Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity 12.19.16

Monday, December 19th


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Jeff and she lost all. At right get your hands and a catcher Moe well it let you do that you're just a couple of minutes but every Monday morning in this money is no exception we start things off. With a little something called. Gratitude need fresh intrigue. I. 4047419400. If you wanna be apart of gratitude be fresh and Freddie and it's so simple. All you have to do is share some things that you are grateful for. And it could be a gigantic huge thing. Or it could be a tiny little thing it doesn't matter as long as you take a second but some positive energy at the push them negative energy makes a good night. You focus on the positive things. Right in it so. I think. It's easier. To go negative. I. And I just think that's believes he way I used to know somebody who would say that sent me a quiet. Don't worry be more positive optimistic in their responsibly. Just easier to beat out they called honest in negative. Regis it's easier to be honest in in name. And I think humans commiserate with complaining. Yesterday did you all again percent to somebody like you and have them like. Right. Now usually like. Picture graphic for the holiday shopping or. This happened because you feel like you'll find common ground with others if you complain. But you really have to just that right and realize that if you know that your negative all they won't. So. One person starts talking crap about them and Pamela and yes yes they are guilty of Mason welcomed the jet engine jet. Good morning hello to you Mason. Eat it well look I what are you grateful for this Monday morning. Angry coastline and any gas. So so weeks what are their names. I'm clean ocean. You overcome by name us house like. I need a couple of rounds airy. If you'd think you know what's the greatest thing about your mom and what's the greatest thing about your dad. Well they spoke loudly tell. And I love and now my child I can eat something very nice that. Well. Why then you just that I stand on the radio for all fourteen people including those who work here that are listening right now out of the average and share. They shouldn't that thank you Mason. You La. They JP what you are grateful for you've had a habit you've got a busy month yet it's been crazy whirlwind of a month of life on exciting stuff happened I got engaged and my fiance over the weekend decided to give me my Christmas gift. A weaker early and gave me a brand new community can. Arts though calls the one mentally tired. It's very fun it's very she is so stressed about that JP because. You mentioned that if you won your fantasy football lists and then yes I am so. If she said she sent us an email at a week ago and says you guys I need some help. Because if JP wins fantasy football he's gonna it is proceeds and times of guitar. She said I've had my eye and one like you or being gave rent. And I don't want him to screw it out and I. Our diet is that he. It happens all the time with people of ruining their Christmas presents I. About your holiday shopping nearly all of that equal. Meanwhile I guess Lawrence Allen already wrapped. Gloria guy and guys are definitely guilty yes Luna want to eight. Hey that I should welcome to Asia. I gratitude refresher pretty would be grateful for. I'm grateful that I only two to four weeks from being fully certify that the object theory. Let me at Georgia. Oh congratulations. That's amazing. We here at Betty and hot spot that the clock is Andy. I'm in that in my house my back everything out and only certified. Wow I didn't realize that much would that much went into it. It's classic you have to feel a calling in order to go through a process like that to become Foster parent. Why do you feel it involves. And I actually college aware of child psychology at development and I have worked with children and I went and hike Ole. And I researched and I don't other people did I nick. Candidate twenty diet ads that take to get that. It for you go that's incredible. Thank you so much for all of the hero all of that effort and think about how you're gonna impact the world. Hypothetical I didn't have the most amazing family and support such arm. I feel like I I would not be a good Foster anything children and animals anything because I couldn't give them. But I don't know. Where it's I had. I already are there animals and your right it is really difficult. She. How cute cat now I'm gonna call that on that India cat. Eight month on a two week on their. And I want to go to a good cold died instantly in the shelter which I Il in order for that. Just go back I want someone to come to my house and adopt that they can and I have luck that I can't prevent and I don't want that did you go to any. I am part of your family yeah why not it added that that's why I can't I meet people who are like. And we just got we're fostering a poppy until finds its forever home and I'm like oh well it's it is honest with me and it moved the arm now. It went all the dogs dot. Lizzie welcome to the Japanese and Jody grateful for. In bringing I am grateful for all of my grandparents. And thirty line and have I don't mind till I as I was. Yet able to go to Ohio actually it is that all of them so you just really. Great hearing stories than spending time and mother here and Pettigrew is grateful for the time up in the Chapel Hill I'm who's the fifth one. I'm done my mom had Q that I. OK okay and Lizzie which what are your grandparents tells it like it is. Oh my grand mom oh yeah grandma is no shelter at an element none Uma. Give us one thing he sees that you and filtered you'll never forget. And actually you know we see why oh and getting married this is like Emma and yeah it in down and found that. Israeli you know. Career first and should not getting all hot. And again that every time I appeared. Have a drink at. Happy holidays that I you know what I'm grateful for that I am grateful for the fact that back in March or April. The rate after the show started we decided news segment about gratitude. And phrase gratitude he fresh and pretty popped in my head randomly Sunday and a member coming in. That following week in dying and I we have in this. And everybody I'm and who cares if a feminist but it. And it starts. Right peoples and the team and no way to. It's one of those things where as people get on the lives of sometimes you would get emails go bad the economy a party of Purdue grad student segment. But still. Com and gratitude he pressured pretty. Though. If you would like to do. Expressed some gratitude to the public way to treat you on FaceBook page Jimmy the radio station and the Internet united news and positive thoughts in your head and pushed out on the negative ones. Suggestions and shell OnStar yeah.