I Was So Broke I... Part 1

Wednesday, December 7th


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. As you're ever like JP and once you are so broke that you get is in desperate measures like use and dish soap. Was your idea is that roommates idea to use the dish than asset of the body lots of adult thing is hard. My parents Oz but 27 and hand. Once I've made it out in the world by myself and was living on my own with roommates. I figured out that if he used this so it goes further than body wash if that's the only news of the little tiny bit. You can actually do the whole body you know those are the days where I had like fifteen dollars for once for the entire week. And then I wouldn't buy our shower curtain one time and I didn't know that you had to buy shower rings to go to shower curtain. Yeah I hope that the shower curtain of wire hangers. That's perfect everybody's been there got to be ingenious sometimes. Everybody's been well in the ring and out the vote in Monica we got. Hi. Lynn my husband and I first got married he had to have bought it from work. And we couldn't afford burial like they're that they're black went unclear at little light switch bottom so it but none of them like my marker he color them in every morning alert. Just gonna square off. With dead wood that magic marker would Wear away. However over the course of the day it led the activity doubt that we disability and every morning. This is solid back again that's perfect along with a cup of coffee that's awesome thanks Veronica. They can't Ben and done what he when he got. Another college also road in the blood and Chile are a paper plate like every night sort of I dispute about her jelly sandwiches. And oh did you learned moments ago there was an undergrad and. I'll hold off. Let you know. Thanks Brad. Did he would you smell like if you know like dawn it like it did this Irish spring and news is Donna when that they use when there's like oil leak in the annals you know. As they see Doug all the ducks in clean and then it's better all all of them or not and I share I didn't really comparative ads as I was one and done and is it. I like what I like like the color and it blew everything and it's let me get a coupon for an area every extent. Yes I had at time at one time where I was waiting for getting paid and mean merry maids have been out of toilet paper alone narrow. Knows way you know waiting to get paid what use instant. We've coffee filters. We are. Now I wasn't a week is probably two days if you bow. This. Is he never goes through those violated stack of 150 of. Whatever it is it is a miraculous things I don't drink yet coffee and humbled that my parents come as. They do that by coffee filters for the Tampa the mr. machine in the theme feeling when you use up an entire box you'd. Well now I remembered minus back in college. Stephanie welcome to the Japanese and yeah. Came Ter about two months at one point I had 89 entered eighth that I would walk to Kroger and by. Can a black beans once they went. With your iron no tired now. I had really really loving friends that have pity on me and one girl got me a big backer right. And a bunch of really green apple which I don't need a light but I hate that I could have that big brash they eat at. I didn't like being approach T not a bad man and I win I had one man bearing first radiant. Guy Wayne you Pizza Hut restaurant. It had lunch about today. Mike Levin who won and was only. I'd 99 the only couldn't afford anything from. Always hope it's on the hold until let's eleven I would code there. Bring it seems that black bag in an awful I would have lunch and then it's meekly she slices of pizza and bread and act. That would be usually dinner and then an 84. It was terrible because the lunch today. Only Monday Friday and Saturday and the greens. You still think that means that I didn't. A couple's life 4047419400. Went so broke that. You Peachtree City and all over really yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. Jet engines Yahoo! on snow or no need for a long line.