Are You Awesomely Awkward? Part 2

Thursday, January 19th


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Because we know driving sixty miles per hour it's nearly impossible on the perimeter. Yeah. Dollar and sixty with Justin Jan nonstop now on still are not before one. Welcome to our possibly awkward support group if you like to join 404 seasick at. For a while on its iron number seventeen dollars and of these super awkward breakout moment. Reggie had to go back in later for her it's just literally leaving the break up was. And let's just. Say you. She says no I just really need my boots there in in your apartment. I. Lovely pair of boots and great yeah when they sell Macy's this if Simpson. She didn't agree that they're expensive that's why she went back and. Though we are taking your calls to make her feel a whole lot better and you that's awesome it's thank you for sharing it with the rafters the often awkward phone calls the song that our listener Arendt wrote. On that might be a little bit awkward she wrote it for. Out and quarterback Matt Ryan from the perspective of his wife Sarah. My. And even need a good day huh. Continue. Iron Man your way. You don't and show me any news that's. Well that awkward is gonna come after these phone calls to hit the whole thing let's get to modern music news. And say I'd actually in Atlanta. I. That's especially their budget awkward. I'm meeting my dad Earl grant and it opened up her. I'm sure. And other artwork and in that come up and you say they might that little ink. And away but not looking at the High. Court. So she. Handed you the phone. Open to the picture without realizing when she was snowing yet. Yet in my outlook and wait Britney like Hewitt aren't on would be that he was that looking down. I'm out. I hope we don't look any other knee and girlfriend and I bet I bet. And then she like at the how I would like. And getting along and that thirty minute that eating. Actually it could have been much worse if it was a picture that he was intending on sending their car that at least you have back. She's like that doesn't. I McKenzie can log jam it. Saint here and I mean hack out and got and I had a low maintenance Wednesday academically shirt. And you are any. Millionaire and he likes would you expect me alike. I'm actually not bagging it it'll lead in the awkward thing how many are locked in so I had here. Renewed tag in the air for like five minutes. Just didn't like the awkward silent when he was trying to make up for it you like we have been slowly to look so nice my pink and and the inner ear tags who's down. I'm surprised you didn't set then to expire in like two days yeah. And yet I am on big purse and I just think no monster in Nike Kelly about that but I like like you know that every guy here. That guy a 101 and like I mean in less you actually see. The baby crowning of don't ask that question and never did hammer never write an aide to make MacKenzie feel better that happened to me to. But it was two days after there. I had race. Oh so after you have a baby the bump is still there and I was going through liked chick plagiarized. Or something and the lady in the drive is like. You know. Like just two days ago. Oh. And she gave different. Unload my pleasure for making it okay Tiffany in Gainesville got a story for us it's different introduced at. Yeah pain down I'm on the op where it. And it statement count Earl Y all. You don't sound at all line today. Hey on and in jail and being free is it I'll meet my Lai. Your you bail me out well and yet. Yeah married. No I had no clear and I think we've been dating or outlaw all. Yeah. Like nine and we. Are hoping left him in jail. Yes yet again as it did Yeltsin. Eight re telling Collins art legends of engines ago. In morning. Are you. And why not make an awkward if it. I'm hot and their critics by. It more about getting out and break. Back height or years to get up. Into guy that night in the and I don't really long way home I play forty minutes. And it art in that eagle no idea I get back to that. Comforter and laid out on it. Bet that. Granted red kettle at the time had a nice and neat that our. Is it means is this the thirty minutes of silence of the lambs. And they're alienated put lotion on me optima on them. The picnic is set up and a better lose track. Keepers. Me and he had little green at EU to be girlfriend. Julie the eating dinner at aiding. No. I had that feeling back. And Brad back with him or 45 minutes into Lee back and play well and tackle the next day everybody in the match. Well. That had to be the longest drive of your life. Went. Here all that like people who break up went on vacation in India finished in the Asian. He's in the broken out on a cruise ship. And you're living in nine square feet for the rest. Lately yes. I. Hear your. Today. I Deepak and and when I was younger we were doing eight packing it in Arizona. Elliott it was really hot and let a hundred and it outside I was dehydrated. We are leading in the back of the ballroom waiting on aging you know pretty get everything. And I turned around and I grew up all over the ground and it can only everybody. Body of the daring and me and acting in the and the poor girl that I threw up on the line. I'm hopeful of. We might have our winner ladies generally yeah we had definitely wins this patch. Nicely at thank you share in the story and bring you don't. Yeah jazz and it's our result and work they do so yeah. Now back to the 01 starting before wants.