Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity 12.12.16

Monday, December 12th


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Die happy for law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen during. And. Felt gratitude fresh and pretty in the concept is really very simple. Do you think of one thing every day that you're grateful our changes your brain age and your screen chemistry more pot. The idea is that you do at first thing in the morning and that pushed out of bad guy and causes a good document and that energy it will last review. On the wrong. Hey it Tammy welcome to reject and Jan show. I think what you break for our that firefighters that are here in April. Are you intrigued and other because that and we would not have a house. Now and floor. I add I'm guessing year I'm talking about the fires that. Got you up pigeon forge and in what now over the past if you. We got him. Leaders and fires here gains North Carolina hagel. Activate it for like 38. And we. Is and it also courses are packet to download all the dust and and because it was just on the other side of the red from hidden creek. While you still well if I. You have an alpaca is what I what I gotta yeah Apple's part of the conversation. How the pack as he had three. They can be feminine and had to do. I I've. Have a fan. What were right there are a great nanny saying Q and you integrate and Inky YouTube. Thanks all first responders she's. Are. I gifted I'll talk more about this that tomorrow when I get more details yet Mara. Ambit Alley issuers Rachel managed with Robin Meade and she's going out you. Nashville today because I earned huge fund raiser. And they're raising raising money. A pigeon forge and with. Them in. Important. And now. Always whatever since the memory. Which she's going out there and it and fundraiser for that whole part of town because our departments of that and I'm Robin Meade in all of them. And country tunes I get so it's losing you know me. Or pardon pardon him and he sees. Rihanna welcomed an issue out. How are things in Lawrenceville this morning. A little. What are you grateful for. I am grateful ormat yeah I'd say am I all bail me. Stratton Giordano I had a turn any hurry accurately. Or 8 AM Saturday. Congratulations. And that's everybody eminent or. Yeah I had it didn't it's been quiet the act. Yet at that are really excited that we're against down a liar now on Merck had gotten I. I thought acne and have everybody there I had. That's awesome you'll all come together just enjoy. And that's hard to tell bride right before her wedding today that. Touted try to enjoy and be present in the moment if that if the person from Korea is late it's kind of vote. And they showed fifty immensely and the exit a congratulations Richard you answers name. Regulations to. Rihanna and even. You come hey Connie an act or what do you reports today. I mean. We can't. And I'm so grateful that you democratic action on Monday that it might hit unit democratic heap are very long time how. I had attic at Atlanta but lately he's grateful for her. Old law are Ian. Aren't happy why yeah my client. And that's sound. And ending although it. Is there any com. Oprah that credit it breaking birdie on Monday morning. Are some of thank you so much attic and I appreciate that. And congratulations to you I'm being cancer free that's amazing. It had amazing you don't laugh at you rocker take care. You kill. Yeah and stuff. I think I'm grateful I read today for I have an awesome life I cannot yeah I just odd Kelly just takes such. Fried dean getting ready for Christmas. Christmas decorating and being ahead of the game she's com. Got 90% of her Christmas shopping guy and reached technically means I made an art Christmas shopping advocates from merry officially. So it's that you sell one after the game so I'm grateful for her Alley. That's also where Reggio. Well well I have to match that by being group the grateful for grant who is. With batteries in the hospital this morning he's in overnight that it could be here today so I think of him. But it was going to be more superficial and you like meaning of be superficial as a fan I really like her pants and they're really comfortable. And their new black enough aided. I. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed that colonies on enhancing the recovery of the jumping ship show star and 841.