You Just Bought it & Destroyed it Within Minutes

Monday, December 5th


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Are making this wedge. And Justin Jan shall terminate her. Driving out to. Decatur and saw a car accident. And the car that was damaged the most had that temporary tag from the dealership. Brand new at least new to that person. That's rotate different files on your second world 47419400. We'll take your phone calls about. Things that you destroyed. Moments after you got them. They. Personally I tell you that JP's proposal I'd jingle jam last night was captured on video and it is a online right now at Stein for a one Atlanta dot com JP have you even seen yet. I might have relived that a couple times and I've messed anything up there I'm non still on fumes and boy and there. Cloud 90 well if you are a hopeless romantic like I am definitely taken out today's done and for one and into comments right now. Carolyn welcome to the jet engines are yeah. Ariel I really don't for high ticket items that that destroy it within hours or days of ownership. We had I think I had and I and I ended up beating. On a pop my sister's car and green overlay on the. And that an Iranian and then I was like fourteen and a Batman and my parents got me in the eye and. Had they agree and then within a bit like that literally into the next week. I had it in my and it I had sort I had my pocket the sort and I don't think well. Falling out of. So it's not like to have more Smart it's free. You're back to the flip. Is it that went into that young man that you unite the month union contract. Year. That's exactly and they can't do anything oriental or any hit like a water damage and that you're all. As normal night. Thank you for the call because I found out he's gonna case Japan yet if those waterproof. Yes they need. It's an honor boxes yet and is not a good. A perfect and thank you are a good morning and I see you may see him. Chris welcome to the Japanese and show hey. Say good morning what that destroy a bit rate and ownership rate in hours or days and ownership. When I was in the military we ordered new humvee to my unit can heat it got rolled off the site has very little one point seven million. Dollars. Oh Monday. The local football with them yeah. Now my. Walking out at a time let the release order when we got it. They ordered. My first argent. So where they China's backing off transparent went sideways what happened. They were trying to use that pretty and one of the cables snapped blue. Study just turn around and say you know automatically assigned for this when it seems to be scratched. Well I I don't wanna get so bad I really did. And I was like you know why do tactic responsibility or is it that my unit might. Me and points and things as an operas at Kate's head Tyler and now bill hopefully. What got damaged freeh was the one point seven million. No not at all since this circle like that time. I have my destruction don't the first new cars that were Barlow load their YouTube 2010 Toyota. Corolla looked like 36000 miles and let me tell you. I've driven every piece of crap car imaginable. Never did anything bigger than a squirrel. Days after I talk like seventeen grand on this car is the year. There. Now. Yeah it light like two grand worth of damage and and of course I have my insurance will cover what is at stake minimum. I didn't goes about a year later I got rear ended and the insurance check that I got from that well enough money to buy part of it looked around and the weird though silver lining. And maybe some hunting gear to go hunting deer with a. Yeah maybe that maybe the man yeah yeah I hit a lot and be anymore. Tyler may actually in Atlanta. Got ruined yet out as. And why what I've ruined house passed. I didn't actually my boyfriend I have gone. And the parent he won one point 2000020. Million dollar car I'm destroyed and there's evidence yet. Oh no. That kind of car is one point two million dollars. It is my very big let's shake higher than. Bad bad back out today. And what did he do daddy took me just not handle. I get them. I don't know that he felt that it now has it that expression and then yeah. Thursday. Thank you for the con he me. Aren't we doing this topic is normal. All awful barricaded howdy destroy a car that burst and use it and. I'm thinking hey I got it I get it I got it on eight and again that all the anecdotal. And now. And it's. How do you total car parking. Nobody like that dot in the middle road and hit it really. Act. I ballot that it can't I get. It back. Update it it late inning. Person in the back that he that. Law. He's your calls are doing nothing from my children is now ideally there not gonna drive in their thirty and uses it. If your sister died in her car and it Carla you sense and after. Carol they had dead and Roswell would you destroy rate after you. Okay now let me that there have group RTM. Re carpet at the upstairs. And as we where I had my kids were teenagers I am so it's like okay we're victory cart. Carrying things back into my daughter's room. That's handled that hits you like to burn candles and one of them soaker. The wick touched the carpet. And made a black was he panic in front about it. And that's being kicked out nick I want to do. We have club we called every. Carpet cleaner out there and no one can get the accident out of the car that today it's giant black. And I told the brand new hours old cart. Did it started just like a tiny little dot in and his sheep and actually made and even I'm. Every night I'm confident despite the owners and middle there. All of that and now. I'm gonna throw rug on top of a carpet. Fine. Easy to get like a museum avenues and busts of famous people you think it's not a random power and missile program. There. And I Sarah and Dallas at that you be the last call. It's human league you have a great story. Yeah I. I have learned a lot may have an 830. What that means yes sir I'd laugh and Jerry hey that aren't backhand and apart and made that and not only did I run into that church and I'm Eckhart may completely dead light without the image in my car out the other car about 2500 at the new church that was original and start building outlays. I tell about that dedication and like about it like what they got. All right guys are out. You may whenever I get a charge elevate your technique in the parking lot across the street but. And obviously that charge technically they have different view. Earlier there are there eyes it's part with all the nine year old ladies. I don't embarrassing but they weren't night we did you choose the gas at the break. No I did my book that I now know you don't like sequential way not like I you know that. Apple know. I always had a fear of that my heals in time and it's in a while now we have that we're gonna take one more call Sarah in Iraq. We're gonna have a bit of a debate. What is the white's worst hit. God's house. Or your own brain. On. Christian games. So I bought a brain houses here Whitman has been and about a month. Our spell out there we are cleaning house. I've got a brand new explorer or my other car got totaled this year I would holding into the driveway one day. And Graham my brain and you explore in cued the side at the rise in my brand new house. Licked my side is night explorer off I mean just smash hit back and luckily the house of okay. But you act so that may eat right or when my brand new car I am a brand new house. Congratulations. You get the trophy. Which sank which actually nervous to give to you. Because you know yeah drop its way to go grace and I. And thank you him. And does all the work they do so yeah you can find us. Now back to shell on starting formalizes.