Are You Awesomely Awkward? Part 1

Thursday, January 19th


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The solid sixty Jeff intended sixty minutes nuns it's your day started. So I know each form line. Kelly cheeses often only a half hour here. At that moment. She's gonna bring it inside this moment I'm planning. And a break up. And I think you're in this let. Them. And just. We need your phone calls to view. Consistently. Find yourself and everybody gets in an awkward situation. But there are some people are alive now. It makes you feel better to share and 4042630941. If you would like to lift up. Cali. Any awkward comfort. Because there's company number 404 to six straight on nine for one will hear her story just a second but a quick reminder that. In about at ten minutes maybe fifteen minutes or so you get to hear the rest of this jam. My. And even need a great day huh. Continue. Iron Man your way. You don't and show me any news that's. And that was written by a Japanese and show listener and performed by agent and gentlest man in airline. There's a big fan of the falcons' big fan of bowden's quarterback Matt Bryant. She wrote a love song to match. From the perspective of mass waits there. We very creative and appreciate your sending it to play the entire beautiful thing. Call. Him. Coincidentally. It's a real pop son's death rate at any Kelly story narrate. I did things I cringe worthy of my palms are saying I think affected there's like in the so rock hard hikes no or. Generally speaking are you an awkward person. I don't thanks well. Not to anybody. Yeah I'd say Kelly she's government street right exactly that type of person you can talk to anybody anybody feels like your friend and about the first five minutes of meeting. Yeah I'm not even really I am especially in friendships and even a relationship area up front and how I feel and I think that can make it's patients awkward at times that. Am I definitely main. And break them very awkward here recently and oh man I'm planning now. So I was dating some guy that you guys and now on them out of Mary. And some things happen and and we had a conversation it was a breakout numbers you know that it had happened and it had to this happening in pop record right now isn't ready opener to me about them than them. I just doesn't covers Asian brands iams. I don't you're right planning to be open with me but I gotta go. Yeah so Obama and that was. You know awkward and I thanks for opening the door and expect to see that behind you know like a love child and others say that a day. So compact and. It. I get on the couch I'm like now in Ireland again I think and and again though I gotta be line now on he doesn't awkwardly. In on him break up with him about learning like walking out your car. Why didn't anyone in the lock me out and I kind of an out of there are some rationale and I'm like well you art house my car anyway. Any as a hunter Meehan on my. Dodge in the kind of like an all night alarming and we heard the fact. I just let me get to and comment as fast as possible I just wanna get in my car I own a blast Adele on the way home and I did away from you perfect. My car. And I dodged the warm hug whatever and and car closed door and I remember. And miss her cute and I spent way too much money on him. In his apartment. I'd love. Being here youth day is they sound like you leave seven plays you know in. You know that this evening now. And you you need to get it aberrant I was in a rash and lean. As you like your car doors and let my car doors are shut your turnaround arms yeah I'm an obsolete and he's turnaround he's walking back towards the gates walked back into the apartment complex. And Adele is already playing well so you got light probably like some tears. Emotional is he crap like that rash on the chest because it's so up okay now. I couldn't see because he would turn away he was tearing up on the walk out of the car asking me to leave like. In ages of an up to me that something and it was hired like. Anthony on hamburgers and I'm brand and its and one on the work. Though that it's an award here everybody loves it was a those are so expensive. For the car back in part open the door and I go. Magazines but I saudis came out and he turns around he's calling gene tests as. He's got rolling down his eighth on an illicit means he's like. I really thought you were never in some again. And he's breathing on having animals like you've come back. You got your back like that in the homeward bound and shadows are making them act out the bad guy yeah free agent and I. Looking out and I. Actually I love my bits in your part in our run and got the eight. Iron right in there about and I grabbed the B Aaron baton I am. Does not dodged a number to get my card and and and it's. I have had many. Breakout night. None quite like yeah this guy you your common. Iron. And get I mean I. I didn't have a hard time they've used that I didn't want to the united. Where's his response he says he be remembered that he wait outside while you ran an and then you came out he's like a few millions in August. I'm related on the red rash on the chance invite. Almost about drugs and here's my cell Sonic Youth take here and is now packing your. And our brand marketing plan. 404. That. You sixth grade I owned 941 that's. It's. Not I think. Oral boards and. All kind of borderline. How will answer your phone calls you're going to countenance. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Exert starring 941 Atlanta.