I Was So Broke I... Part 2

Wednesday, December 7th


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Word doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Your son when you get to work and get and so consider roll every now. On starting a week or blind. And here's the positive side. What we're talking about right now he's. We all have stories of the stuff we've got. Gen gen Abbe just told you she's a waiver vote. So growth. A few days. It was a few days if you bleak days right after. It's how well the good news is we talk about on the other side of it we've. Virtually unscathed between bouts. If you're listening to this right now not only got and so broke right now. Just there's another side and laugh line we'd read these there's some. Right. Jake he's got body wash is definitely not dish soap I have where allied take your calls him a second but. I say somebody and they show may have saved the life in the willing. And Michael welcome and Asia. Morning. This started when JP said to use. Dawn dishwashing detergent. Status so. It is views so growth he couldn't afford body so fill in the blank for us I was once so broke act. Well one of the college I would court fight but other people were really broke I have a couple that together and up to the side. Whether I want acute eats that night or go out O line. I'm done though that acute belied that they've. That's that that's now being broken bats just being in college. And stage ever go to the ATM and college remember this happening and it. Not having enough money to meet the minimum withdrawal requirement that is all good enough not Obama showed you an ATM it's been reported on minimum you have an option accounted. I. I would over drugs like get the when does like really knew that when he bucks and it's worth 35. That's I remember my gut wrenching ballad calling up on speakerphone calling the bank and ago it's it is. Hold on like prerecorded message logo you had. Zero dollars and zero cents a. I'm mom and dad. Come back the next day you have. A with that in game bill you are ones so broke that line. I turned. I don't chop orange from the great Brett dollar black and it that way and it is well that's. Jury for a dollar that wasn't even actual cost NAFTA the. Happy to know it at eight glow orange in color and the college pictures black friend like you or any Batman. Hi Adam and Atlanta a year when so broke that blank. Stay to myself off of Allman then go on for about three week. Hello. In our commons and got home. Yeah that might get my parents to work cut out in that Q cloning craze a while back and I didn't have a job at the time so they went to the door. And the guy like the economy side all meant and done I just couldn't Whitney and I realize. You know our rations to you all in this I did switch it up with a gun that I won't have to eat throughout class at all pick. And I could just get home about some back and see that they're not the. Were you so skinny at the end of that month. Look closely. And most of your teeth. Yeah yeah of course. Tom Hanks thank. More than welcome to the Asia. I didn't eat at me as a parent. Eight. Oh you were once so broken that blank. I think I'm well on that we got a whole I'm gonna go backwards before the forty hold them coming back. Mark I almost said this but I thought I would be in such a minority but you're gonna back Nia. What what was. It's broke out you know we think it ends on a dollar bill it was too early to spend an hour. I don't have the dollar might count. I I remember it was a big deal win that there is a bank they installed an ATM. Act Syracuse where I was going it did find out derivatives and god and if I'd Morgan back to you you'll and so broke the black. Okay one currently a college student sons spill their borrow hey I I kind of steel toilet paper sometimes I do. Like my college I can. And I see it go to the public restroom. Grabbed the toilet paper into Vietnam. Yeah a little bit as well as maybe an assortment times. If I'm paying thousands of dollars go to that Ole. They can supply might it have to apply anyway I mean it's very very then. You wanted Telus with school there should be he that is heated seat and about. I'm sure you and I didn't go to college and caddie bill and I. And they need you that their toilet paper game throw another lie in there for a few thousand. Yeah. That's what it thank you Morgan. You and I get about the. These aren't aren't in Iraq and. Bloody minded and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search star in 941 Atlanta.