Update on Jeff's Brother Big Dave

Tuesday, January 10th


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It. All over T. Adjustments and you know it's an equal well and it got an update on all the big gave excitement. That's going on this is the month. I believe it is three weeks from Saturday. That he is go and she's leaving for the Philippines. I remember right it correctly. And and and he is walking into what I think it is. At bats. A relationship that exists in its entirety for the wrong reasons. At worst a scam that could go as far as what his life and. I'm choosing to hear why you've changed your tune Olympic is you've got a question. Where the jet engines have family that surprises mile. I just wanna put this out there in it that it it I bet I haven't changed my tune. I'm just trying to be there I gotta be edited it they've got it our annual and we get to question him even out. Make it fair. Okay animosity and explains and stuff so I don't want people to think this is coming out of nowhere nominee so I've I've got some notes and just explained. Okay sounds get personal and it reminds really quick you can score another thousand bucks in the fort payday plastic payout on Sunday for a one. At a branch has your next chance to win coming up at 11 o'clock so make sure you've got a son when he worked today. So to get everybody up to speed who is. I just coming to be part of this story. My A I have I have an older half brother named Dave he lives in North Carolina and he surprised me and my dad. Earlier this year with the news that he has a serious girl and you can David become close. Later and if you didn't grow up in the same house out there grew out he lived in North Carolina so same dad sent every a couple of years during a visit. Did not really know him well over the past half dozen years or so you guys become close really close and it's cool at school they have somebody that you can say you know my brother never really be of rather connections through my dad's oh. It's it's that's really cool. Eons. He surprised us all in in said he he's got a girlfriend in this is a woman that he match. On the Internet who actually lives in the Philippines. In that didn't really. There's a lot going on when I found out about that it was right around the time that shows started in the first couple months of the show. So my initial reaction was that was before. You know. That's that's cool. Like. I think it was odd that he was in somebody on the other side of the globe. It seemed like an inconvenient. Are you really English version coffee yet so yeah and that's seemed strained right that seemed odd but other than that I was like you know whatever. And as the relationship progressed there're couple things that just made me. Though neither man. And don't Google thing. Philippine women. American men in specifically things related to marry because he was now talking very quickly. About I think this is the night and god brought us together and I I think. This is this one so there aren't a whole bunch of red flags went up. And it's IE with every ounce of my being believe that you've taken advantage and with. In yeah and dot. Wrapped his head around what's frustrating to me is when I point out some of the things. He doesn't even acknowledge. That strange when he doesn't even say. You make a really good point again that was in Athens that it's not. Absolutely 100% true right it doesn't even it's not even on the news. Radar and Andy and in so so. And I'll bring I bring things out and point things out to him and it's frustrating for me to the point where I'm just not gonna have I'm not gonna have any conversation with them anymore. About it look easy always and that at an impasse. You'd get frustrated there he gets upset award here hurting his feelings and don't mean to be an. I'm gonna share. Some of the comic. Gives some of the details going backwards of what he's raised a lot of red. Or four I'm. Number one and the first thing was he jest. He met her. Because she thanked him a friend requests and and they had one mutual he said we have one mutual friend in town but it was a real friend. You know mega church pastor floor something we've got a lot of France is not a real friend of hers. So she sent him a friend requests on FaceBook which he accepted and they started off. Well Talley who is quite the Internet detective. Went on this woman's age and did some research and found out that she hits and a friend request several. And Kelly reached out to all of those man to ask what they're connect with this woman and and bail so we don't know she just tennis ran an. So red flag number one and the way. Many of these relationships scams work is. The Philippine women who participate in these scams mind Maine who have set up profiles and beating. And then contact them in other ways. To avoid. Having to have an account which dating website boredom Boyd had a trial go through FaceBook and mother so. In my mind this story and I'm putting together that this woman is now saint. Friend requests all of these men to see which she front by two lines in the water to which it. Who bites passes wide right so it gave maintains it will not acknowledge it that is strange and will not acknowledge any. Because is he. Is can. He says that she was just scrolling through FaceBook and her phone disconnected and when it's connected act request. And his mind it's an active. I did that brought and okay. That's that's red flag number one so red flag number two happened early on in the relief when I said hey you're not sending her any money right. Now that it's not like. OK if I mean I pay for her inner. Now in my re search. I found out to stay with the fishing analogy. The way that a lot of these Amber's set the hook right and I get issue on the line but I gotta sit at home so it doesn't get away. What they do is they talking talking talking talking talking talk. The guy. Using messenger and tight and and based on whatever talk to top out. And they get the guy used it like hours and hours and hours I'm yet there. In vain. They say. I'm only going to be able to talk to you for the limited window of time and Internet. And they say how much is that and then all I don't want you pay for. And I'll pay for makes it was thirty dollars a month and Aso apparently and they pay in the IA's four. But he she's never so his defense of that when I bring their anthems that she's never asked me for money I did that because I want it. And and it is script that is all I guess there's other things that happened there are major appliances that at all. So suddenly you are oaks chatting with them is it's all video and suddenly you see them with an eye on them in the windows. Open and and and their sweating and you say why you know what's on the air conditioner went out afterward. Name the ice homage is the fix it and if I don't wanna see you like even in the Philippines gazillion degrees and no I don't know your name. I only save money to come visit them. I've known and I'll send you money and then so it's like it's it's. Hate to use the word because I don't have a bit of rain washing. But it all of these setting up all of these story lines so that we ever comes out he says things like. She never asked for money. She has and there's an injury. There's an injury that happened that happened right and then they show pictures of an injury and then it's like they you know to get the proper medical care and then there's a so there's a whole list of things in in of the of the twelve things that I put on my list. For Dave late. There was a close enough hit on nine of them that I was like this is an Winston. You know I mean inadequate. That was part one and part two is he tells staff and to me in my dad he says stuff like. You'd understand that culture the Philippine culture that's what Al and he never talked about. Her he'll face her as an individual as a good person with the culture. That type of culture there's so rooted in spam. There's so rooted in and and we that they wouldn't. Hurt another family because Stanley is that what grounds that. And then we both asked him. Well they've she's leaving. Her sister her wreak aides and her mom all back in her hometown on live with you that doesn't sound like an rooted in and is that while. If there is it's it's if he admitted that he changed but you can't really. And the other thing is they're still pride the reason you haven't been able. They see a lot about her and the reason that her FaceBook page is pretty locked out or so pride and like. She's so private that she requested twelve random guys and yeah. That doesn't make sense he dismisses let's and in. So between us. I have reached a point where I can't talk anymore. Because he has an answer for everything in basic logic is left. He sent an email both of us and he said he now before the holidays where he wrote in the email. UN Jann are the only people on the Latin dumping. What. And doesn't. It like nobody and denied. Well and I think you have just talk about your fears the fear is that if he goes there or not only it could it put him and physical harm right. And also. Major financial distress. Yeah yeah well it is it is he's adding we talked about the fact that how much money he's putting out ago you'd use. Financings she's literally spending. Every time that he has in more dines and ego which rakes. Because. When I say to him. Well I'd I don't think I'd make it that difficult he's much more religious. The work of god. And maybe Saturday. On him. And then his response that news title. I have completely decided to I can't talk them anymore about it and humans now ago. He's gonna go and we hope he makes life is disease if he's hoping. Oval. You wanna ask a question. You wanna throw something out there. And say. I told Dave that I would do it. Because they say from the start from moment one. I think there's something we have going back to that moment. Is there anyone listening. Who he has gotten a message. On line at a actively what she's saying is wrong number. And I'd who has gotten a friend request. Turned into a really great relationship. And wait is that because I don't believe. It's. I'm saying that I don't believe. It. You heard other stories of where it is possible maybe you'd give it. But I mean I wanted to be pretty similar parallel story you know and I mean that I wanted to be like. Now you've human Tacoma sister but he called me and our married you know. But one other thing that really is really frustrating he doesn't want to go watch these videos about this guy who has a relationship with a woman in the Philippines. I go watch the video trying to give him the benefit that the guy believed in the Philippines for eleven years and five years into a mad woman. They got married over there and now they live in the states he went oh he would leave there a different story when you meet someone face to every story. Anyways 4042630941. Basically am asking for someone to talk me Suzy welcome and did you. Harry how are out today did. We have a similar situation happened in my heart and back. In there. And I Dutch island and in at a local younger it was beautiful name was sure Laney. And a beautiful breed at together and we came back and I am out of money or about four year. We were finally land her out there. You know Lehigh Valley that we weren't warning and you know did. And thank every problem in the world couldn't make Iran. Luck kept live energy and he just kept sending money sending Lanny but I'm talking. 815100. Mark. She. And then after hearing it like I'm gonna marry or lack helped me out I'm reading and I let alone now. Sharon actually climbed back out barely carrying and she lit hacking her email she wore her out. And well we went through it Italy found about twelve guys the united a and we contacted them and am having guys we're up act in this straw I mean. Heart ripped out of their check this girl was. Yeah beautiful. That's what. That's the thing that it's not so much about me is that when we send a pay. Dave. That that there's this. My guess in his admin and another no way there's no way that she's too good might but it featured job to be a scam artists. You know I mean they knew that Anderson then you're supposed to be. Nora welcome to the show. Name I have area and and just listening to you and anyway I now then I have and Matt and I and I think they. We are and and in our ballot and Annie you know the Internet and it. Anyway. When he looked like Japan Japan took it to me and married man and I smile more. Now you can make mine is no big deal. Saying you know. All of the things like that to me. Actually you would like you know he told him now in she's like really. And I think you know you should at least give it and energy bureaucratic and maybe eight. Written a good person. I did shoot this week you make your husband you said you start that is and how how did you guys original. How did you originally meet. You know likes it that I knew I need your scene who was ultimate and all and sorry economically this guy you know and I did not mean I'm you know. I did you originally meet the other friend in New Jersey. You. In a bag and I had hair would say like about and on you know between Helen and I didn't high school has like. And it was a ten nothing really like you know like get married at the. What I don't understand other penthouse to start independent unit 101000 nice well. Everybody knew how do you find. Cool things now in unions law. Cool and yeah yeah so they do so. So was the guy that you that ended up being your husband since he started reaching out TU. And obviously he was in arrested and a romantic relationship with a woman who. And he actually you know Albany Georgia and you never rival all received there and aim. And it's I'm really like why he LaMont all everything that. Like you say you're black and you know and that he was like would not now I don't think they could and and in my EU. At times Iditarod Norman this is that the question that when asking your great person asked if your from the Philippines do you think it's died. That this woman. At my brother Dave is involved in. His sent several messages to several man. Friend requests. For no apparent reason. And but you know detaining and he hit all you mention him by saying in my knees you know I mean beyond that not. When me and my husband and even I only got married I would they're an end and that. Money yeah you know only thing that you and remind you at my wedding I mean personally. And he mom sent me a great and mighty ones I Allen in that they. And he knew even in Enid and then you got to have he would you know how he Jack I never act and it. Sorry you know an island in the Philippines and I couldn't grab from me. Okay thank you. Thank you sends money that we. And recently. Hey Rebecca welcomed the champ. Dario. I stressed the good. I and I had like a guy like situation and it. Yeah actually. Yeah a lot of people C Uday I. I ain't big pot 888 that that could be great day at a reality it all over again here. Aren't. Eight completely and I did it add. That I. They are I would actually got to keep it that I eat. Well. I'll hurt eat at port out I'll let it eat healthy I grabbed her back here. And yet I bet I did a scary world wide gate that I had. Girl that actually girl and say I can match. It beyond that he everyday eighteen year can't my belly up or eat. I heard about it yet RBI. And car. They a lot of girls that are out there and street if they hear. A lot. Eric and getting back into deep yeah. I. Didn't hear the satellite right. Dead in ear I would got a great. Air is great man but I thought that it did I. Completely get bed eat I am eager are they any yell at. I got there are gonna get car in the big I've had every day. It today I sat and act ER bear hat they can't eat it if they eat you get back. Dairy dairy here all week. That guy without eager Eric I like that you call. Eight I I didn't get cat. There are hot in their country because batted Ricky I entered the light that got in. At. The frustrating part about that that that Google thing of it is I I asked him to Google that and what he says he Google's and he finds successful relationship. But those are all relationships that start if artist and person. I. Anyways is so scary when she went and there's your big gave up. A keep you posted in the morning. Lugging my and and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Surge saw in 941 Atlanta.