Ghost Hunting Part 1: Chris & Tammy

Tuesday, January 17th


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Tracking Della people who have Goss did you want. We don't so. Ghost riding on the Japanese and shouted you don't know outwards. Well tell us who's disappeared out of your life. We track them down and get Newsweek out with this campaign we talked to them while you listening to find out exactly why. You know the answer that note I mean that's forever young right today weirdos running progress. Chris welcome to the jet engines show. Don't you tell us about the person that you invite us to find in your behalf. Well it kind of unique situation. The reports are looking for is this. Wonderful girl named him. Got a unique situation that touched she's. Looks at this restaurant. At a restaurant had been going to four. Don't like a year and a half. You look at for about a year and the news is I've gone into this particular restaurant. Or are. And now this time my. Ever need. The blood wants or quite a week about on average. And every title and there's this. You know I always get to deal with her nose wouldn't talk to her and we can develop its. This record together and and that's been together. Like there are regulars. Yeah yeah a little bit more than that. Like for a lot of Earth Day in November and it was calm. It on a Monday that I women now on the weekend anyways. And she. You like to hear my own thing. And she made sure it you know but I got a I got street dinner and then she'd bought mean right. You know Q free drinks. Your man and she's so damn let me guess that a few slow not just I don't talk like ever so. I mean we just had like. I Zach and Lucas was just really. Connected if you time to market some really awesome I'm a bit at the bottom line I am. Worn out. A vacation. For a couple of weeks. And and the and I came back here all of and restaurant weeks in a row now and she's she's not there. And there. And I asked around a little bit I talked to manage and everything and now. And not being in the ideal all worship act. Members like wandering and that brings you the kid. Is a manager like. Allowing you offered as she have a new job version application. Yeah it was kind of an awkward thing could deteriorate pretty well there are actually about her name and they were like. Iraq election was still working there. But. But for the mile and information online why she wasn't much question that America has its eastern tang. Is it possible they you're Gerris. A great customer of that restaurant in May know. If she wasn't working there you wouldn't commit anymore so they're not. In a mile dash a quiet. Because then you're out of it and so when I get a few years. You know it's very possible for a lot I have been. And very dedicated agent but you know. And two white. I got an anti guy down and. Another thing to be perfectly honest and she she's a huge part of why had. He not come back I know that she's. Seen work weekends. Whatsoever so on in Baghdad is. Mainly but I go in there because. He's almost certainly heard that conversation we hadn't. At a garden going back then to Jane's question. From a couple minutes ago. Are you just one of her regulars. And she takes care if you like that's what it sounds like if you're you're there every weekend that she's there are bigots and you probably took her every. Time and then it floor at all reinvesting that tip into buying you dinner she probably it's free meals that you in dole out for. It's. A little bit more and that I think it's. Yeah yeah it's definitely been it's been more that I. They did you ever see anywhere outside of the restaurant Levy ever. And lunch were there any difference for anything on. No no not not necessarily but. Our problem. It's hard to explain that. I mean actually sat here downton portion you can't look at it that great before. Worksheet actually likes I am mean she'd like. She's like a bomb goes beyond the great that you know. I wanna see your door term or whatever so she's. Yeah we definitely had something beyond. Customer. You know what server relationships that. I so question that I mean. Concerns about a war. You know a lot about her life that you know just in we have kids is seat. Single married it sounds like you have a great ship. And maybe. Well yeah why I know I've known quite a bit about she she actually orchard. A loud and she worked in the relationship. Problem. Look. A few months. And that and now I know this yet the trouble is that how that relationship so. You can pipe in the little like a lawful. Thing that happened in their lives and and now and saying that he would hurt so I mean it's. A can't that I you know sharing dated her. We just had this thing you know I it's hard to explain it like this you know work. There's definite connection and I just felt very respectful about. You know not trying to push that particular relationship. Yeah this it. Asked her phone number. Not to not let it get it didn't let you know. The way that my job is they were so many hours it's just been kind of a reliable and that I Herman. Saturday Sunday she's there and it's just been part of my life and a reporter heard. And fight every time I come in there and you see I mean you know she's like. It at oak. I don't know. Cool so on. An iPad that she's she's Barton. You know numerous drinks. And Cheney's. London dinner on my birthday having just announced. Well they're backed out something there and then all of a sudden I don't know where she had emerged. So that she's okay and it shutter. So when we tracked her down if we're able it get a hold of her what exactly do you want us ask her late is she coming back. The largest and miss you like what do you what do you want to. While Chris Kremer told you about. That killed. I don't know what you got little contact the bank and noticed it was always just so reliable. And all the sudden it's not there and I don't have that on the road and I don't have enough information. And so online. I don't know why can't. Let any bad effect that these are my it was part of my life so long and I. Did you hear you even know her last name. And it's been removed in Britain. Com. And possible. Okay well at 7:30 this morning we will make the call to Tammy and Chris you'll get to listen and as a father. And find out what she has disabled at 7:30 this morning on the Jeff contentious start in 41. I am happy for law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen.