Taylor Swifts Holiday News Letter

Wednesday, December 14th


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He's your drive and knows drown out try. No national duty of ball. While you're. OnStar and not before one and now I let's start about jealously because she's just like that's right yeah. Right she has her system put on her pants one leg at a time. I'm saying. So it's just like I and that means when the holidays rolled around she's got to send that when there's newsletters that everybody who cheating get to connect with a over the air let them know what's up with these was. And the newsletter always asked to put a perfect shine on everything even if it was a terrible year. And all kinds of bad stuff happened in your life teaches spin and make it perfect in 2016 you broke your leg in four places and while at Saks Christmas newsletter. You've got myself a lovely cast as the most beautiful as they've ever Warren he has this event and the most famous doctor worked on my leg right. Yeah you know so I grandma died hey we gotta ask him back. I'll I'll I'll. Canada and that's that the Christmas is out of work for gene these got their hands on Eller swift's. Holiday newsletter. And I tuning let's hear it. What's going on Taylor's world he six. Your family and loyal fans and infants trying to get over me. How is real tape today. Did he took me places I've never game. Some success and barely lifted a finger and I and now. Last December. Complaints basis than my lights flip ticket break from being a superstar. And just make the move that as well. I never in my wildest dreams that I think I would become sixteen. He'd email Meredith. I mean like no new album and only one pulled so. I'm feeling way hash tag last. Now I know is some bad blood with me in time me and him and Katie and Calvin Rihanna and Tom hill little action. I don't know I never revealing that. I'm after taking some time just to shake it off. I'm just so thankful we've been in my life this season of giving and you each giving me so much. Hiding him McCain me or something like that I know you love the game and you'll take this way too far but it's hard not to look like it I compared you know and Calvin and Tom. I'll always remember you and your sacrifices will be commemorated in next year's album. As we know the holidays it's important to remember that perfect love story isn't a play in the heaters and heat. The things you think Michael crashing down come back every time they never go out of style. It's funny sixteen unlike you finish. I. They say I'm really didn't have the best year of all time and the best he used to being out of the woods in the clear and ready to take on the new. Happy holidays in. If. I would just question the authenticity of that. Could who did she mention her that. No home and I think you've got to fraud letter so. It judging. By saying that after my favorite part is virtually in government I'm huddled in the. One and you trickled mine's a similar line. Irvin did you have any. She's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Spring come a little early enough they just enjoy and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.