Where Is This Relationship Going: Kurt & Rachel 3

Thursday, January 12th


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Open championship the Arizona where did you go home and keeping them. Now back to. On starting or wants well here I was where it as real Houston ship going we just sucks it racial and got some answers are Kurt. I don't don't say are the answers he was quite looking for it seemed that they have different perspective on what the relationship was in the first place. They Carrick. We don't. That's a question for you as a government. I'm doing you have to do it. Why exactly it's I guess it may have made it I mean. The only way it greeted ended but it again at. The commandos now. I mean yeah we just fine to see how you felt about it you know really what our about it. It was this even on your radar. I got a break on your local credit. Rome. Or Betty. The jet. There may be mad at them yeah about this quiet let down. Okay and his me when I first. Few does he says girlfriend yet. He did acknowledge that it's taken a break but it sounded like in his mind they were back on ball lawn and write her mind and just fizzled and it was his fault right. Men and women just can communicate you know some really hard for houses and sometimes the same man are from Mars. Why would you pick my rank and and women. Our. From. You rain. And being and you hear from planets it's hard. For them to communicate zeppelin it's still planet. Is Pluto the one that was now on our planet Pluto is it on again we have an on again off again plan and they if we go much light rain is definitely still plan during this is the plan. Okay yeah but Lugo. Is on again off again just like Kurt and when you open it. Time now that's our that's our attempted saving this it's a things get hurt and thanks Kirk I'm moving right along where's this relationship going if you wanna be apart of it go ahead issues and he now. You'd like us to shoot holes in your relationship and shoot down in. Unit away right now grammar if you feel like your relationship is on Mars or hearing it. That is gonna hit the button starter ready for a while and I've. I'm. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.