JP & Heidi: A Jingle Jam Proposal Part 2

Monday, December 5th


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Respect and timely that we mean I answer hang out there and we are reminding these Steelers game in here holding hands right now see compared to them she's got them. Sparklers on air raying it I didn't have rilya. Now I don't hit. It. Guy until Tokyo I I think because we're suggest that closer or whatever Jan we didn't we realize the impact of playing that. Incapable we head I'm Lisa from doubt on the hall. Our came in to congratulate them could she wasn't a jungle issue wouldn't it but couldn't get a jingle jam athletes if you didn't know this happened and stated jingle am. Chic and that is to listen grading and current writing this thing back to it all laying. Then Madison's column I'm crying so apologies to anybody that you ruin your makeup artist and aren't just by singing with that bat that's a. So that's possible to. Actually hit Andre impress the game I saw Heidi how surprised Maria. Iowa as it was and looked at your wife and I'm. Doing this and she's like nothing so. Have a kind of. There wider because the way we did it as we all went up on stage and we just grabbed. Cali my my wife and and JP he's girlfriend. And and it should be in Geneva boyfriend was there so we just said. He let's bring this all of our significant others to its core the stand and staged in front of a packed arena. Those like you that's due to stand in the corner of the stage and that was late. That thing like it let's just you guys becomes an apparently pictures and watch as you know being that superstar celebrity as far as we had to be on stage somehow. Now into how did Heidi over there not in the crowd asked and so I said the Cali am like look this is how it's gonna happen is as good and showed Heidi. A quick. As the greatest days they're out there. And I have to bring box and my game and so I was standing backstage view leg trying to still hopefully hold and my him if he. Went out and I'm nervous I'm sweating on the top and it really dead. Now this pentagon studies were were you expecting a public proposal. Does that change is that the Jupiter. They JP a cac totally JP and you assuming something big I had no idea why I it. He was just acting weird passed it is getting really really stressed out so averse and also out of smiles think I'd like Avis it's just a she I don't have to come ditching its economic. A whole life and I. Did you hear managers she didn't. I am exactly. Guys if it does not somebody punched me in the stomach which is at more on his name maybe not. I had to pick up the dog and say he's sorry if this comes into the. Now we gotta talk about a couple of things because I JP in addition. To the proposal which app and he also orchestrated. Half a dozen people coming in from different states and being in it in the green room. Suppressor. The best friend dating now. Survive and Veronica. In meat soup and they all flew in. Imus yeah. And then Daniel's voice for this is thirtieth birthday yesterday shot up it was and he he's like you know I'll come along with he says you can be there for your friend Heidi we are you kidding me that's awesome a selfless is that. So you. Figured out only surprise for the proposal which you know these people waiting for so that the excitement and did you know that he bastard had. Look at. And this all goes back to keen not being able to tell us seeker or lie about anything he was so excited about asking my dad he told me that night. And he's mastered that. Isn't it and it and it. A game is so in the spirit then of full disclosure. There's I think one more lives TP tested it. That is there's nothing planned next weekend. This London December 9 the eleventh that's James Ewing intended that. Doesn't throw you off the scent of this weekend. So I was like no teller to set aside some time you've got to plan that you know. He was take resonant you're gonna take her away for the weekend and mountains or something. One of the biggest flaws of Heidi and myself as we can't say no rule of good times so Heidi got as and Heidi. Don't schedule anything from December 9 of December 11 and what does she do. They pay there's a volleyball tournament December 10 I won't play for but. And you know it I was like you know I'll just make a couple of phone calls and no rules were some stuff around in the will be get ago. The did you think it was gonna happen on the tenth. I know what to expect and like you know knowing that he's in radio and he's the planner and everything else and that like. It's happened here I swear that we had a running joke my friends that it was like the many ways he's not gonna get engage our. Free time it's a big planned. I was like maybe it's gonna happen here and my friends with like concoct this whole scenario about what was gonna happen. And I am coming Garrett and. You're giving giving your nails done like months ago like week after week she is going to give her nails on and then the proposal wasn't happenings is like. Forget it I'm just not doing my nails anymore. We boycott getting announcement and then he said to me get a Dana he's like. Now and I'm like no I'm. I'm over it I'm done with that up. Well because we felt bad deferred next week and you guys and having any plans Jen and I called her friends am. Who runs The W. Hotel in Buckhead and you guys have suites. On next week and for a little state agency could still make a volleyball tournament. It by Tim is gonna look you guys. That I mean Ria that if you haven't stated Debian and there's another way news. Austin. That awesome. It's big and you are huge huge part of this and. I never for an awesome and so I'll J. J. Hardy today ads. And almost got ruined a million times. This year. My sister texted me the morning of I can't wait for you to spend the rest Hewlett with a high you good luck with your engagement today it was like I love you but that was the stupidest thing attacked regularly you're probably appear in the shower your phones lady lion and all. Apple ho ho haw how is it even gets to relax for months of planning almost ruined what once acts so. When's the wedding. How do you Wear dress at a wedding and I'm worried I'll what do you how many kids you guys gonna have three guys gonna live you can't I can't. Hitler we're gonna you'd twins and done we're we're gonna have to answer to hey there and. Guys elements that don't plan anything for thirty days and a woman that's yes Italian I did not gonna talk about anything for thirty days do you enjoy here in key that the law. Yeah. And congratulations you guys. I realized I'd JP and I got engaged last cited in the program.