Update on Jeff's Brother Big Dave 01/18/17

Wednesday, January 18th


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It is dawn in done. All over ATM. Thanks for coming over enough. To just enjoy and Shia on snowy night before line. This might be the last time. On the radio after the Philippines they don't know that there's any more updates to be had so explained. In just a couple minutes there and I talked to Gerri and Monroe Georgia through. I can go onto the same exact thing and you know it really for him. Oh well okay well this that quick chance reminds you of another thousand dollars up for grabs when you get to work today with Heather Branson you're giving it fewer text in at eleven so materialism while you're working today. It's part of our four Qaeda classic pop here concern and for what. Hey Gerri welcome to the club. No old Hoosier family member that's going to the Philippines I'm. My old so yeah at me when TV event. What are you scared. Are you some very scared because on the news actually going to be in one night and partly the airport and I. Fed policy and dozens of art and you on the wall and now. He's got to go Brooklyn not so and I never met each other in this proclaimed as she loves him and you know Obama's own. You might I ask her you know the answered how the two of them initially enacted. But I mean FaceBook liked it she just. Send him a FaceBook requests that I know where's. I don't think so and I both talk a general lack. Are a lot of work yeah. I thought I was serious baseball history and set goals and I'd get her name is les. Well yes yeah. Okay does it ultimately. Well there's a lot of media Leah Leah. Leah yeah there's a lot of this that it can I ask 11 more question just inside out on lotteries are tennis Jerry are outweighs your son ever on I'd dating sites being website. The attack because that pattern that that happens is. That. What I've discovered. Is that to the women. Who want to do this. Buying profiles of certain man and dating web sites. In vain they did. Use that information contact the man through FaceBook because then they. There's no Trace could yet that credit cards and engage in there's nothing connecting back then so they. Eight buying information on the dating website in and they use that you contact meandering. And FaceBook and if you just if you'd if you're if you're looking for love and here lonely. Easy. Thanks so I'm sorry go through that Jerry and I will tell you. What I am about to share or about to read. Might be difficult for for you to hear if he's meeting in the next you've been awesome might be good for you said. We get them anymore because this is no doubt that the sun and a man. I did Jerry I mean this am is while I open my. District one. Well I don't know about doesn't own them because then she knows that you have money yet. You know it's it's a script not teleprompters or not I teleprompters. I am so scared it's 8701. Or moral importance now gas and I don't know what oceans exist but not until I until much. Unharmed while album and I ordered used a lot of what is this moment. Are you know what city he's going to manage and since we were all a little longer. I am and for general event. And. I was noose is that you hunt telemarketers have a script out that well again. If they say this and that it is it is the same thing well here's where I am with it. I tick. There's no talking and now. The big Davis going to the Phil he's going he's chasing. Chasing loud he will not admit it beat but he is a 100% brainwashed. I'm knees in games that Alley and I you'd and the only people who think he has. Everybody else works betrayed by. In talking to other people. But he. Say what they have said it is. We don't support the track it's a bad and it's a bad idea for an ego oh we're a 100% sure that he's going so we going to proceed. Which I tried it and he followed that up with. I'm so glad that you've come around we've been praying for you haven't I'm on the its. Eric it's the worst decision I really one of the worst decisions anybody knows. So often but I did try to read some staff. And I think this is right in the last summit next. Here he need to the city that he is going to. Is called. While the eighty AO that your I'm pronouncing that right I'm and it's located in south eastern and southeastern. Mean. Donna. And that's important. Yzerman down. Where where he's got. This is from the US State Department. The Department of State warns US citizens to avoid all non essential travel to the Sulu archipelago of the Philippines. Through in the southern Sioux City. And to exercise extreme caution when traveling to mean down. Due to continued terrorist threats insurgent activities. And kidnappings. Terrorist and insurgent groups. Continue to kidnap foreigners in the eastern province of globalized Malaysia and southern sincere. This area stretches and that explains where. Separatist and terrorist groups continue to carry out attacks in kidnappings against civilians. Foreigners political leaders and the Philippine security forces in Maine down. Where he's got. Since January of last year thirteen separate kidnappings. Of foreigners have been reported across main. In western men down a terrorist insurgent and criminal gangs regularly conduct kidnappings. For ransom. In central Maine down now the Islamic freedom fighters remain active in the potato city area. And then that was about others. In this was dated women from the US State Department December 20 2016. Less than a month. In September 2016 a terrorist group conducted bombing in Davos city. Where he's now that city. Killing fifteen and wounding 69. Following the attack the Philippine government declared a national state of emergency. On account of lawless violence in Maine down now where he's going. There have been no reports of US citizens amend down targeted specifically for the nationality. However general threats US citizens and other foreigners throughout Maine down oh remain a concern. You've obviously sent this report today he's traveling internationally he should have Redick is. He's experienced traveler right. Sharif and the US State Department. Sorry reached the so late so Phil I read that whole thing the reason I read the last line there have been no reports of US citizens amend our targets specifically for the nationally. That's all you'll see. In this and tired out and fifth. At the US. This is what that this is a text message it from I'm watching and listening to the news and out in the Philippines. Liz will not let me comment I will be in danger. He's letting you come. I'm not saying there isn't a risk. But if the risk is significant I wouldn't go okay well I'm gonna beat you. Sandra and it. Well your anger because nothing is getting through to now no matter what you say no matter how much logic or fact is behind it he's not listening. We received a phone call who wanted their collar did not want to go on the and I'm not unidentified male female him anything about this caller. Sunny an intern thank you transcribed the call. I think this audience today. His response to this was a wonder what part of the country. That this is what the caller said okay. The family that I married into all of my in laws. They are from the Philippines there and we still lives in the Philippines. We were getting ready to bring everyone over to the Philippines to spend time with our extended family. And the and we told us do not come right now. We canceled our trips. And got our money back because it so bad right now in the Philippines. The president has said that if you are suspected of doing drugs police are allowed to kill you. The police will do nothing about it. And I asked. So your Philippine family told her American cameras span of the country is dangerous right now in the collar said yes. There are some people in the United States who were actually planning on going back to live in the Philippines for the rest of their lives. Even though they have American citizenship and now they're like you know why it's not a good time were staying. There's still think am I play that today he responds with well depends on what part of the country. You've likely already covered that with the US State Department. Thank and then this is the last thing a gunnery. Kelly sent this to me this morning. Filipino police officers kidnapped and killed a businessman who went missing last year and into the city Philippines. Three Filipino police officers and a four policemen were involved in the kidnapping of South Korean. I. The victims' remains were cremated in a crematorium operated by a former police officer. What are the police officers accused of kidnapping he has surrendered. After he was linked to the crime. 08 arrest warrant was allegedly used by the kidnappers. We've done to force G to come with them under the pretext of a drug related investigation. The kidnappers. Tried to extort a ransom. From the victim's wife she paid five million pesos at the kidnappers want another four and a half million which he didn't have. Strangle him that day after he was kidnapped restated his team. Us. The reason I'm mad is because he's impenetrable. That he doesn't getting knowledge. He doesn't hitting knowledge. Yeah I'm saying he doesn't even it does near register that it's dangerous and awesome man because he's doing this torrid. For what for what people for what he thinks his life of but he doesn't even entertain the reds. So. And more. There's nothing else we can do you know because I still want to stop them from now he's there's no stopping him you think that we're all want to get him. We lot of days we only want to yesterday we once we don't understand she's different even though she's exactly like. On the other via online yeah let's have with it and they Jerry. The Gerri yes yes I can center. Yeah. And hopefully it will and I'm like yeah. Whether or. On the American too weird you senate religious man who. So I'm a morning oh what our core. Percent hold on totality of it that it. We'll tell you get your formation JP can email to get tell your address subject. As of Jerry's funding it he can at least pull away the money Davis funding his trip he's asked you and your dad or some help with that he couldn't refuse rats I have refused my main Baghdad said. My dad was contemplating and that makes into on this Canadiens. You know and. I wish Dave could understand that if he found love anywhere else we would be a 1000% supportive and it's just the risk for. This this woman who could be steaming him a week feel like is not who she says she hits and you welcome to Asia. Why are you don't. Look. I'm a little bit of that are next on of one to ten and it looked at 115. Wrong again basically all red in the face or him. I can I can imagine. I was at an agent. You know chill out a little bit though 'cause. I think Jerry you're looking into the situation. Or early. On the negative bully like I. I looked up. I had. I was just SA find a positive. I'm not now I now I'm by. I travel a lot country and the world and you look up. And any country in the world and I don't or sorry Europe. I mean Mexico anywhere you go and back out and these. So I mean you can look at it like that. Play. He gonna do what he wants to do eat it on Mac. And have you ever traveled to meet a stranger totally alone in a dangerous country. Now OK now well and yeah. But here's the I think in a dangerous country shouldn't travel alone I'm adding traveling the world is and the whole world is like the US getting outside of the countries is a great thing you do. Spans you're minding your horizons your acceptance of other cultures all of that is intact what you've done. Is do that and do it safely and you realize the rest of the world does operate like we do which is great fine in all that is great. But it's not at putting yourself at risk for your life or death situation. And it's also it it's not putting your family at risk for getting. Black males for your own well being. And I'm a hundred I I know you're saying about that she allowed everything and you know I'm fine with a is that you know he like he thinks he's got this all buttoned up he's at once and a while after dark at what he did I understand. Is rate first of all that country right now has a shoot to kill if you think a person's criminal you can kill them without argent if you ain't. A person as well not if they're criminal if you'd think a person has criminal you can shoot to kill them without week after. And that's number one number two I keep going back to things like you know what that's what this is what. They've. He's he was he served in the US navy he served our government he has a god fearing man he is nice everybody octaves and ice and the planet when he's not inexperienced world. And I go back in line up to Syracuse not too long ago with Italian guy at the airport for ethnic pocket knife. I mean you went through the X rays lost the pocket is that when he bought. In a country like the Philippines. An American with a pocket and we might never see him again. And I'm not even get into the financial. Activities leveraging. All that he. Not ever seeing it again I. But definitely do he's going I'm giving. Nothing. No reason why an area and days. If people. You can try out. We in the tanning machines. And Ferran it is a sign that Fowler and general manager is a bottle of whiskey on his. Inspire works with him. And I have full bottle moment. To go that fit their stuff for most of them are right you get the bottle and you get a straw. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed that colonies on enhancing the recovery of the jumping ship show and star Nady for a one.