JP & Heidi: A Jingle Jam Proposal

Monday, December 5th


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Word doesn't feel like work when you have a great sound track your son when you get to work and get and so consider grow every hour on starting now before blind. For weeks and weeks on the Jeff intentionally been talking at chat. App posing on stage jingle. Chad does it deep Kuwait we're gonna explain it all seems to be JP and high art and anything can play all about it and it next. We get ahead of W Christmas shopping and just a few minutes we're gonna ask you to call out. And that's because 25 if you are eager to me first player on our memory match up for grabs. Taxables. That's plural multiple at malls on the board. A MacBook. Compute 500 dollar gift cards also a great step up for grams. And that is gonna happen here in about five minutes on the. And JP and Heidi Irene yeah. But we have so much explaining to do it yeah we've got to go backwards. The gators up to last night writes I'd JP by the way and was sleeping in the couch here in the studio with him and have you slept at All Saints. No nearly a wink yeah I stayed up through the entire night. And I say I'll toast in Champaign and a lawful. Both walk ons amid does that get more celebratory than that so romance. Yeah I just jealous of the lawful house parked at a with that let's rewind a couple of months yes because I think we kind of can tell the story and JP's beyoncé. I eighties here so Heidi should make note of any questions you. And the blinds in the and you can ask them. Maybe twenty minutes. Well will answer her questions. About the proposed it gives when there's a big surprises old that is the most fun is. Looking back on all of the planning that went in place totally behind you're so a couple of months ago JP says. Does it tells us and JP is or show director we've been working. We now from what 34 months now is going on five and a half five and a half so shortly after he serves were. He says he wants you to engage. News girlfriend I he's head over heels they it wasn't quite Friday if your body like a relate to this on on the game year. But he's just had a head over a boat and we said. Unquote hi how you doing why camera and in in weeks her bounce ideas meant Janet. Were terrific in the bigger the better. JP little overwhelmed that aren't yet. And JB was a little light. What ways when it was done. So we said look there's no you don't have to do it it's at a radio it was real real life. But it humanities and the big and over the well hope you and it happens happen on the radio that's great if it doesn't. Nobody he thinks about real threat I mean were thrown out tons and tons and tons mighty Soviet exact amount involved in one of the ideas and idea after idea after idea. Then on he comes to us one day and he says. I know I wanted. I wanna ask her to marry me on stage each and that was one of the ideas we got bounced around we thought about it. We shall. He got the ring yuppies and get the rain died as a man gonna buy it that your next week at all. Picked out and order and it's that it custom made rights yet and on topic that and again one more paycheck and get the money. Done that parts done. On stage each and were like okay that perfect. Her Edwards again. Well which is at some point we introduce me it's now when he end. I want to sing her song. Didn't Wear light. What. JP do you even Plavix time Sydney not a strong and JP doesn't even own a guitar. To borrow one. So that's what happened last fated jingle jam so. James bay opens Visio. Then Charlie who has been your place sing along in note I don't want Holloway CEO and and Angie if TP out what is it our youth to do proposal. Ambassadors and me. So were like actually an audible obscenity give my own dressing room. I well I don't have to explain to Chad part of things you I had Chad why we had to create Chad gemstone and other so much. But we can't be late for our first round of the memory match a cat so we can memory match game a year that we can stand now. All right we'll memory match game here will try to give way act smaller MacBook. Try to do that every here and and wore combat actually played the audio of that proposal. And that we'll explain which it was everything a pack and will will paint the entire picture sounds like the plan yet that proposal happened last night and jingle jam. Was not Chad. It is a fictional character was a grad. She's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Spring come a little early enough congestion ginger on starring Betty Ford Lola and.