show don't. This is our plan it to put Jew and a great move we. Packets many awesome news stories as we can into one segment we call it all. Fields. It's just make you feel good about human beings in general people are dead and help each other out. We like to highlight those people negative news is easy to find it everywhere at any attorney any TV news or go to any news website. There's negatives that's so open your FaceBook heap for sites. Why I basically reshape shared happy pictures. Of our lives I want more cat means. I think the service and this is like one whole segment cat means he's concerned about. I started out I found this on for you guys. A guy Salt Lake City had lost his job about a year ago and raises races is a smile on your ace pitcher is a smile I. Now how. And that's my island. That's TV ads and buttons. And so this guy was guys whose. Problem of a paycheck agent right on the edge of making it or not make any losses jobs we ended up in homelessness was struggling. And applied for almost 200 jobs after that and he didn't get any of them. On so called clothing store in his town of Salt Lake City it's called Utah Woolen mills. They said you know this that we give him a brand new suit. They gave him a new suit last Saturday so we was more competent job interview is it got hired three days guys so here's Brian I'm talking about struggling with homelessness. These last ten months I've lost faith is staying in hotels. Couches. Cars. Thinking you can find and here is I'm not feeling great I didn't think it would happen to me and it did. And I know them so much I think from from the pulpit for solid takes is initiate and now he's going to be in each. And a guy. Did your attention with this. As I tell you about a Georgia woman who use social media to help. Her sign who has. Autism okay she's in Bethlehem Georgia and she posted on FaceBook. Looking for a very specific. Shirt it's a Star Wars storm trooper Chris commissioner. And her son her artistic and DOS and fell in love we did that shirt and he loved wearing it. But when they won back argued to the target they go to and and and affluent they looked in the book also that he checked the back. All sold out so she posted on FaceBook and that he can somebody help me out with days. Our worst storm trooper Christmas shirt and she posted it and love what matters which is one of those I'd roll. You know re posting things and they are not a story it's that we can help but that's hosted all of their followers and hundreds of shirt. Coming in all around us all he hired every eight. Yep yep yep. So. Love the entire world literally matches the United States the entire world. Coming together to help this mom Oprah it was low Star Wars. Sidebar about Bethlehem Georgia. People drive there to mail their Christmas cards from there I didn't know that we can't KE mail them to the post office again separate box. And then they'll mail about where you those that work. Postmark comes from Bethlehem that's Sony I don't ever heard of that. Really an idea very cool I got to feel good story common prom on Concord, New Hampshire Alomar Austin actually his family. Aybar to his fourth child that was a Ers baby born in New Hampshire that currently in New Year's baby kind of thing. He missed work so he can obviously be there for the birth of their child. And if I hired him for IO. CS what you'd that but his sorry got a lot of attraction and attention on social media. So a bunch of people serie a funny page to help his family but then he also got the read different job offers. After they did that as a resident he will just reach down that we realize how important family time is especially having a baby. So here we will held then he's got all kinds problem members instance of the and that's a great lob pass. Kapler yeah that is called all the feels. Feels Helena Williams. Yeah show bill yeah yeah. If you would like to be a part of all the fields all you gotta do is reach out to as the easiest way to start. It start now star 941 Atlanta dot com you can also find us on social media and send it your all the fields stories. And we can use them in a future. All the field segment here on the Japanese and count. He's running get this done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Strip come and overlook knocks. Justin.