Haters On Helium

Tuesday, January 10th


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Where he doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Turn his son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind. First we gotta tackle some of our emails that we've gotten is our. Are our segment called. Heaters on acutely. We do invite feedback on the show all the time and so we've set ourselves I hate yeah we if and we we definitely want importantly. We want you're. Odd thing and you're. Ideas by. Sometimes people ours shorts and to the point. And mean so what if that what we've decided to do is take those comments. And read them out loud but after sacking and view him. As it makes it seem a little more the last. We must fight. It's halfway and if you want to join us on FaceBook we are on face the lives and you know I think the happy little colors of balloons make anything even if it is mean commentary we've got. Purple and blue and yellow and green balloons and here I HM let's let's feels like a birthday party. We have scissors. And intuitive hand. We get there in terms are prepared a very hack. So Jen when you go first because you're so as I. Might hasn't changed enough I don't think it's. It. I. And let's see to an icon and I. Inhaled. Editing more heat on and on yeah big big debate in Atlanta's look at it. Okay that different yeah. Are you getting paid by public talked about in sick and Nan as if you're trying to hook up because I'm sick of hearing about it. That publics and zero people spot to me and well maybe it's because of your ads. And to. Attend or the beginning that just opponents in the town. I just yeah your I. Is Geneen. He's tipping team with treat the only thing they. Now I'm really cubic feet below only eighty. CLs had the hot hand and team. Let me tired. Yeah. Yeah yeah I think you. Take another hit a healing images we re the last line of that lately. Many will he pay down. It's a compliment. This is not on your bank. Unger again. You write it well. I am an idled minus nine and a and it. Madeleine by lightening with. If anybody knows how to inhale it I would see her. That's me when I'm wrong please help nineteenth had a martini that often need anti terror real mean. Steven Iranian aim at the nineteen of the pack of yahweh is my real last. Everybody and clean break yet in the eight know what's your real last name it's it's cheese it accidentally. It in music. And my. Foot. Can't read that email pat Mac my lord I have to take it or not Americans see yes. That can and can't. That's definitely me I don't cigarettes I do that other boy this is just low. It always ends and if you until the nephew he's conscious. I. You know part of the stadium and I hate so I'm being referred to in this one and that guy and he AG and back again. I established angling knew I had that I supporting the cubs had to suck. It up a fluke a and. Oh my god I love the semis I and there are reads to imaginable and and edit their hair you can address. And yet just voices I think though this on you. Stop pushing your balloons out meet people have that thing. This is did this is just the most biting winded than anything and then they went on and we've we have to have a discussion group. Let shackle me is that you think people actually believe he cracked radiant sham. Add listening nobody listening yeah no that's. And yeah. Does it. This in this game required. And governor re amateur read it. We will discuss it if anybody concurs with this state you need to call. Yeah on that he him while he discussed I thought. It's that it's just not as if you agree with what this person says that makes sense to you. For a 146394. This is command every single time we have asked for comment. Hey he's right. And. I've college everyday and I left I was naive at 740 tear each line. Nobody takes my complaint seriously and it is trying I just trying to snap a listen. If this guy does not on helium now. And I don't know. Not. What strangely this person is seriously unanimous every single day either calling us as well. And I've steroids when it isn't just their email. They didn't shoot out everyday if that Hillary. I. I called him every day about the strange of these 7:42 each morning nobody's taking my complaints seriously. Late now with. Are they calling it right yes and they call me. That I am I really had no idea how I might are you listen just aren't any borderline and the like yeah talked about this business. Now they hear a strange noise every day it's every Saturday. Every time and what they don't call me everyday though but it's a weekly thing. Yet they've every single time we've done the past. Month. They've. Two months if I'm. In some of these. Anybody cares that they're talking about or will take or call rate out for a four. Q 630941. Today yeah that routine. And drive over a pompous and evolve. I think and I can't. I. And jumpstart. It before one.