Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity 12.05.16

Monday, December 5th


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Die happy or law and thanks for waking up when Jeff and. Very down. So I'll wait on a Monday or Sunday night. Monday morning of rough gratitude he freshen pretty. See your phone calls for 047419400. Mrs. simple. You just. Tell us what you're grateful for. When you start seeing train your brain. About gratitude. Just thinking of one thing writing down one thing saying out loud in your car right now sit in traffic. One thing straight before you start to change your mind that more positive perspective. Really. So we'll allow we'll do ours here to second for a 47419400. And an after back. Is when we will explain what happened jingle. Last night onstage. After Charlie who perform for access ambassadors. Here's tiny little gains. Life with you is a 1000010 million times better than with you. And I'll wanted to know if you make me happy as men the entire world be my partner compromise. Is. Will you marry me. You'll just have to stay tuned to find out what's. And we'll tell you who that was. Euronext that was changed you know who was intent and that's such a no brainer she and the what are you grateful for. Words not VL my answer is going to be as our recent health because they got cancer out. We had a successful surgery last week and she is home and recovering. From that rests action. And doing really well and bounce and backs that we feel like we've still got a bit of this answer journey to go out chorus we have made three news and major hurdle. All the major human there. We're half joking last week when I was up Eggleston notes Matt and joked that even after the doctors say. That there's. A 100%. No cancer body and never gonna come back she could be fifty years old. In you will be buried up to our house in a walker Allen. That. Are attached. Or. She's in so annoyed that the new accounts blood checked right there's nothing wrong with that forever and that's what I'm grateful for it to I'm grateful that what I can get a hold of you on Tuesday. It because res. A day and a half after literally haven't had all partner back. Him but to be specific. Was running up and down house always it shouldn't matter that whatever I'm just indicated the pictures average and share pictures there. There with them and year old in the edit trust it in the room across all of our buddy Kyle yet you know units there we have. Kia what are you grateful. I'm remove my kids my youngest four year old totally every little bit and I'm pretty every day of all. That's when you have right. That's appropriate that you prefer positive reinforcement I. That's a big compliment. Cable involvement of the Japanese Internet. Learning and and we found front. I went out awesome. And that I'm actually eating well I friends Matt and I don't have children like the oil and then I'm just really thankful for the fact that they're good people in the world com. Those are the best excuse you can give them back. Yet it and you can return them if they get dirty rugby union. Bad hair but they don't you know and their they're dirty and you're and Caitlin. I am yes and I love it yeah awesome awesome thanks for with a minute Evan and Anna. Hey Daniel and new and welcome to grab CD fresh free. Good morning down. It got a call one to tell you that I actually think all my net you'd do is recently diagnosed Alter them. And I'm so grateful for the doctors are a little bit and there's journey. You know the bridge that gap. House how how is he doing right now now that you know what it is and now that you can start addressing some of those things. I'm I'm I'm actually in the metal looks like I have a do. Com and I'd I kinda all the behind. All Miguel. Now be under no role. You know that's disconnected bear. Now we're you know we just now last week citing data source on the morning it's. I think they're fit the album. It was an idiot now regular. Doesn't he know and so yeah there are very very well all. Awesome thank you well and that you. And Covington and welcome Jeff engines out. Hey what are you grateful for this morning christened. I'm grateful for my daughter's best friend and her family. Because they brought it to tingle down last night. I'll and a limited time. My gut and so Nightline what do you do about this early in Michigan paid go back to bed and put it in a higher. And thanks to the Kolb will in Atlanta. It's gonna review you grateful for today. All the 88. Com am grateful my girlfriend she's you most late in person in the world. We're limiting the dam last Merritt had a blast. Maybe a little bit late as Laura let them actually were able to get. On more thankful we were there and thanks for being a part of. Which performance was your favorite well. And incredible figure. Thanks well. Yeah yeah yeah I'd gratitude freshen brief idea days so simple. But a little gratitude in your minds early in the morning horses and dogs out. And replaces it with good energy in it could change torture all that easy to do seated meeting gets on the radio symphony and you through the apartment. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.