Phone Scam: Your Sign Twiler Isn't Consistent

Monday, December 12th


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This season and at and shields free for all over eighteen. Did you change and she ons you know people are blind. Boettcher found stand here and just a minute there awarded a heads up to if you've been following along with the big Dave saga. We all find out together. In thirty minutes. Whether or not he is going to. Take me out on my offer to talk with the doctor Phil's producers about appearing on the Jen has the wisdom. We'll find out together at about 8:15 this morning. First offense camp where you Brad wanted to hire this sign you as a sign for guys right where his businesses in on the corner bring into new customers all his employees thought it was such Adams silly idea. That they wanted us to own scam. On the trailers very first day on. Over and are in a very yeah. A yeah. Well why don't you. Hey I just wanna lay you know I was I just driving and pass and I trauma sign for your business. Yeah yeah I think you know we ate it but out there today I respect. I call well I'm just gonna say he's doing a great job good energy. Smile and wave and everybody dance beautiful was actually supposed to be doing an edge when Colin I'd say these are a good job. Well I think you'll that it back there or his take navigator and it'll. Yeah. A. All the hoopla it in America. Hey Brian I just wanted to let you narrow that the sighing guy. Wasn't completely. Stopped. But he is definitely just twirling it not dancing and twirling. His Brad by the way. Okay. All right let me go we appreciate your feedback. Our home and we think if you're welcome. Today that you buy. Yeah. Well a lot of it LL. Eight Brian its brand and now he's not twirling either. I thank. It. Brett we've really really appreciate your feedback but you you actually you'll have to call out not to get on next week we're not illegal and you know I'm not like Philip he could take a break that and I'm. We explain that there was ten home. I know the other obviously we appreciate your integrity usually early to call it. I'd say you wanted to now edged out and out no worries that. And a little quirky and we as always appreciate your electricity attention but don't call her talk I correct I banks trying to. But back yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well hey Brian it's made Brian Brad again this and I am gonna keep this quick is a NATO. Need to from Iraq but I just wanna lay out at the dudes back to his a game 100%. Oil. I don't let you got it let's keep it quick as anybody that that's really begun a busy. They let. A little bit. Yeah. Oh sure it's a little. Hey I know you told me not to call anymore. Are you glad listen I just wanna tell you there is a apartment community signs were color by half a mile from him. And if it was a competition your guys definitely went right at it a matter of saying invited you that work well. How do it. Yeah yeah. A a. Lay out a Brock Brian yeah yeah oh. It's it's a big consistency is what it's really bothered me my. And I'm driving by him once and he's. Over the top enthusiastic. And then I get them like less than ten minutes later and he's not even as well on his part. That I read well I don't want to take that the wrong way Brett well. I would appreciate you didn't call back any more about about a hundred I'm I'm I'm I'm actually contain him and Randy you're watching him right now. I'm happy that the format and include yeah. I don't really understand where you're going to educate them back and what are I thought I'd appreciate it kind of this sort of stuff from the thank you should. A I opt. Now he's on the phone to the sign is leaning against him he's on the phone. Brett I don't care if you don't follow it does not bother me one bit that you don't always bothered me I'd he hadn't been on the phone talking to you about what the diet yeah. It got it and got. I I was just saying he's on the phone that's on let's look outside. On out. Afternoon he signed it to him and he's having an out there. I know the guy out there I put on the other elected. He will. I'm just trying to you know I don't know I think a lot but good luck we we get it up about. Listen. Listen listen to me. This and you okay. Stephanie. Actually wanted me call you this is Jeff from the jet engine and she this whole thing has been owned scam over the past. Two dollars showman I wanna be a bone scan you can yourself fired have a right you're tying guy on married that I got fired until. It's the whole thing that spoke to hold things that it's outbound. Yeah let let that you know little of that Steinbeck yeah but she made what I. It's. Easier to drive and knows drown out true. No national duty your boss. Why you're. On starry night before blind.