Jenns Holiday Newsletter

Tuesday, December 20th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to. On starting formalized revolve for the past week been checking our mailboxes beacon is the big gap with light. Christmas card listing got a holiday newsletter from McDowell and she read a little of written Doug tells act now that's and again I crashed it. Had its on again and a lot is not. AJP's that college buddy Ryan Block he sent him a note icon and camp sent one enemy machine yet. Swift's comic Canon that love cat. Both the feline feline Monday. But this showed up and our mailboxes weird. Because I didn't know it. The people who sent a letter of rights. And you do get who educated about things that are from. A really long holiday newsletter. From mannequins. From flu medications. Manic and challenge him they have an eight year meaning pots and. They may have had the biggest U they've ever had set off holidays and yes there's been editing gear into anything seen any. Well they didn't have to remember a few years ago they were very angry at all those people who urges threes. I in Las Vegas you know and street corners and missiles and people would get them. Yeah Atkins where they were ripping off their we've been doing this for years and where it ain't yes. That you AdSense and they've been pretty silent. And stale. And here's their holiday newsletter. And that's in my mailbox manic. From maintenance to your friends family and fellow shoppers. Eighties. So it's. A lot of resurgence we had this year you'd. It's been a stiff when he sixteen. Luck we know a lot of awesome people died in off the Wii got new life man. So that's our friends at Edward H white high school in Jacksonville Florida. Thanks to you guys taken a timeout everybody in the world had to Google have a heck to spell our name mannequin this year and noted caption their videos. On my dad is so true. We thought it remained frozen and headless in the windows and old navy stores everywhere. That's when he sixteen has given us true blood and blinking eyes. Taylor's and retail managers were our biggest fans in years past announced when he sixteen. Everyone from NFL players to presidential candidates. This elements assembly freaky wanna beat us. So early saw a car. Today. Dude. Michelle Obama LeBron James and the cavaliers at the White House that's championships stuff right there. And even though they split like our arms on a conveyor belt they got the black that's not. Yeah yeah. For a man I can challenge in the delivery room jury in big you know and it came. So he Tony seventeen. Just be prepared for us mannequins are breeze. And less you are ready to pony up some serious cash we are no longer Crash Test Dummies. Well. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is. Like 2016 election mudslinging kind of embarrassing. And Tony and get us started on those endless requests for CPR classes. Address and all that nose pinching no more. If you wanna make out with us you're gonna have to do it the old fashioned way like Bill Cosby and Billy bush I am behind. And I am really. Blown away and how many manic related jokes that. Really well yeah. Want us to sit in your passenger seats you can drive an hov. And that's gonna cost you more than Chinese bakery. Aisle who. It's in 2016 it's become trendy to be asked it's time to increase rates profile we now come with organic sees me and buns. Pastel hair beat up converse in an ironic that time. And our preferred music he features bands you've never heard of and when you have heard of them they aren't our part here preferred music I. Yeah. Real top energy about the data Matt yeah. I am having. Real time we are not just selfish pieces of plastic in thumb made in Janine now. If anything in this crazy year cult when he sixteen we hope that we made everyone take on peace deal were gathered there. And remember that life really should include moments and embrace something silly and makes you laugh in his otherwise too stressed out were a contender again. All our stand still love them manic. Great job. Ali speculating and well millennium yeah. And I love you means I hear. Good job and I am so when he mannequin you know. Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. You just enjoy and Shia on snow or no need for a long line.